God Of Money

God Of Money Chapter 192

Chapter 192: <Control>

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Woosung said on the phone harshly, "All of my lawyers are tied up at the moment with patent lawsuits."Lee Sunghyun replied angrily, "Are you really going to be like this? Everyone knows you hired all the best lawyers available in the country. There isn't anyone left.""I'm just telling you the truth. I have many ongoing patent lawsuits with different companies like Apple and Daeyang. Are you telling me I should just lose?""Were we always on such bad terms like this?""Not at first, but that was the past. I did my best to help you, yet you are the one who betrayed me. You sided with Daeyang.""Are you still on that?""I have a very good memory."""When Lee Sunghyun didn't reply, Woosung continued, "It's not that I want our relationship to continue like this. I would like to be on good terms with you.""Tell me.""I heard Daeyang was recently rumored to be involved in an illegal split accounting, but the government let it go.""""I keep asking for fair treatments, yet the government keeps doing things like this.""Are you asking me to suspend Daeyang? A 40-billion-dollar company?"Woosung laughed, "Haha, no. How would I accomplish something like that? All I'm asking is if an illegal deed was done, whoever did it must be punished. Fairness is all I ask, as always."" I will consider it.""You can do whatever you want. I will continue to do whatever I want too."Lee Sunghyun couldn't say anything despite Woosung's rudeness. He was now afraid of Woosung.*** The General Election results.Democrats won by a landslide. Lee Parksung moaned, "How did they find out about our past? Did you find out who's behind this?"Lee Sunghyun couldn't say anything. Lee Parksung grimaced. "Dammit, you're a disappointment. Why can't you do better?"Lee Sunghyun bit his lips without answering. Lee Parksung asked, "And you still haven't found a decent lawyer?""No, Kang Woosung has most of them.""Then did you get someone to take the blame?""Not yet""Can't you do anything?""I'm sorry.""That's not good enough. This is serious. The prosecutors have the proofs. All we can do now is fight for the legality of it and to do that, we need an amazing lawyer."Lee Sunghyun bit his lips. Lee Parksung continued quickly, "If you can't do it, I will take care of it. We don't have the time to be lazy. We need to resolve this now.""I will try."Lee Parksung looked at his son doubtfully. He said to Lee Sunghyun, "I will give you three days. If you don't accomplish something big by then, you are off the case.""Yes, sir."Lee Sunghyun bowed and left.*** A restaurant in Seoul.Democratic party leader Han Mingu couldn't help smiling."Hahaha. We won! We got 167 seats! The most we've ever had in history."Lee Myungin took a sip of his drink and replied, "I still feel uncomfortable.""Are you still thinking about that?""We owe him now.""We can pay him back slowly. If this continues, we can take over the government."Lee Myungin emptied his glass. "I'm just afraid this debt to him will cause trouble in the future.""Don't worry. I took care of it."Suddenly, Woosung talked in, "Haha, you two have nothing to worry about. I took care of everything."Han Mingu stood up and greeted Woosung."Oh, you're finally here!"He grabbed Woosung's hands. Woosung smiled brightly. "Congratulations.""Haha, it's all thanks to you, President Kang. I will never forget this.""Everyone worked very hard. It wasn't just me."Lee Myungin put down his glass and asked, "What happened? Did you forget what I said to you before?"Woosung replied, "I remember.""Remembering isn't enough.""I know what you mean. It's you who don't understand."Lee Myungin glared at Woosung and asked, "Are you kidding me?""I'm telling you that you just need to do your job faithfully."Han Mingu watched the two men uncomfortably. He poured a drink for Lee Myungin and said to him, "Come on, don't be angry."Woosung picked up his glass and asked with a smile, "Could you pour me one too?""Haha, of course. It's my honor to be drinking with the world-famous Kang Woosung!"Woosung emptied his glass and replied, "I don't want much. I just want fairness and transparency, that is why I chose the democratic party. If you can accomplish that then it would be enough for me."Woosung was suggesting that the democrats won because he made it happen. Both politicians understood immediately. Han Mingu laughed, "Haha, I know, I know!"Woosung took another sip and continued, "There is a rumor that Daeyang was involved in an illegal split accounting. The government let it slide without even an investigation. KND was investigated so many times in the last two years. Please look into his. That is all I have to say."Woosung left quickly. The two men looked at each other rigidly.*** Woosung's empire continued to grow quickly.Jang Gwangchul announced, "This quarter's sales reached over 60 billion dollars. Earning surprise!"Woosung nodded calmly. Jang Gwangchul continued, "And you know what else?""Coconut sales reached over 2 billion dollars?""That's right. It's higher than Facebook. We will soon become the best SNS service in the world.""I already knew that.""With these number, do you know what this means with respect to Korean GDP?""Our companies now makes up over half of it.""Exactly. It means we now control the Korean economy.""Haha, I like that.""It could be even better since this quarter's result didn't include Sungyong and BMW performances. On top of that, we are doing an amazing job in China too! Our Chinese sales have reached over 10 billion dollars. We are growing at a 40% rate. In five years, we should be reaching 100 billion dollars.""That would mean at some point, we will make up over 70% of the GDP.""Haha! Now, what's next?""First, we need to destroy Daeyang and take over their sales. That will make our own sales to reach 700 billion dollars."Jang Gwangchul's eyes shined brightly. *** 1BTC 3210 dollars. The bitcoin frenzy reached the entire world. Choi Gichul stared at the screen and murmured, "It could really reach 10,000 dollars.""Did you buy more?""Yeah, about 70 million dollars."Jung Jinsup's eyes widened. He asked, "At what price?""Between 1500 to 2000 dollars.""You"This meant Choi Gichul made a lot of money. He murmured, "You were wrong. It reached 300 dollars.""""Will it reach 10,000 dollars?""I don't know anymore. It could.""What do you think?""I think 10,000 dollars seems too high.""I disagree. If this continues, it will reach 10000 dollars, but what's really important is"To escape from Choi Taemin. Choi Gichul wondered if this cryptocurrency could allow him to accomplish that dream.