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    Gourmet Of Another World Chapter 717

    Chapter 717 Vying For The Taoties Hooves

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    The viscous syrup smeared on the pieces of Taotie’s hooves, making them more shiny and radiant. At first glance, the dish would be able to unlock people’s appetites.

    Actually, it could be eaten right now, and its taste wouldn’t be bad. However, to Bu Fang, it wasn’t the final product.

    He poured the soup out of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and let it dry. After stepping back, he opened his mouth and sprayed a cluster of red-and-gold Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame with extreme temperature.

    As soon as the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame joined the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, it instantly increased the temperature of the kitchen.

    Bu Fang took a metal rack from the system dimensional bag, which he used to use in the Magical Hand Conference. Now, it wasn’t a bad choice to grill the hooves.

    Setting up the rack above the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, Bu Fang extended his hand above it to feel the heat. Then, he began to place the syrup-coated Taotie’s hooves on the grill rack.

    Since the Taotie’s hoof was as big as a tree trunk, which needed two people to circle, each piece was still huge even though it was chopped into eight pieces.

    However, Bu Fang could enlarge or shrink the Black Turtle Constellation Wok with his thought, so it wasn’t a problem to hold eight pieces of the Taotie’s hoof.

    But still, the metal rack wasn’t big enough.

    This metal rack was designed for barbecues previously, but now, being used to grill eight pieces of the Taotie’s hoof at the same time, it was a little difficult.

    Thus, Bu Fang had to divide them, despite being a little reluctant. He could only grill four pieces at a time.

    Placing four pieces of syrup-coated Taotie’s hoof on the grill, Bu Fang held the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in one hand. As the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame increased the heat, the Taotie’s hooves also changed dramatically.

    The skin smeared with syrup slowly turned crispy. The smell of meat was now added with a light aroma of syrup and many different spirit herbs.

    The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife swayed, and the Taotie’s hooves were rolled over, changing the side to be cooked.

    Drops of oil from the Taotie’s hooves slowly dripped, but they didn’t splash. They were shiny and bright, like pearls hanging on the pieces of meat.

    Next, Bu Fang released his mental energy. He controlled the flame with one hand while the other rolled the grilled pieces. It would retain the heat and allow the flavors to seep further into the meat.

    The aroma slowly rose. Bu Fang himself had his mouth water as he inhaled the smell.

    “Really fragrant.” It was the first time Bu Fang smelled something that good.

    He sprinkled the spirit herb powder he had prepared well on the Taotie’s hooves. Once that was done, the Taotie’s hooves appeared to be more enticing with shining dots emerging on the red skin. The steam and fragrance wound around. Under the light, it looked as beautiful as emeralds. Too magnificent to behold.

    He prepared a fancy, huge porcelain plate.

    Bu Fang’s knife wielded, sending a well-grilled piece of Taotie’s hoof to the porcelain plate. The largest plate he got could hold two pieces of the hoof.

    Thus, Bu Fang arranged the hooves, then brought it to the window where he sent the food out of the kitchen.

    “Nethery, serve the food,” Bu Fang indifferently called through the window.

    At that moment, Nethery was sitting neatly on her seat. With her gem-like, exquisite nose up in the air, she was smelling the aroma of grilled meat.

    After hearing Bu Fang’s call, her eyes brightened, and her slender body jolted up. The long, black hair cascaded.

    She didn’t hesitate and turned around and left. Shortly after, she reached the window.

    “Hey, bring the two grilled Taotie’s hooves out,” Bu Fang said calmly as he looked at the excited Nethery.

    Nethery nodded and received the porcelain plate from Bu Fang’s hands. As soon as she got the dish out of the window, the thick aroma slapped her face, gushing towards her.

    “Okay. Smells so good…”

    The smell contained the special thick aroma of the Taotie’s meat, and the vigorous, abundant spirit energy and essence. Those energies seemed to become real matter, making the Taotie’s hooves shiny with radiance.

    Nethery’s eyes were glued to the Taotie’s hooves. She cutely stuck her tongue out and licked around her red lips.

    In the next moment, she lowered her head, biting the piece of hoof that wasn’t far from her mouth.

    After one bite of the Taotie’s hoof, Nethery immediately felt her vision blurring. While her mouth was humming, she carried the plate to the table by instinct.

    Everybody’s eyes were fixed on the grilled Taotie’s hooves, and they all took a deep breath.

    The grilled hooves were so magnificent and exquisite like a masterpiece of art. People all felt their hearts racing then contracting.

    The aroma wound and rose together with spirit energy. When they saw the hooves, they seemed to see a god-like, beautiful Taotie running to the sunset…

    Nethery didn’t even bat an eye. She used both of her hands to grab a piece of Taotie’s hoof.


    She got a large bite of the pleasant, aromatic soft meat. The pink-and-white meat was revealed, steaming hot.

    Nethery’s small mouth slightly opened, releasing the hot steam.

    So good.

    Nethery’s eyes got brighter. Her mouth continually chewed and swallowed. Then, she raised the big hoof and bit again.

    Chomp. Chomp.

    Her little mouth curved happily as she ate in bliss. Her heart was extremely delighted.

    “The grilled Taotie’s hoof is really delicious! Compared to the Dragon Blood Rice, it’s too delicious to put aside!” Nethery thought. She continued to chomp, wanting to finish the whole big hoof.

    Looking at Nethery eating delightedly, the others couldn’t help it.

    Chu Changsheng, Yang Meiji, Sorceress An Sheng, Nangong Wuque, and Xiao Ya, who was standing on a chair, were surrounding the last piece of grilled Taotie’s hoof on the plate. They exchanged looks, their eyes extremely sharp.

    Xiao Ya’s drool was like rancid oil. She extended her petite hands, attempting to grab the grilled hoof.

    However, Chu Changsheng stopped her.

    “Xiao Ya, the Taotie’s soul in your body has just been taken away, so you shouldn’t be in contact with the Taotie’s meat that early. Let Great Elder help you taste it.” Chu Changsheng wore an indifferent face as he said this. His white hair and brows were flying, giving him a deity-like appearance.

    Xiao Ya was dumbstruck. Can’t eat? Why?

    “You old fogy. What’s that ‘help you taste?’ With our relationship, if she needs someone to help her taste, it will be me. You should just wait for the other grilled hooves.” Nangong Wuque grinned, his eyes bulging. He talked naturally while bringing his face towards the grilled hoof.

    Yang Meiji and Sorceress An Sheng also rolled their eyes. Naturally, they wouldn’t yield as well. That grilled hoof was really enticing. The taste could make people infatuated!

    After Chu Changsheng got rejected, he said in a glum voice, “You little kids. I’m the Great Elder of the Valley of Gluttony, and I’ve almost got the eight-step soul ladder. Why would I trick you all for a hoof? The White Taotie was brutal when it was alive, so you shouldn’t eat its meat carelessly like that. Don’t say that I’m bullying you. Today, I want to taste it first!”

    As it was rare for him to taste such a delicacy, Chu Changsheng wouldn’t give way. If the Great Elder of the Valley of Gluttony were to yield in front of delicacies, it would be a big case of losing face!

    However, as Chu Changsheng was using his aura to suppress Nangong Wuque and the others, a shadow sneaked in.

    The rolls of fat on Lord Dog’s body shook hard as his eyes flashed with delight. Feeling thrilled, he didn’t care about Chu Changsheng’s aura or the others’ surprised looks.

    Without warning, he promptly extended his paw and grabbed the grilled hoof. His mouth bit the meat immediately.


    His tongue rolled the meat into his mouth as it savored the tasty flavor. After his taste buds were stimulated, his fur wanted to rise up!

    “Woof! Really delicious! No matter what, it’s the Almighty Realm spirit beast meat… I’m looking forward to seeing and tasting the Sweet ‘n’ Sour Taotie’s Ribs!”

    After one bite, Lord Dog’s vision became blurry. The rolls of fat on his face shook as he chewed and swallowed the grilled hoof.

    The corners of Chu Changsheng’s mouth convulsed.

    When the others saw his face, they laughed at his pain.

    “Great Elder Chu, are you trying to subdue the dog?” Nangong Wuque leaned on his chair. His nostrils flared as he tried to hold back his laughter.

    Yang Meiji and the others also giggled.

    While they were all vying for the first plate of grilled Taotie’s hoof, Bu Fang had finished the second plate.

    “Nethery, serve the food,” Bu Fang called at the window.

    However, at that moment, Nethery didn’t hear Bu Fang. She was distracted as she chewed the grilled Taotie’s hoof. Her mouth looked so greasy!

    The Abyssal Chili Sauce made the Taotie’s hoof so delicious that people couldn’t resist it!

    “Little girl, you go get it.” Nethery shoved a piece of meat into her mouth, faintly calling for Xiao Ya.

    Xiao Ya’s eyes brightened. She hurriedly got off the chair and ran towards the window to receive the second plate from Bu Fang.

    While taking it out, Xiao Ya learned from Nethery and bit the hoof. However, the hoof was even bigger than her head, so she found it hard to walk and balance.

    “Oh, my little girl, let this handsome, flawless brother help you.” Seeing the plate in her hands, Nangong Wuque immediately slid out of his chair and caught the plate. After saying that, he turned and sank his teeth into the steaming hot grilled hoof…

    Chu Changsheng had almost vomited his old blood. It was the first time he met such a shameless person!

    When the remaining hoof was put on the table, surely it would belong to Chu Changsheng himself. Since Lord Dog had already got one, he could use his pressure to intimidate the others!

    His beard rose angrily.

    When the next plate was ready, Yang Meiji and An Sheng learned from experience and took the plate.

    Chu Changsheng was so angry that his beard flew upward…

    Finally, the last plate came.

    Chu Changsheng learned his lesson. Even though Bu Fang hadn’t called out yet, he flapped his sleeves to glide to the window and wait for the hooves.

    However, what greeted him was a look that seemed to belong to a dummy.

    When Bu Fang brought the grilled hooves from the kitchen and saw Chu Changsheng waiting at the window, he was speechless.

    “Come, it’s the last plate,” said Bu Fang.

    Chu Changsheng was happy as he thought, “Finally, the last plate. Two hooves… Two servings for two people here. Just perfect!”

    Chu Changsheng was contented as he was about to enjoy the Taotie’s meat. He had so many expectations for it.

    However, a second later, he was dumbstruck.

    Bu Fang was carrying the plate with one hand while his other hand picked up a grilled Taotie’s hoof and took a big bite.

    Chu Changsheng was very baffled.

    Oh, the chef needed to eat too? So, only one hoof left?

    Chu Changsheng looked at Luo Danqing, who was wounded so badly he was coughing out blood. He had a hopeful look in his eyes.

    The old man suddenly felt furious. Why was it so hard to eat the hoof?

    When Bu Fang placed the plate on the table, he glanced at Chu Changsheng and Luo Danqing as he bit into the oil-splashing grilled hoof. His face had an intoxicated expression.

    A moment later, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife emerged, cutting the grilled Taotie’s hoof into two pieces.

    “There’s no need to feel bad. Dig in,” Bu Fang said indifferently.