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    Chapter 806: Come Hit Me

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    GDK 806: Come, hit me!

    Setting out for the Fringe from the Darkness Dominion, Han Shuo must cross the Death and Lightning Dominions. There were no transportation matrixes available.

    It was a long journey even for Han Shuo. After three months of traveling, they passed through Mirage City and Darkwater City. They were stepping into the territory of the City of Gorging Clouds.

    Throughout the three months of traveling, Han Shuo and Rose had been avoiding the city centers as much as possible. When they crossed Mirage City and Darkwater City, they had not entered the main Cities but would only stay in the outer towns and forts. Then, one day, they finally stepped into the territory of the most powerful city in the Darkness Dominion - the City of Gorging Clouds.

    But unlike previously, Han Shuo did not lead Rose through roads far from the City but headed straight for it.

    Huh? Why arent you avoiding the City? Rose was a little surprised when she noticed the decision of Han Shuos. She asked, Are you planning to enter the City of Gorging Clouds?

    Han Shuo and Rose had been traveling alone for the past three months. Rose seemed to be in a better mood during the journey. She was no longer cold and silent to Han Shuo. Han Shuo even noticed that she became more talkative when they were in the City of Shadows. Perhaps that had something to do with her innate dislike of being in a populated area.

    Although Felder was the person who organized a sneak attack against Han Shuo on his journey to Soaring Cloud Mountain Range, the person who sponsored the most to the attack was Lakrisen of the Broadhurst Family. The House of Broadhurst was the most powerful family clan in the City of Gorging Clouds. Their patriarch, Yarus, was the City Lord of the City. Not only that Lakrisen had failed in assassinating Han Shuo, but three of his experts were killed by Han Shuo instead.

    Han Shuo doubted that Lakrisen will simply forget about this grudge!

    Han Shuo wanted to enter the City of Gorging Clouds and learn its situation. And if the opportunity presents itself, Han Shuo would take risks and eliminate Lakrisen, removing this great danger looming over his House of Han.

    Yep, I want to check out the City of Gorging Clouds and see just how strong they are, replied Han Shuo after he nodded.

    Rose was still unaware of the assassins' identities and therefore she was rather perplexed by Han Shuos decision. She replied, As the most powerful city in the Darkness Dominion, the City of Gorging Clouds is way beyond the City of Shadows in overall strength. The House of Broadhurst is also the most ancient family clan in the Darkness Dominion. Not only that they have countless powerful experts, but they are even very united!

    After the House of Lavers departed from the City of Shadows, they have all relocated to the City of Gorging Clouds. Hehe, we have taken over their resources and estates in the City of Shadows and Im sure that he lavers Family will harbor a grudge at us for that. I wonder how they are doing in the City of Gorging Clouds, said Han Shuo in a faint smile. Come, lets go and take a look!

    Rose was always submissive to Han Shuos orders. She followed Han Shuo towards the City without complaint.

    After traveling for half a month, Han Shuo and Rose arrived before the City of Gorging Clouds city gates. The great gates were made dark bright, stony material. Tall and ominous they stood upon either side of the gateway guarded by numerous solemn and austere divine guards.

    Above the imposing gates were several oversized crystal cannons, pointing threateningly at the horizon. They were glistening as though a million starlight were packed into them. Awe and dread would fell upon all who gazed at them.

    Those crystal cannons are powered by the arrays of energy towers located behind them. They are so powerful that even an average highgod would have trouble resisting a blast while lowgods - they would instantly be vaporized! Rose softly explained when she noticed that Han Shuos eyes had been lingering around the crystal cannons.

    This is indeed no ordinary city. Come, lets get moving. After taking a moment to observe the City from its outside, Han Shuo and Rose paid the entrance fees and entered the City of Gorging Clouds.

    After entering the City, Han Shuo and Rose spent some time walking around. Han Shuo noticed that the City of Gorging Clouds defenses were indeed much stronger than the City of Shadows. There were countless crystal cannons and defense towers that relied upon energy crystals erected. Squads of steady and calm divine guards patrolled the streets constantly.

    Rose concealed her silvery hair and Han Shuo had slightly altered his appearance. He believed that no one in the City of Gorging Clouds would recognize them. Han Shuo then went to a squad of divine guards passing by them and asked, Excuse me, do you know where the Lavers Family is located?

    Lavers Family? the divine guard of the City of Gorging Clouds stared blankly at the few pieces of black crystal coins Han Shuo put in his hand for a moment. He then turned to his comrade and asked, Is there any family in the City called Lavers?

    Yea, there is. Just recently a family clan called Lavers from the City of Shadows has moved here. I hearsay that a woman in that family named Donna will be married to Lord Lakrisens son in a few days. Hehe, this means that the House of Broadhurst will soon gain yet another vassal family clan! another divine guard interrupted. He then said to Han Shuo, That Lavers Family is living at the south side of the City!

    Many thanks! replied Han Shuo before he left the squad with Rose.

    Han Shuo did not expect that something like this would happen to Donna. Although Han Shuo had a bad history with the House of Lavers, he always remained grateful to Donna. Han Shuo believed that Donna had nothing to do with Felder's attempt to assassinate him.

    Now when Han Shuo heard that Donna will be married to Lakrisens son, for some reason, Han Shuo just doesnt feel comfortable with that thought.

    Having obtained the information he needed, Han Shuo and Rose quietly traveled to the southern region of the City. As Han Shuo did not want to reveal his identity and strength in this foreign land, with divine guards patrolling every corner of the streets, he could not travel too fast. It took him one day and half a night to arrive at the southern region and locate the Lavers Residence.

    Compared to their previous residence in the City of Shadows, the current Lavers Residence was of much poorer quality. The southern region wasnt a prosperous district of the City of Gorging Clouds. Their manor had just a few structures that seemed badly maintained. Han Shuo felt somewhat apologetic when he saw the scene.

    Without any particularly tough defenses, Han Shuos demon generals successfully trespassed into the residence. Under the cover of the night, the demon generals refined from highgod souls were able to conceal themselves better. They managed to explore the entire Lavers Residence without alerting a single soul.

    Soon enough, one of the demon generals located Donna in a gymnasium. She had deployed a barrier of darkness but it couldnt block Han Shuos demon general as she wasnt a highgod.

    Donna was dressed in an emerald green combat suit and wearing crannied brows. She seemed rather miserable and lacked the elation of a bride-to-be. Dolores was with her. He was acting as her living punchbag and was bombarded with attacks powerful enough to cause pain but not enough to cause serious injuries. Every inch of his body had been repeatedly pounded by Donnas fists. He was beaten black and blue and in immense agony.

    Bam! Dolores was sent flying backward and he slammed his back onto the wall of the gymnasium.

    Stop! Dolores raised his hands and begged for mercy, Please, thats enough. Its very late already and I need to rest. No more fights!

    Again! replied Donna. She started walking towards Dolores ferociously.

    Elder Sister, I know that you are not in a good mood but you cant just vent all your anger at me like this every day! Dolores shouted, That last incident has nothing to do with me. Lord Patriarch brought me there because Im familiar with the region! Besides, the youngster killed our uncle and took over everything we had in the City of Shadows. Is it wrong for us to take revenge at him? Sister Donna, you are also a member of the Lavers Family. Cant you understand the situation?

    If it wasnt for your brother Doloxis, Bryan wouldnt have become hostile towards our family right from the beginning and none of this shitstorm would have happened! Donna angrily shouted, Now our House of Lavers have plunged to this shithole and Im forced to marry that imbecile. Why? Why do I have to suffer this?

    As Donna shouted, she charged at Dolores and began yet another round of punching and kicking.

    Dolores dared not fight back and he allowed Donna to assault him. When Donna finally stopped punching as though she got tired, Dolores shouted, Dont ask me. You should ask Lord Patriarch instead. Im not qualified to answer that! As soon as he finished those words, Dolores quickly limped his way out of the gymnasium.

    Donna turned exhausted right after Dolores left as though tiredness had suddenly overcome her.

    Whats the point? The interest of the family is above everything else. I have been taught that since young. Am I going to watch the Lavers Family walk down the path of destruction? mumbled Donna helplessly. She was physically and mentally exhausted.

    Come, hit me! a voice suddenly sounded from the main entrance of the gymnasium. Shortly after that, all the doors and windows automatically shut themselves. Several layers of bizarre boundaries formed within the gymnasium. Not a sound made in the gymnasium could travel past the boundaries.

    Donna seemed confused for a moment before she started laughing. She stared at the person who appeared before her without warning and mumbled to herself, I must have been too stressed, so much so that Im now hallucinating!

    Elder sister Donna, you arent hallucinating. Its really me! Han Shuos heart ached when he saw Donna in this state now. He wondered, is this the same Donna who could remain calm and collected no matter what happens?

    The poised and regal demeanor that Donna carried when she arrived on Profound Continent was nowhere to be seen. The disheartened and dispirited Donna standing before Han Shuo right then looked like another person to him.

    Though its just a hallucination, I can make do with it! shouted Donna suddenly and she charged at Han Shuo. She started punching and kicking Han Shuo wildly while shouting, Why? Why fight my family out of all people? Why did you kill my uncle? Why did you have to destroy everything my Lavers Family had? Have I ever did you any wrong? Tell me! Why? Why

    Donna repeatedly struck Han Shuo as she shouted maniacally.

    After a while, Donna who was beside herself with grief suddenly noticed that every punch she threw hit something that felt solid and very real. She suddenly stopped attacking and looked at Han Shuo bewilderedly. Her eyes slowly turned bright and clear. After a long while, Donna cried out in surprise, Its, its really you? How is this possible?! How come you are here?

    I happen to be traveling past this place and I thought I might as well pay you a visit! replied Han Shuo as he forced a smile.

    Donna stared deeply at Han Shuo for a dozen seconds and she suddenly threw herself into Han Shuos chest. She started weeping as she embraced Han Shuo.