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    Chapter 1256 A Late Night Attack

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    Accompanied by a loud, furious roar, two huge figures rushed through the shattered door into the room, looking like two ferocious beasts. The fluctuations of the Will of the Great Path rippled around them. Clearly, these two figures were Little Saints.

    Bu Fang narrowed his eyes. He didnt expect that the Vajra Realm experts would actually dare to attack him in the inn. Are these guys brainless? If truth be told, these burly men were simpleminded. Although their bodies were strong, their brains were underdeveloped. They act only by the heart. They disliked Bu Fang and his companions in the first place, and now they still acted in anger, wanting to crush them with their mighty cultivation bases.

    The inn at night was very quiet. Most people were meditating in their rooms, recuperating and adjusting their state, so the thunderous noise coming out from Bu Fangs room naturally attracted everyones attention.

    Two huge fists flew at Bu Fang. They were so fast that the void seemed to be burning from the friction. Bu Fang furrowed his eyebrows as a sharp look flickered in his eyes.

    "Die now!"

    The two Vajra Realm Little Saints were red all over, and their skins were covered with blue veins that stood out like dragons, making them look like two terrible fiends. They approached Bu Fang with monstrous killing intent, and a rumbling sound rang out as the two fists smashed Bu Fangs bed.

    The whole bed blew apart instantly, but Bu Fang had already jumped lightly to a corner. Even then, a punch was thrown in his direction, which compressed the air and produced a Void-shattering blast. It was not as powerful as the one unleashed by Yi Zhu in the arena, but it was faster. In the blink of an eye, the place where Bu Fang stood was blown to pieces, and the whole room was reduced to rubble.

    Bu Fang jumped up, put his toes on the window frame, and leaped out of the room like a fish. His black hair waved in the dark night, and his eyes were cold. With a sonorous bird cry, his Vermilion Chef Robe turned into a fiery-red color. At the same time, a pair of flaming wings spread behind him, flapping gracefully to make him float while flaming feathers kept falling around him.

    The next moment, two huge figures that looked like fiends burst through the wall and rushed out of the room. The two Vajra Realm Little Saints sped up to Bu Fang and kept throwing punches at him.

    Many people in the inn opened their windows and looked out curiously. Their eyes were instantly attracted by the battle in midair.

    "Oh, the experts of the Vajra Realm are here to seek revenge"

    "Its the chef from the Immortal Cooking Realm. He killed Yi Zhu in the match, and now the Vajra Realm experts are looking for revenge."

    "The Vajra Realm people are narrow-minded. They only allow their people to kill others and dont allow others to kill their men, or else they will chase you to the ends of the world."

    The experts watching the battle talked to one another and glanced sympathetically at Bu Fang. Even ordinary Little Saints would be miserable and feel almost hopeless if they were being chased by two Vajra Realm experts who had entered the Explosive Body state. Although Bu Fangs ability was somewhat amazing, he was still just a half-step Saint.

    When fighting in the arena, Bu Fang was able to delay the time until Yi Zhus Explosive Body state was over, but this time, it wasnt so easy. The angrier the Vajra Realm experts were, the longer their Explosive Body state lasted. Bu Fang had killed Yi Zhu, so these two Little Saints probably wouldnt end their Explosive Body state until they had killed him.

    With a buzz, a golden light flashed in front of Bu Fang. He took a step forward and stood on Shrimpys back, who had turned into a huge golden shrimp. In the blink of an eye, Shrimpy sped away at top speed, constantly moving through the air and instantly widened the gap between them and the two Vajra Realm Little Saints.

    Standing on Shrimpys back, Bu Fang looked indifferently at the two Little Saints. So theyre here for revenge He gently sighed, his eyes sparkling with a strange light.

    All eyes were on the battle. Many people were looking forward to seeing Bu Fang die. After all, the arrogant words he said in the arena today had left a lot of people feeling a little resentful. It was already good that they didnt take advantage of this time to attack him.

    A Void-shattering blast approached Bu Fang in a flash and then exploded. The terrible blast shattered the void. The technique of compressing the air to the extreme and then making it explode was quite powerful. However, Shrimpy was really fast. In just a split second, it had already flown away. The power of the explosion couldnt even touch Bu Fangs robes.

    "Damn little lizard! Dont you run away from us!" The two Vajra Realm Little Saints looked at Bu Fang angrily and growled.

    In the inn, Zhu Yan and the others from the Immortal Cooking Realm saw the battle in midair through the windows. They were so nervous that their hearts were almost in their throats.

    "Can the Great Demon King escape from the attack of two Little Saints in the Explosive Body state?!"

    Bu Fang twitched his mouth, and his divine will spread in all directions like water. The next moment, one meatball after another appeared around him, shining with golden light and looking like many dazzling suns in the dark night. Their appearance instantly attracted the attention of countless people.


    "Those are meatballs that can explode. He used them to injure the Blackwind Continent half-step Saint."

    "Are these things useful against Little Saints?"

    The onlookers were very curious. Many people had studied Bu Fangs tricks, so they naturally knew what these meatballs could do. They wouldnt naively think that these were just delicious meatballs.

    Bu Fangs eyes narrowed slightly, and his face was cold. Those who wanted to kill others would also be killed. Since the two Vajra Realm Little Saints wanted to kill him, he wouldnt need to show them mercy. He thought of using Spirit Possession, but after considering it, he decided not to use it. After all, frequent use of this ability was too much for his body. He felt it was time to show his real skills.

    As the Explosive Meatballs floated closely around him, their golden light grew brighter and brighter, forming a golden halo.


    The two Vajra Realm Little Saints roared, their voices harsh in the quiet of the night. The next moment, they turned into two red beams of light and shot toward Bu Fang at full speed.

    Bu Fangs eyes focused. Then, a few meatballs sped away, spinning rapidly and producing a shrill noise as they pierced through the air with tails like that of a meteor.

    "Do you think you can scare us off with a few meatballs?!" A Little Saint roared loudly while his body burst into bright red light.

    Even the onlookers were smiling disdainfully. Meatballs were useful against half-step Saints, but they were not necessarily useful against Little Saints, let alone the Vajra Realm Little Saints who were known for their formidable fleshly bodies. Their physical defense was extremely fearsome, and they were not afraid of any ordinary attacks at all.


    Several Explosive Meatballs hit them in an instant and exploded.

    "Hmm?" A Little Saints pupils suddenly constricted as a tremendous force knocked him flying backward and threw him on the inns wall. He was astonished by the meatballs power.

    "Their bodies are really tough" Standing on Shrimpys back, Bu Fang clasped his hands behind him and looked at the two Little Saints, who had gone into the Explosive Body state and seemed to have blood flowing on their reddish skin. Three Explosive Meatballs had exploded on their bodies, but not even their skin was damaged. The only evidence of the explosion was the wisps of smoke curling up from their bodies. They had withstood the power of the explosion simply with their flesh.

    Suddenly, Bu Fang furrowed his brows. He glanced at the ground out of the corner of his eye. He felt that he was targeted by another terrible killing intent. So Besides the Vajra Realm experts, theres someone else who wants to kill me! The moment he thought of that, the look in his eyes turned sharp.


    The two Vajra Realm Little Saints slapped on the wall of the inn, denting the wall and leaving deep palm prints as they threw themselves like two giant meatballs toward Bu Fang in midair. One of them was on top while the other was on the bottom, and in a flash, they had locked Bu Fang with their auras and blocked all his escape paths. The eyes of the leading expert sparkled with bright light as he clasped his palms together and raised them over his head. He wanted to kill Bu Fang with a single blow the moment he came near him!

    "Vajra Meteor Hammer!"

    At this moment, the surrounding air was completely sucked away, resulting in an emptiness in midair.


    The attack of the leading Little Saint fell, tearing the air. The power of this move was extremely horrible. It was a lethal tactic in close combat that aimed at killing the enemy in one blow!

    Bu Fangs hair waved violently in the wind from the powerful attack. He narrowed his eyes. The next moment, a Rainbow-Colored Crescent Moon Dumpling appeared in his hand.

    "A dumpling?!" The Little Saint who took the lead in the attack squinted, but he grinned in the next instant. To him, any attack from Bu Fang was ineffective, so he was fearless. Even the meatballs couldnt break through his defense. What could this dumpling do? He was confident that he could kill the chef with his hammer!

    The onlookers all held their breath. The killing blow from the Little Saint made their hearts tremble.

    "It seems that the chef cannot escape this time."

    "The order keeper of Earth Prison is too slow to arrive"

    "Divine Seal Dumpling, explode!" Bu Fang crushed the dumpling. In the blink of an eye, a thousand beams of rainbow light burst out of it, enveloping the Little Saint in an instant.

    "This" The Little Saints eyes went wide. He felt that he could not move at all at this moment. "Whats going on?!" The unknown was always the scariest. In the span of one breath, he would be completely immobile, and during this period, he would be at the mercy of others!

    Bu Fang, who was in front of him, moved. Seven Explosive Meatballs hit him on the body and then exploded. The power produced by the explosion of seven meatballs together could almost shatter heaven and earth!


    The Vajra Realm Little Saint let out a miserable cry, and he immediately fell from the air, bleeding profusely. He had instantly left the Explosive Body state, and that made him extremely weak. Soon, he fell to the ground with a loud bang and made a deep hole in the ground.

    Another Vajra Realm Little Saint sucked in a cold breath. "Hows that even possible?!" It all happened so fast that he didnt see it clearly. However, since Bu Fang was able to knock his companion out of the Explosive Body state in a flash, it proved that the power of the attack was absolutely tremendous.

    "Youre just a half-step Saint! I dont believe you can use that trick twice!" He stepped across the void and rushed at Bu Fang. At the same time, his body grew taller again, looking bloody now, and he threw out a punch that contained the Vajra Realms Will of the Great Path.

    At this moment, a figure carrying a heavy sword came flying from a distance, accompanied by Commander Mo Yuan and many other commanders.

    In the sky, Bu Fang stood on Shrimpys back with his hands clasped behind him, his Vermilion Chef Robe flapping noisily in the wind.

    "Stop it!" cried You Ji, her voice rang through the air like thunder.

    However, the Vajra Realm Little Saint didnt show signs of stopping at all. His eyes were filled with monstrous killing intent as he roared, "DIE!".

    Suddenly, within the range of Bu Fangs divine will, a blood-colored light exploded, shining like a bloody lotus in the dark. In a twinkling of an eye, two blood-colored scythes came cutting down at his neck from different angles.

    The Abyss killer, who had been hiding in the dark for a long time, had finally struck!

    The sudden attack stunned all the onlookers and sent an uproar through them.

    You Jis eyes grew unusually cold. She was shocked and angry. She had asked them to stop, but they ignored her. Did they really regard her, an Earth Prison Overlord, as a mere decoration?

    "In that case, Ill deal with you altogether." Looking at the lethal attack that locked him up from almost every direction, Bu Fangs face also grew cold. The next moment, a glowing lotus Perishing Pot emerged in one of his hands, while his other hand crushed another Divine Seal Dumpling!