Genius Girl
OngoingBook 1 Chapter 82

    Genius Girl Book 1 Chapter 82

    Volume 1: Chapter 82 82: Matthew's Shoulders

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    Cold eyes staring at the monitor witnessed and heard everything that happened in the study room. Evan's eyes widened in shock after hearing the truth.  

    None of it made sense, how could his family do this to Daniella.  

    And most of all, how could he forget the twins he used to visit when he was just a kid.  

    His heart raced uncontrollably as he picked up the phone on the table, his trembling fingers dialed the president's number and when the other line was answered, Evan parted his lips to speak.  

    "Mr. Minoan I want Roman Lee's location" he ordered coldly.  

    The other line went silent until a few sighs sounded from him "What do you want from him?"  

    "Give me his address."  

    The president gave him an address, and looking at it has made him scoff in disbelief.  

    "He certainly knows where to hide huh!" he spouted in sarcasm and ended the call rudely.  

    He dialed a number once again and when he spoke his voice was coarse in pain "Mark leave Daniella's side and pick up Selena from my mom's house " he paused to take a deep breath "Daniella might come so make sure that none of my mom's guard would hurt her."  

    He ended the call with a heavy heart , he brushed a hand over his face as his head started to pound mercilessly.  

    He looked at his screen, a sour smile curved upon his lips when he saw his wallpaper with Daniella and Selena's picture together.  

    He picked up his phone once again and this time he dialed his mother's number. And as the phone rang his heart pulverized while his mind was baffled by reality.  

    The softness of his mother's voice rang in his ear as she answered the phone.  

    "How are you Evan?" his mother giggled.  

    His eyebrows furrowed upon hearing the energy in his mother's tone. His mind flashed a picture of her good life in the past seven years while she was enjoying every cent she got from her divorce , the child of the woman she killed was suffering relentlessly.  

    "Mom how could kill her?" those words came out of his mouth painfully, he felt a thousand of needles piercing his throat as he spoke.  

    "what - what are you talking about?" his mother voice, full of confusion stuttered.  

    "I know what happened mom!" he yelled "you didn't just kill Alexandria Chen but you also let my brother die in that fire!"  

    He paused because of the pain in his heart, his nose wrinkled when he thought of the truth  "How could you and father hide the truth from me!"  

    His voice broke down just as the tears streamed down his eyes. He had never cried like this, not even at his brother's funeral or even at Kierry's. He barely showed emotion to his family but right now , knowing what his family had done to Daniella's family, he could not help but lash from frustration.  

    "She's coming to kill you mom!" he warned her as he laughed , it was a laugh full of bitterness, the shadows underneath his eyes differed the clear sky outside.  

    "If she doesn't kill you , please Do me a favor and don't show your face in front of me again!" after he blurted out what he wanted to say to his mother he ended the call and about to throw his phone into the air when his eyes saw the face of Daniella on his phone.  

    There was nothing he could do to change the way things were . He couldn't let Daniella stay by his side knowing that his family was the reason why she became an orphan.  


    As Daniella drove away from the villa, her stomach was grumbling from pain, was it because of the alcohol or the truth, she didn't know.  

    She stopped on the side road , jumped off  her motorcycle and squatted on the grass, all the alcohol and breakfast she had this morning rushed out of her mouth .  

    She spewed all the food and liquid in her stomach, the bitter aftertaste lingered in her mouth and she continued puking like a sick baby.  

    She coughed hard; hands lay on the grass to support her shivering body. She wished she could throw up all the pain in her heart but all she could do was to let her emotions out , she cried like a lost kid on the side road.  

    She didn't mind the cars passing but out of nowhere she heard footstep in between her loud sobs  she ignored it but the figure halted behind her and squatted.  

    Daniella recognized the scent; it was her friend whom she once left and hurt.  

    "Ella " a hand pulled her backward by her shoulder Daniella turned obediently and accepted the shoulder he was offering.  

    "Matthew" she cried his name and buried her face on his broad chest.  

    She cried as if there was no tomorrow, her gloomy and painful expression differed from the bright sky above. A warm hand caressed her hair going  down to her back - trying to  soothe her pain.  

    She didn't know how long they stayed there but the bright sun was slowly losing its light , Just like before Matthew didn't ask Daniella, why was she working at the bar, why did she appear in his house the next day and why after a week of living with him he saw her in front of the bar she was working at with the same tears and expression she had right now.  

    He had always been curious about her , he knew she was special her eyes and the scars on her body which he had seen so many times in three years of living with her, he knew that each scar had its own story but he didn't dare to ask. Simply because he was afraid of losing her.  

    He sighed and just like before, all he could do was to give his shoulders for her to cry on and make her laugh after that.  

    With her face still buried on his chest Matthew messed up her hair "Don't snort on my shirt!" he yelled sweetly to her.  

    He heard her laughing and soon an exploding sound from her nose sounded and a feeling of revulsion and disgust rose in his chest.  

    "Ay, disgusting woman!" he pushed her away lightly and removed his shirt swiftly and tossed it to her face.  

    "Wash it!" he said and got up; he grabbed her wrist with a hand while the other called the guard to pick up her motorcycle.  

    He threw her like a pillow at the backseat. He sat at the driver's seat and drove away.  

    "Where should I drop your body?" he asked trying to avoid  looking at her through the rearview mirror.  

    Daniella didn't speak instead she took her phone and wrote down Claire's address.  

    Her face which was still pale from stomach pain buried on the seat she was laying on , she curled her body like a ball to fit on to the chair  and closed her eyes to sleep. She wanted to forget everything that had happened, at least for a while.  

    As her subconscious was about to leave her body, Daniella felt the vibration of her phone.  

    She unlocked her phone with her eyes half-opened and saw Evan's number.  

    Clearing her throat, Daniella put the phone on her ear and listened to what he was about to say.  

    "I heard everything Daniella," Evan's voice full of exhaustion rang in her ear.  

    She nodded as if he was in front of her. She knew he didn't turn it off, it was normal for humans to be curious, especially for Evan he knows what she can do he saw how she tortured people and she couldn't blame him if he wanted to make sure that his father would be safe.  

    "I understand if you want to leave-"  

    Daniella cut him out "We are doomed Evan " she sniffed, "but I won't touch your mom if that's the reason of your call " she gulped hard, since she left the Villa she had decided to let it all go, at least for now "I promise I won't kill her" she whispered.  

    "I just want to see you so badly and leave this hell " Daniella's eyes were shut as she whispered those words with her weak lips, she sounded like someone that had been spending time in the hospital , there was  no energy in her tone just raw  unrestrained  pain.  

    "Meet me at the airport" Evan said.  

    A bittersweet smile immediately plastered  on Daniella's lips she opened her eyes and stared at the roof of the car.  

    She coughed to clear her throat as if  she just swallowed all her problem and then she replied in the same tone "sure, let's do that."