Ghost Wife My Lifetime Love
OngoingBook 1 Chapter 373

    Ghost Wife My Lifetime Love Book 1 Chapter 373

    Volume 1 Chapter 373 Revenge Vii

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        The fat white cat in Beast slave's arms let out a cry and looked at the black shadow with a slightly different look.

        It felt like he saw a big meal and he felt like he wanted to jump on it.

        The black shadow also seemed to know that the white cat was not easy to handle. After giving me a deep look, his body twisted.

        Want to run?

        I raised my hand fiercely, a wisp of green inflammation from my hand, wrapped the shadow of the body.

        At the same time, Brute sword also shot, sword light suddenly appear, filled with this space, completely blocked.

        However, the shadow did not seem to be disturbed by our strength and slowly sank to the ground.

        Just then, the white cat suddenly opened its big mouth and let out a low roar.

        Roar into invisible force impact, swept the shadow, the shadow fiercely quiver, instant disintegration disappeared.

        Dead or escaped?

        Brute sword and I took a subconscious look at the white cat. The white cat stretched itself and gave a helpless cry, then ignored us.

        Brute sword and I looked at each other with a wry smile. We don't know the shadow, and even White Cat could not keep it.

        After this incident, I became even more disgusted with the Huang family.

        Originally I didn't want to have anything to do with the wild family, because I know this family is very unusual, they are different from those forces in the ancient stars. In a nutshell, they are like nobles in the ancient stars. they exist on high and do not participate in the numerous power struggles in the ancient stars, but everything is under their control.

        In that family, there must be the existence of the strong, not to mention me, even celeste is estimated to get no benefits there.

        But now, even if I don't want to be involved with them, I can't.

        They took control of my whereabouts, and the fall of Huangtian was also related to some people in the Huangs, who were the real masterminds. Past lives did not let me go. Concealment is not a long-term solution. To solve this problem, we must remove it from the source.

        Just, now go to Huangs home, what is the difference from suicide.

        After discussing with brute sword and beast slave for a while, they behaved quite frankly.

        "What are you afraid of? It's just death, you will always be wronged if you endures!" Brute sword said casually, "I don't care anyway. I've been wondering for more than half of the ancient stars, and I'm satisfied with my life! When you go to Huang, contact me and I will accompany you! "

        The beast slave looked at me, then at the brute sword, with a sigh, and said, "count me in. I've only heard about it and haven't been there. I'd like to see it!"

        "thank you!" I nodded to them, moved in my heart.

        However, I don't want them to take the risk with me. They have done a lot for me over the years.

        It is better for me to solve the problems over there, and I can't drag others down any more!

        The brute sword and the beast slave stayed here, while I left the Hun Yu star domain and went on to the next place of the ancient stars.


        Prynne star domain, which includes dozens of life planets, is a relatively small star domain.

        The demon-possessed immortal lived in seclusion here. The old guy was also a famous malicious character in the peak of the real immortal. He had killed several other strong men of the same rank.

        He left behind several serious injuries when he ambushed Huangtian.

        According to Tianji's Intelligence, this guy has disappeared since the fall of Huangtian. It took a lot of effort for Tianji to find a trace of him.

        He lives in seclusion on an obscure life planet in the Prynne star domain. He has little contact with the outside world. He seems to be practicing in seclusion, but in fact, he seems to be avoiding hunting.

        Those friends who escaped from Huangtian also escaped from some people in the Huangs.

        There are all kinds of signs that the Huangs families seem to have begun to clean up those who ambushed Huangtian.

        After finding the location on the intelligence of Tianji, I looked at the scene in fornt of me and was silent.

        The mountain range where demon-possessed immortal lived in seclusion has been completely wiped out.

        There is a long bamboo pole inserted there with a mummy hanging on it. It is demon-possessed immortal!

        It is hard to avoid feeling a little sad that the existence of the true immortal peak and the exposure of the corpse in this way after death.

        Although it is dead, it is, after all, the corpse of a real immortal at its peak. The surrounding area is disturbed by an invisible wave. Under the real immortal, it cannot be approached, not to mention birds of prey such as vultures that like to devour corpses.

        There is no scar on the body of the demon-possessed immortal. The soul should be annihilated directly and killed instantly.

        Someone walked in front of me. Who took the shot?

        It will definitely not be Huangtian's friends. Huangtian's friends do not have such strength. They may be able to kill demon-possessed immortal, but it is absolutely impossible for the evil spirit to die without any struggle.

        After a while, I sighed softly, and with a single shot on my finger, a wisp of green inflammation flew out, directly incinerating the body of him into ashes.

        Turned to leave, figure again quickly removed in the starry sky.


        Leize starfield is a huge minefield with very few living planets, which is not suitable for people living under real immortals.

        This place is rich in lightning strike wood, which is a good material for making high-grade weapons. Due to a large number of mined areas, even real immortals are careful here.

        Chuo Xian lives here. He is a madman with a natural disposition to kill. His fighting power is extremely strong.

        According to the intelligence of Tianji, I came to the residence where Chuo Xian lived, and I was silent again.

        In the boundless sea of thunder, an immortal corpse floated in the sea of thunder with a broken body and beside it was the famous Chuo Xian sword, but it had broken into several pieces!

        Late again!

        I gave a hard grind and left again!

        In the following time, I raced against time and time again.

        However, whenever I arrive at a star field or a desolate and isolated planet, I only see cold bodies, all of which are former enemies of Huangtian.

        The people who killed them didn't destroy their bodies intentionally, just to show me!

        They have been one step ahead of me. I feel like I'm being led by the nose. This makes me angry, but at the same time, I also feel palpitations.

        Although I don't know who it is, it must be related to the Huangs family!

        However, this time, they no longer used the same methods as before but used such methods to cause me great psychological pressure.

        Are they warning me? !

        Can easily slay the existence of these real immortal peaks, whether Huangtian's friends or my friends and others, if Huangs want to start work on them, also won't be difficult.

        For example, Canglang Star, even if there is Huanzun in charge, but the Huang family sent will send two celeste casually, it is estimated that they can be destroyed!

        And Jiuzhou...

        If Huang really spares no effort to find the location of Jiuzhou, from the black dragon star domain there must be able to find some clues, then ...

        I can't think about it anymore. I'm afraid to think about the consequences.