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    Great Demon King Chapter 807

    Chapter 807: Ive Been Waiting For You

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    GDK 807: Ive been waiting for you!

    Han Shuo could feel her large and soft bosom pressed against his chest. He felt every shiver as she cried. Han Shuos mind started wandering to the past, recalling the moments he spent with Donna back on Profound Continent.

    After crying for a long time, Donna suddenly pushed Han Shuo away. She glared at Han Shuo and asked, What are you here for?

    Han Shuo did not know what to answer. After hesitating for a while, he finally said, I heard that you are getting married, so I came to see how you are doing,

    Its none of your concern! Donna seemed to had gotten much angrier when Han Shuo spoke of the marriage. She hatefully said, Are you happy now? Or do you think that my family could do worse? What more do you want?

    Han Shuo was tongue-tied for a moment. He felt ashamed when he looked at the teary Donna standing before him. He let out a sigh and replied, This isnt what I wanted. I did not make enemies with the Lavers, its they who made an enemy with me. I have been passive all along. If your Uncle Avery had not tried to kill me twice, I wouldnt have killed him!

    Whats the point of saying these? You have won! You have obtained everything that my House of Lavers had! You killed my uncle! You won! Donna shouted, Now we have to live by relying on the City of Gorging Clouds charity. And Im to be sacrificed like a bargaining chip. What more do you want?

    Donna, leave with me! Han Shuo said, I know that you do not like the arrangement made by your family clan. You are not responsible for the mistakes your Lavers Family made and should not bear all the consequences yourself. Why not leave this place and start a new life elsewhere?

    Do you really think I would do that? Have you thought about what will happen to the Lavers Family once I leave the City of Gorging Clouds? They are going to get exterminated! Do you think I will be so selfish to abandon my family clan and let the hundreds of them perish?

    Han Shuo lowered his head and looked at the ground in silence. He knew that Donna would never do that.

    Leave. I dont want to see you. Just pretend that we have never known each other! said Donna tearfully.

    On account of you, Ill forget about your fathers attempt to assassinate me and wont retaliate against the House of Lavers. Han Shuo looked intensely at Donna and said, No matter what happens, I will not forget your kindness. We will meet again, Donna! Han Shuo turned around and left after saying those words.

    You heartless monster, how could you leave just like that! after Han Shuo left, Donna seemed to have lost all energy. She collapsed on the floor and cried uncontrollably.

    Back then on the Profound Continent, Donna and Han Shuo had been through hardships and challenges together. She was attracted by Han Shuos mysteriousness. As they learned more about each other, Donna became more and more admiring of Han Shuo. And after she returned to Elysium, she discovered that she had an unusual longing for Han Shuo that grew with each day passed. She had, therefore, made plenty of arrangements in preparation for his arrival.

    After having waited impatiently for many years, Donna slowly realized that she felt more than simple admiration towards Han Shuo. On the day that Han Shuo finally showed up at the Lavers Residence, Donna was over the moon!

    But shortly after Donna realized that she had fallen for Han Shuo, the relationship between him and the Lavers Family rapidly deteriorated. A series of events then further escalated the hostility. And then everything went irreparable thanks to Avery.

    The more terrible the relationship between Han Shuo and the House of Lavers becomes, the more agonizing Donna felt. One was the family and relatives she grew up with while another was the man she loved. Donna was stuck between two sides.

    When the House of Lavers was forced to leave the City of Shadows and when Han Shuo killed Avery who hid in Hushveil City, the pain that dwelled in her heart grew by a thousand folds. She did not know how to live with it.

    Then, shortly after, she learned that Han Shuos influence had been swelling in the City of Shadows. His House of Han had not only completely superseded the House of Lavers place in the City, but Han Shuo had even defeated Aobashi and became the most powerful Chief of Divine Guards. The Fifth Corps under his leadership also took first place in team combat strength.

    It was clear to Donna from the strength that Han Shuo displayed that he was at least a mid-stage highgod. Meanwhile, Donna was still in midgodhood. No matter in terms of Han Shuos position in the City or his strength, Han Shuo had far surpassed her. In all of a sudden, Donna found that the distance between them had become insurmountably great!

    It was also around this time that the House of Lavers was pressured by Lakrisen, who is probably the second most powerful man in the City of Gorging Clouds. Donnas father begged her to accept Lakrisens demand, to marry his infamous good-for-nothing son. As Donna felt that there was no longer any hope of getting together with Han Shuo and she couldnt leave her family clan to perish, in the end, she agreed to Felders demand.

    Donna who had given up all home tried to forget everything about the past. It was at this that Han Shuo appeared out of the blue. And yet, unfortunately, there was nothing that she could do to change anything. A gloomy future seemed anything but uncertain.

    Han Shuo left the gymnasium and returned to Rose in a gloomy face. Obviously, Han Shuo wasnt in a good mood.

    Whats the matter? Rose bunched her brows and asked, The House of Lavers have reaped what they sowed. Shouldnt you be happy that they have fallen to this situation?

    After having stayed with the House of Han for so long, Rose knew a thing or two about the conflict between Han Shuo and the House of Lavers. Rose had even assisted Han Shuo in murdering Avery in Hushveil City. She thought that Han Shuo had come here to kill every last one of the Lavers. She did not expect that Han Shuo would return with this reaction.

    I dont give a damn what happens to the House of Lavers. But there is a person in there who had helped me many times. Im not going to forget the favor given to me easily! Han Shuo turned around to take another look at the Lavers Residence before he said, We wont leave the City just yet, theres someone that I want to kill.

    Naturally, Rose had no objection and she nodded indifferently.

    After staying in the City of Gorging Clouds for two days, Han Shuo managed to learn everything about Lakrisens son, Rashid.

    Like most offspring of the rich and powerful, Rashid was weak in strength and spent most of his time drinking and being a punter. Thanks to the lofty position of the House of Broadhurst, few in the City dared caused him any trouble. He frequently visits the most luxurious shops all around the City and spends extravagantly. An entourage of divine guards would accompany him at all times.

    There was basically nothing good about this guy. Donnas life would be wrecked if she was married to him.

    After having figured out the places that Rashid frequently visits, Han Shuo finally made a move.

    On that night, Rashid was in the largest auction house in the City of Gorging Clouds called Dreamy Milky Way. He was bidding on a slave with other kids with rich parents.

    Other than on Profound Continent, the Elves were also found on Elysium. They were also famous in this world for their beauty. Rashid was currently bidding on a young female elf. She was small and petite. She seemed to be only at the age of a pre-puberty human girl.

    The few kids with rich parents raised the bidding price excitedly. Their eyes were blazing when they looked that young female elf. It seemed as though all of them had some sort of perverted psychiatric disorder.

    The price for the little elf girl was quickly raised to thirty thousand black crystal coins from the base price of five thousand black crystal coins. At this price level, only a few could afford to continue bidding. Rashid was wearing a complacent face and a big smile as though the elf was within his grasp.

    Rashid, you are going to get married soon. Wouldnt your fiance be angry if she found out that you are buying this slave? a bidder contending against Rashid asked smilingly from a distance.

    Pfft, so what if she found out? Rashid smirked and replied, That womans family clan has declined. She has nothing me! Im only marrying her because my father asked me to. He wants to firmly control her family clan using the marriage. She should be aware of this as well and she wouldnt dare to even try to control me. Hehe, but that woman has pretty good looks. Ill very much enjoy doing her!

    So that means you are determined to win this? that person stared blankly for a moment before asking smilingly.

    Of course! Rashid put on a big smile and called, Forty thousand! So, Dirk, are you going to fight me on this one?

    That youngster called Dirk shrugged and replied, Forty thousand black crystal coins for a slave isnt worth it. Im out!

    Haha, then thank you! replied Rashid contently. He enjoyed the feeling of being superior to others.

    Fifty thousand! a call suddenly came from Han Shuo who had slightly altered his appearance.

    Rashid who was getting ready to collect the slave immediately bunched his brows when he heard that someone put up a higher bid. His face turned dark and he asked, Hey, who are you? I have never seen your face before. Are you new to the City? How dare you vie against me!

    Cut the fucking crap. Are you going to bid or not? Just give up and yield if you dont have money! replied Han Shuo unmannerly in a stubborn face.

    All those who knew Rashid were astounded. They simultaneously turned to look at Han Shuo mournfully, thinking that the outsider was going to die out on the streets that night.

    Well, well. Life wouldnt be interesting without a little bit of a challenge, Rashids expression transformed and he yelled, Sixty thousand!

    Seventy thousand! called Han Shuo calmly.

    Rashid emboldened himself and bid, Eighty thousand!

    One hundred thousand! Han Shuo side-glanced Rashid and mockingly said, If you dont have enough crystal coins, just call it quits. This isnt a game you can afford to play.

    Rashid was exasperated. Out of anger, he yelled, One hundred ten thousand!

    What a tool. A slave like her is worth fifty thousand at most! Your brain must be the size of a pea! Han Shuo chuckled mischievously and declared, Im out! Bai! Han Shuo turned on his heels and left.

    Rashid was incensed. He had never tasted such humiliation in his life. He turned to one of his henchmen and instructed, You, stay and bring her home, then his gaze turned to the others and he said, The rest of you, come with me!

    Someone is gonna get killed tonight!

    That guy is out of luck to have offended Rashid! commented the crowd.

    Han Shuo took a sharp turn down a dark alley soon after he exited the auction place. As expected, Rashid and his men appeared and surrounded him. He put on a cold smirk and said, Where you think you are going, punk?

    Ive been waiting for you! Han Shuo grinned and suddenly the seventeen flying swords whooshed out from him. Rashid and his gang were killed in an instant. They turned into nothing but a pool of bloody liquid.

    Lets go! To the Fringe! said Han Shuo to Rose who was hiding in the darkness and the duo evacuated unhurriedly. A few locals who walked out from the auction place in search of amusement saw nothing but two figures disappearing.