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    Chapter 797: Peeping Tom

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    GDK 797: Peeping Tom

    After looking into Roxies blazing and limpid eyes for a few seconds, Han Shuo knew exactly what was on her mind. After all, Han Shuo could not have more experience when it came to women. After having broken through Carnal Realm, he had gained full control of his mind and could live without satisfying his lustful desires. As a Divine Guard Chief, he had to maintain a respectable image and set an example to others. Therefore, there was no way he would fool around with his subordinates.

    Han Shuo nodded indifferently and stepped inside the region, ignoring Roxies coquettish behavior.

    After seeing that Han Shuo has moved along without batting her an eye, Roxies face turned somewhat sad. She lowered her head to look at her massive boobs and sighed in her mind, Are these not big enough to attract Lord Bryan? Why did the Chief show no response whatsoever? Sigh.

    Her comrades standing beside her were happy and disheartened at the same time. They were happy that Han Shuo did not accept Roxies solicitation, and disheartened for realizing that they stood no chance in seducing Han Shuo either, for Han Shuo could easily disregard Roxies body which was much more alluring than theirs.

    We are after all not Lord Rose. Perhaps only Lord Rose has the beauty and strength to deserve the Chief, lamented one of the female divine guards with slender long legs, achingly.

    The divine guards, having seen how docile Rose was to Han Shuo, had long assumed that Rose was one of his women.

    When they recalled of Roses divine beauty and immense strength, the female divine guards suddenly let out long sighs. They felt disappointed at themselves for not being as high-caliber as she was.

    If I could have just one night with a man like Chief, I would die with no regrets, remarked one of the lustful divine guards.

    Havent Kibo been wooing you persistently? You have always shunned him but it turns out that you are one of those who would whore yourself to get a man. What exactly is going on in your head? You could make Kibo crawl on the ground and lick your toes simply with a gesture of your hand. Its not like you lacked male attention! remarked one of the least attractive looking divine guards angrily. She desired Kibo, but unfortunately, Kibo did not reciprocate the feeling for her.

    How can Kibo even compare to His Lordship the Chief? The lustful divine guard smirked and replied, I would rather prostrate myself before the Chief and lick his toes than to have that impotent guy fawn all over me!

    The lustful divine guards comrades thought about her reply for a moment before agreeing to it.

    Han Shuo did not waste any of his demon generals to listen in on those divine guards discussing their sexual fantasies towards him. He walked across the misty region unruffled. This natural hot spring was several thousand square meters in surface area. The hot spring was not one giant pool but made of countless separate springs which allowed each individual to have a pool all to themselves. Given Rose's overwhelming strength, it was only natural that she would have a pool of her own. Han Shuo headed straight towards Rose's location.

    When Han Shuo walked past several hot springs where several divine guards were happily bathing, the ladies started screaming in panic for they saw a man. And when they saw that the man was Han Shuo, they started screaming even louder.

    However, the screams did not sound fearful or afraid; Han Shuo heard only thirst and excitement!

    Whichever hot spring that Han Shuo walked past, the bathing ladies would 'panic' and cover the sensitive areas on their bodies. However, perhaps the region they tried to conceal was too big, or perhaps they couldn't close their fingers together, some tasty things would always manage to slip from between their hands.

    Han Shuo could see round peaks surrounded by pink, bumpy, and circular fields and mellow gashes thinly veiled under scanty and dark bushes.

    Han Shuo suddenly felt as though a horde of hyenas that had not eaten for ages was stalking him. Their gazes were burning with great thirst. It seemed as though they could not wait for Han Shuo to devour them and might ravish him at any moment. Han Shuo took a shock at that discovery.

    Han Shuo massaged his temple as though he was distressed. He kept his eyes and his face straight, keeping his path towards Rose while he silently released a demon general, taking in the magnificent view

    Holy fuck! They sure are horny! Han Shuo thought that since none of them could discover the presence of his demon general, he might as well use it to record all the mesmerizing and delightful things the ladies tried to show him into his mind.

    "Pretentious prick!" commented Rose loudly and disdainfully when Han Shuo finally reached the hot spring Rose was at. She had put on a loose and silky robe and was wringing her hair dry.

    The female divine guards might not be able to sense Han Shuo's demon general but Rose could. For some reason, when Rose discovered that a demon general was surveying those naked flirtatious nubile divine guards, she had a sudden urge to charge at the invisible thing and kill it and give those shameless divine guards a beating.

    She knew that the demon general had relayed every single detail of the relishing scene to Han Shuo who was looking straight ahead like a righteous man of great self-restraint. She was somehow angered by it.

    "Erm " Han Shuo immediately knew that Rose must have discovered his depraved action. Although he felt a little embarrassed, he did not withdraw the demon general. He thickened up his skin and pretend as though he knew nothing. In a straight face, he said to Rose, "Hey, I want to know more about the Land of Chaos. So, are you free to talk now?"

    "If you don't withdraw that strange life form of yours, I will speak nothing of that Land!" replied Rose without turning to Han Shuo. She was wringing her hair forcefully as though imagining it to be a certain debauched voyeur.

    Han Shuo pulled an awkward smile and withdrew the demon general. Then, he showed his palms and asked, "Ok, done. It everything fine now?"

    Havent I told you about the place before? Why are you asking about it again? Rose immediately loosen her grip on her hair. She suddenly remembered wringing with such force was bad for her hair and her heart ached greatly.

    Nothing much, its just that Im really curious about the Land. I want to know everything about it! answered Han Shuo smilingly.

    Han Shuo did not know that Andre wanted to marry Carmelita off to the House of Han but had heard the conversation between Ralph and Wallace. Han Shuo had been keeping an eye on Ralph for he feared that Ralph might conspire something against him. Therefore, he used the most powerful demon general he owned to monitor Ralph. When Han Shuo left the center of Soaring Cloud Mountain Range, the demon general did not leave with him.

    Han Shuo had heard every word Wallace said to Ralph. It was still playing in his mind vividly. Han Shuo sensed a great threat looming over him ever since he heard those words. Just as Wallace said, no matter what happened to Ralph, he will always be a servant of the House of Sainte; or, to be precise, Wallaces henchman.

    While Han Shuo, no matter how strong he becomes, he will always be the master of the House of Han.

    At present, there was no indication that any conflict may arise between the House of Han and the House of Sainte because the former simply did not have the power to threaten the latters position in the City of Shadows.

    But will that remain the same case in the future?

    Everyone could see the astonishing potential possessed by the House of Han - especially now that they have witnessed the surprising performance of the Fifth Corps divine guards. It was also clear that Bollands, Sanguis, and Gilbert were extraordinary talents who will ascend to highgodhood within a short time. On top of that, the Celestial Pearl now possessed great influence in the City of Shadows and was rapidly growing all over the Darkness Dominion. Sooner or later, the House of Han will grow to the size where the House of Sainte would feel threatened.

    When that day arrives, his relationship with Wallace and Andre surely wouldnt be as harmonious as it was now. There might even be friction between them!

    The downfall of the House of Lavers was a history to be learned. As the patriarch of the House of Han, Han Shuo must be vigilant of danger in times of safety. He was no longer a lone wolf. He no longer had the option of just leaving everything behind and escape when danger strikes. If he does not think ahead and make relevant preparation, those who he cared about might land in a predicament.

    The Land of Chaos was, in Han Shuos eyes, the land of hope!

    The Land of Chaos, or the Fringe, is a place filled with powerful experts. The Fringe is not under the control of any of the Twelve Dominions. None of the Overgods ruled the region. In there, you can do whatever you want, as long as you have the strength to survive. There are no divine guards to enforce the law, if there is even such a thing as law in that land. It is a haven for felons. The fiercest and the worst criminals from all over the Elysium are concentrated there because, in that Land, no forces could bind them Rose did not know why Han Shuo had such a sudden renewed interest towards the Fringe. Nonetheless, she explained everything she knew about the Fringe to Han Shuo again.

    Not under the control of any of the Twelve Dominions Hmm mumbled Han Shuo. Then, suddenly, Han Shuo raised his head and asked with his brows bunched, Why wouldnt any of the Overgods try to govern the region?

    The Fringe is located right between the Space Dominion and Destiny Dominion. Neither the Space Overgod nor the Destiny Overgod would govern the region. They even forbid their forces from entering the Fringe. They have always been rather detached from affairs on Elysium. After taking a short pause, Rose continued, The other Overgods wouldnt attempt to possess the region because the Fringe sits between the Space and Destiny Dominions. None of them would take the risk of offending the two permanently neutral Overgods, especially the Destiny Overgod who speaks for the Creator!

    After hearing Roses analysis, Han Shuo nodded and smilingly remarked, Wonderful, what a wonderful place!

    Whats so wonderful about it? Rose rolled her eyes and said, It is the most chaotic place on Elysium. Godhunters walks openly on that Land. Those who are weak would be killed by godhunters roaming around the border before they could step into the Fringe!

    Rose had nearly lost her life in the Fringe. Her opinion of that place was anything but favorable. If it wasnt for Han Shuos constant nagging, Rose wouldnt return to that hellhole in a thousand, or even a hundred thousand years.

    The more Rose dreaded the Fringe, the more interested and excited Han Shuo became. He had never feared to face daunting challenges. Being a demonic art cultivator with an innate desire to conquer the impossible, Han Shuo had now made visiting the Fringe his main goal. Not only that he wanted to visit the Fringe, he wished to claim a piece of the Land for himself!