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    Chapter 808: Ethereal City

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    GDK 808: Ethereal City

    Han Shuo and Rose traveled through the Death and Lightning Dominions and arrived at the Space Dominion. The journey took them two years.

    Han Shuo did not rush with the journey. He had been wandering through various major cities of the Death and Lightning Dominions, visiting numerous mountains and valleys, taking his time to meditate, collecting countless precious materials and medicinal ingredients. He even forged some extraordinary demonic weapons.

    Han Shuo was at ease and had no burden during those two years. His heart and soul had been in a tranquil state. His demonic yuan had been raising very rapidly thanks to the nourishment of the miraculous pelleted medicines he made for himself. He had a vague feeling that breaking through the Omen Realm could be near.

    Both his avatars of death and destruction had attained late-stage midgodhood during those two years. If they ever lacked the divine energy of death or destruction, Han Shuo would just strike at the godhunters that plagued the remote mountains and valleys. His two avatars were yet again on the verge of a breakthrough. They will soon ascend to highgodhood.

    Han Shuo became more and more adept with the use of his hybrid domain of divinity. While sparring with Rose, the hybrid domain of divinity made by his two midgod avatars managed to surpass Roses. It could even keep her domain of divinity firmly contained.

    Han Shuo had placed his focus on cultivation throughout the journey. Although it had only been two years, Han Shuo had made tremendous progress in his realm state. It caused his demeanor to change. Even Rose, who had been with him all these while, found Han Shuo to be more and more enigmatic.

    During the period, Rose had also obtained plenty of benefit from Han Shuo. He would generously share the invaluable medicines he made from the precious natural ingredients he collected along the journey with Rose. The medicines had transformed and improved her body. When she cultivated using the Pill of Tranquility, it would set her mind at ease and she would often gain new profound insights into the energy of darkness. With the nourishment of all kinds of pelleted medicines, Roses strength had also been soaring and she was also on the verge of a breakthrough.

    Rose who had been together with Han Shuo 24 hours a day realized that Han Shuo had never treated her like a slave. On the contrary, she would surely get a share of any good stuff that Han Shuo found. During the two years, Rose had unknowingly become dependant towards Han Shuo. There would even be a faint smile on her face when she talked to Han Shuo. Rose had subconsciously accepted her new identity and Han Shuo.

    As soon as Han Shuo and Rose stepped into the Space Dominion, they noticed that it was unlike any other Divine Dominions.

    In the Dominions of Death, Darkness, and Destruction, the most commonly found gods were those who cultivated in those energies. It was uncommon to find cultivators of the energy of wind, fire, earth, and lightning. Its needless to say that cultivators of life, light, and water energy will never be seen there.

    But things were very different in the Space Dominion. One could easily find gods who cultivated in any type of energy. Cultivators of the energy of death, darkness, and destruction do not spontaneously try to kill every cultivator of the energy of life, light, and water they saw, and vice versa.

    The Fringe was located between the Space and Destiny Dominions. If Han Shuo plots a straight path for it, it will take him at most three months to get there. However, Han Shuo had another plan.

    Han Shuo, the Five Elite Zombies, and the Little Skeleton had made an appointment to meet at the Ethereal City of the Space Dominion, and the time for the appointment was approaching. Therefore, Han Shuo planned to stay in the Space Dominion for some time. He thought he might visit the Fringe after the reunion.

    Han Shuo had not seen them for a long time and he missed them very much. When the Elite Zombies and Little Skeleton left Han Shuo, their strengths were nothing outstanding. Like an ordinary father concerned about their kids traveling afar, there had not been a day that Han Shuo did not worry about their safety.

    The Five Elite Zombies were refined from the five elemental yuan energy. They were born with a superb understanding of their respective yuan energy and Han Shuo was certain that they will have no trouble comprehending the energy they cultivated in. Han Shuo reckoned that if they could raise sufficient divine energy, the Five Elite Zombies could be improving in strength at a rate greater than that of Sanguis, Bollands, and Gilbert.

    After being apart from the Elite Zombies for nearly fifty years, Han Shuo could not be more excited to see them again. He thought, I wonder what realm have they cultivated to. At least midgodhood, I guess?

    Other than the Elite Zombies, Han Shuo had also promised McKinley, the space edict cultivator trapped in the Holy Grail, to visit the Space Dominion. Therefore, it was necessary for Han Shuo to stay in the Space Dominion for at least some time.

    After Han Shuo scouted his surroundings with his demon generals, making sure that the mountain range was safe, Han Shuo took out the Holy Grail and using his consciousness, he transmitted, McKinley, I have arrived at the Space Dominion. What should I do next?

    We are there? McKinley was excited to receive the transmission. He cried, Are we really at the Space Dominion?

    Han Shuo had not talked to McKinley for a long time but fulfilled his promise to bring McKinley to the Space Dominion. McKinley was trapped in the Grail for many millennia. His soul became very ecstatic when regaining his freedom seemed within grasp.

    I must say, this Dominion is really an interesting place. Haha, Im stepping on the territory of the Space Dominion. Tell me, what should I do next? transmitted Han Shuo.

    Head to Ethereal City. Thats where I used to live! replied McKinleys divine soul excitedly.

    Although the land held by Space Dominion was no smaller than that of the Darkness Dominion, there were only three major cities, namely, Ethereal City, Sanctus City, and Phantasia City. The three cities occupied two-thirds of the entire Space Dominion. There were no restrictions on who could enter. All gods, no matter the energy they cultivated in, were allowed to enter and live in those cities.

    The divine guards of those cities normally wouldnt interfere with the day-to-day activities of the inhabitants. Small fights and brawls were common in the Space Dominion, which the divine guards wouldnt care to interrupt. They would only step in on some large-scale fights and on matters that would affect the normal operation of the cities.

    Not all the Space Dominion divine guards were cultivators of space edict. Most of them were volunteers made up of foreign experts who went there to avoid conflicts between other Divine Dominions. Their only duty was to keep their cities functioning normally. They loved the freedom they enjoyed and they wished to preserve their unfettered way of life that only the Space Dominion could provide.

    The Overgod of Space frequently travels between various material planes and rarely stayed in the Space Dominion. His approach to managing his Dominion was to be completely hands-free and to leave it all to his followers. Most of the powers and all of the tasks were delegated to the administrators. It made the Space Dominion a very unique region.

    When Han Shuo heard that McKinleys destination was Ethereal City, he smiled and replied, Thats great! Im also heading to Ethereal City. We both have the same destination and I dont have to take a detour!

    What are you going to Ethereal City for? McKinley was puzzled. He knew that Han Shuo had never been to the Space Dominion and couldnt understand why he would be going to the City.

    Oh, I have an appointment with someone, replied Han Shuo. After thinking for a bit, Han Shuo asked, Where should I go after entering the City? Who do I look for and how?

    McKinley hesitated for a moment before he transmitted back to Han Shuo, Head to the City first and learn about the current situation. I havent decided just yet.

    Han Shuo understood that as McKinley was only left with his divine soul, he did not have much power in defending himself. If the person he wanted to meet tried to harm him, there wouldnt be much that he could do. Therefore, he must consider his plan very carefully.

    Alright then, Ill head to Ethereal City. You still have time to decide! without saying much, Han Shuo put away the Grail imprisoning McKinley.

    The divine soul in the Grail is very powerful. Who is the person? asked Rose. She was around when Han Shuo and McKinley chatted and she could sense the fluctuation from McKinleys divine soul.

    A very unlucky highgod. Hes one of the reasons I came to the Space Dominion, Han Shuo casually explained.

    Rose seemed astonished. After staring blankly for a moment, she asked, What realm is he at?

    Late-stage highgod. But without his divine body, he could only stay inside the pitiful little Grail. Haha, replied Han Shuo. After taking a deep breath, Han Shuo smilingly instructed, Come, lets head to Ethereal City!

    Half a month later, Han Shuo and Rose stepped into Ethereal City. The divine guards there werent strict about restricting entry to the City. They didnt even demand any payment of crystal coins from Han Shuo or Rose. After taking a glance at their divine tablets, the duo was allowed to enter.

    Those living in the Space Dominion wouldnt need to worry about attacks from other Divine Dominions. There normally wouldnt be any large-scale fight happening in the cities. These divine guards basically need only to maintain the most basic order. Their presence was close to dispensable to the existence of Ethereal City.

    The Ethereal City, other than the gods cultivated in a wide variety of energies, Han Shuo noticed that it was much more bustling than the other cities he visited. It might be because the Space Dominion had just three main Cities. Shops selling divine weapons, divine scrolls, energy crystals, medicines, and many other things covered every corner.

    The City was so enormous that it would take around one week to visit the entire City by flying. An average lowgod and highgod would need even more time.

    Han Shuo wasnt too interested in the bustling activities in Ethereal City. As soon as he stepped inside, he unfolded his consciousness and started wandering around the City with Rose.

    The Five Elite Zombies and Little Skeleton were made using Han Shuos blood essence. Han Shuo could sense their presence if they were within a certain range. If anyone of them were in Ethereal City, Han Shuo will be able to locate them after circling the City once through.

    Han Shuo flew across the streets with his consciousness fully unfolded. However, after flying for a full day, he still did not discover the presence of any of the Elite Zombies or Little Skeleton. He thought, Perhaps none of them have come yet? Or did they ran into troubles?

    Just as Han Shuo started to feel worried, he suddenly sensed Earth Elite Zombies presence.

    Han Shuo was overjoyed. He immediately sped up and flew towards Earth Elite Zombie with Rose.