Ghost Marriage, the Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures Chapter 94-2 2

    Chapter 94.2 Fooled Part 2

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    Chapter 94: Fooled (Part 2)

    "Dad, you have to adapt to my mothers stupidity from time to time. When she is angry, she will not listen to anyone. At this time, as long as you let yourself be used as a gun, my mother will not be angry. "

    "It seems you know your mother well."

    "Of course." Su Qi said, but his face dimmed the next second.

    "Actually, my mother knows me better. Sometimes, I havent make a move, buy my mother have already seen through me. Maybe because I came out from her womb."

    Mu Yunxuan pinched his sons lovely nose.

    "Go and lie down on the bed! Su Taifu is here. Your mother went to see him, I will also come and see."

    When Mu Yunxuan thought of his sons words, that he was driven out. He felt ashamed that he almost want to die.

    In the end, Mu Yunxuan raised his eyes slightly and then suddenly asked: "Qier, have you been facing the wall because of your mistake? If you cant eat meat for a month, how will you remain strong?"

    "Haha!" Su Qi slyly laughed and nestled comfortably in Mu Yunxuans arms.

    "Dad, I am not locked up here. Aunt Qing He has a lot of things to do. I took advantage of it. Mother always asks me to reflect, but I only have to cultivate. I am naughty, unlike my brother. Besides, I dont do things that my brother does. I am free when I want to be free. I always cause trouble when I am free. This punishment happened to me from time to time."

    "You! Youre not worth worrying about."

    Mu Yunxuan affectionately squeezed his little nose. The father and son smiled happily.


    The night sky was bright, the sky was full of stars, and the whole land was illuminated by the full moon, making it looked beautiful. However, Su Zimos heart was heavy.

    When she arrived in the lobby, she saw Su Qingjue and Su Zinian. Su Zimo was not surprised!

    When Su Weichen came to see her, how could he not also asked to see her brother and sister?

    Su Qingjue and Su Zinian looked at Su Zimo. Su Zimo was breathtakingly beautiful without a mask.

    Su Qingjue looked at her sisters beautiful face and smiled.

    The most shocked person was Su Weichen. Looking at Su Zimos outstanding beauty, he had mixed feelings.

    He had never looked at this daughter seriously before. And after a few years of not seeing her, she has become the best of his three daughters.

    "Momo, is it really you? Youre not dead?"

    Su Weichen looked at Su Zimo excitedly. The constant events made him seem to be several years older and his face looked haggard. His pair of turbid eyes stared at Su Zimo. Compared with 6 years ago, she seems to have completely changed.

    "Im not dead. Are you disappointed?"

    Su Zimo answered sarcastically while looking at Su Weichen, then she walked to her seat and sat down.

    Qing Lian quickly poured her a cup of green.

    "Momo, what are you talking about? I am your father, how can I hope for you to die?"

    Su Weichens eyes flashed unnaturally when he heard Su Zimos question. He also wiped his old face.

    "Then, why did the Mu family take me away 6 years ago?"

    Su Zimo looked at Su Weichen with fierce eyes. Her lips also curved with a cold smile.

    Upon mentioning this matter, Su Qingjue and Su Zinians faces were also filled with anger.

    "Momo, you also know the power of the Mu family. They want people, so how can I, a little tutor, stop them?"

    After Su Weichen finished saying those words, he lowered his head and didnt dare to look at Su Zimo.

    "Really?" Su Zimo sneered. She had no hope in her heart. He didnt stop it because his daughter was not in his heart. Her daughter was even worst than a dog on the roadside.

    "In fact, you and I know what happened in those days. I naturally understand the reason why you kept silent. I am a trash daughter and an abandoned woman, who was divorced in the street. Its best if I die! By then, Su Siyun can replace me, and also bring glory to the Su Family. I can see right through your heart, so just tell me the purpose of your coming today!"

    In fact, it was unnecessary to ask, but Su Zimo still wanted to ask.

    There was no hatred in her heart, but things had to come to an end.

    "Momo, regarding todays matter, I still hope that you can let go and spare them both! After all, we are a family. If you file a lawsuit against your family, wouldnt we end up as a joke to the outsiders "

    "Father, no matter how bad my mother is, she is your first wife. My mother was killed by your concubine. But you, you refuse to make a decision for my mother but plead for the murderer. Is there such a good thing in this world?"

    Su Qingjue could no longer listen anymore. Isnt he embarrassed to ask Su Zimo to let go of this matter?

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