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    Chapter 1070 Marry Me And You Wont Regret

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    The Heaven Zen Mountain was no longer the same Heaven Zen Mountain.

    Flowers bloomed everywhere and fragrance wafted in the air. A few white clouds were floating in the air and the entire place was as charming as an ancient wonderland.

    However, this beautiful place was filled with conflicts.

    As the Gates of God of the Two Realms of Monsters and Demons opened, monsters and demons descended continuously. Countless Godly beasts and the warriors of the Chi You, as well as some of the demons with special powers, had gathered.

    Meanwhile, in the Heaven Zen Mountain, a huge number of the army kept swarming to the mountain. There were hundreds of thousands of people from the Great Xia Dynasty, Radiant Moon Empire, Holy Barbarian Empire and the War Pinnacle Empire.

    Such a large scale was rarely seen.

    Moreover, all of these soldiers were the elites of the Four Great Empires and every one of them had the fighting power equivalent to that of nearly a hundred soldiers.

    “What an intense fragrance, I feel that I am going to breakthrough.”

    “What kind of place is this, one can breakthrough by merely smelling the fragrance of the flowers?”

    “Hurry, head up the mountain!”

    The soldiers of the Four Great Empires were all very excited as they had smelt the fragrance that wafted from the mountain. In fact, some soldiers had already managed to breakthrough.

    “Emperor of the Great Xia Dynasty, you came from the mountain, what was it like up there?” The Emperor of the Great Xia Dynasty took a sniff of the fragrance.

    He could feel that the fragrance was extraordinary.

    However, he still had to ask out of caution.

    “I’m not sure, there wasn’t any fragrance when I came down. If I’m correct, the Source of God had already been opened.” Lin Mubai shook his head.

    “I?” The Emperor of War Pinnacle Empire was surprised by how Lin Mubai referred to himself 1 . “Emperor of Great Xia, did you step down?”

    “Yes.” Lin Mubai nodded.

    “I see, then let’s hurry and head up since the Source of God had been opened, it is a huge chance for us. However…”

    “I understand what you mean. After heading up the mountain, let’s split up in four directions — North South East and West and leave the center up to the people of the Holy Region to fight over.”

    “Hahaha… This is fantastic.”

    “We will follow your orders, Emperor of the Great Xia.”

    “I have no objections.”

    The other emperors nodded and agreed too. When a great chance was concerned, the greatest worry would be a quarrel over the positions. The most effective method would be to allocate based on directions.

    As for the others…

    Now wasn’t the time to worry about those.

    As the hundreds of thousands of soldiers swarmed up, even if they really encountered some powerful individuals of the Holy Region, they had the ability to defend themselves as long as they did not confront them directly.

    After the discussion, the Four Great Empires went up in separate ways.

    However, they did not know that a battle had already begun on the Heaven Zen Mountain and intense radiance flashed continuously. Some of the radiance was due to breakthroughs while some were the sword radiance.

    Mu Qingfeng’s mood was complicated.

    After swallowing more than ten flowers at one go, he could feel the growing energy in his body. He felt as though he could make a breakthrough to the Godly State at any moment.

    This ought to be something worthy of a celebration.

    However, there were a few bodies on the ground near him and two Godly beasts were knawing on them.

    The bodies were none other than the Sect Leaders who stayed with him.

    However, they had died miserably in the battle.

    Two Godly Beasts who descended from the Gate of God of the Monster Realm landed on their heads and what ensued was a battle involving a huge disparity in power.

    A few of the Sect Leaders died immediately.

    Mu Qingfeng wanted to save them but felt helpless because he knew that before he managed to reach the Godly State, he would also die if he went over.

    There were too many of them.

    Besides the Godly State experts of the Monster Race and Demon Race, the Godly Beasts and the Godly State experts who had left earlier on had also returned.

    Everyone was fighting over the precious land.

    Meanwhile, after seeing how Mu Qingfeng and the rest swallowed the flowers, the Godly State experts of the Demon Race and the Godly Beasts also swallowed the flowers furiously.

    “Roar!” A Godly beast with the build of a mountain roared.

    It was a terrifying monster with a horn and a monkey body with a white head and red limbs. He slapped the ground with his gigantic arms until the ground trembled non-stop.

    Zhu Yan!

    A Godly Beast who was extremely violent.

    Now, Zhu Yan was looking around and his gaze fell upon Mu Qingfeng and Yan Qianli.

    Zhu Yan was one of the intelligent Godly Beasts with extremely sharp sensitivity. Although four people followed Mu Qingfeng, Zhu Yan immediately sensed how weak they were.

    “That looks like… Zhu Yan?” Heavenly Oasis Saint was slightly guilty. He had eaten many flowers but had a long way to go before reaching the Godly State.

    “The beast is coming for us.” Yan Qianli frowned.

    Although Zhu Yan only took a glance at them, he could see the blood-thirstiness in Zhu Yan’s eyes.

    It was an instinct developed from experience in the battlefield.

    After Yan Qianli said that, Zhu Yan began to move. He walked with two of his legs and went to the front of the group almost instantly

    “Yuer, run!” The first person that came to Heavenly Oasis Saint ‘s mind was Wu Yuer. He pushed Wu Yuer aside and flung the fly-whisk towards Zhu Yan.

    Silver threads flew in the air.

    It shrouded Zhu Yan like a gigantic silver net.

    “Master!” Wu Yuer was pushed far away became extremely anxious when she saw Zhu Yan charging towards them.

    “Hehe…” Zhu Yan sneered before grabbing on the silver net with his hands and without much effort, he tore the silver net into sparks.

    That was to test his power.

    After testing his power, he began the real attack.

    His gigantic body crashed down as he threw a punch.

    “Bam!” The sound of bones cracking was heard.

    Heavenly Oasis Saint was sent flying from Zhu Yan’s punch before he could even react.

    “Heavenly Oasis Saint!” Yan Qianli shouted anxiously and wanted to catch the Heavenly Oasis Saint.

    However, at this moment, Zhu Yan began to move again. He bent his legs and leaped up to ten meters in height.

    Yan Qianli’s expression changed.

    He had always known how terrifying the Godly Beasts were and had even fought against one of the four beasts before. However, when he was suddenly attacked, he felt that he was extremely weak.

    After all, in the past, more than ten Sagely Stage experts attacked together.

    However, now, it was only a fight of a few against Zhu Yan. Moreover, Zhu Yan had attacked first and sent the Heavenly Oasis Saint flying right away.

    “Son of a bitch!” Just as Zhu Yan’s fist was about to hit Yan Qianli’s face, Mu Qingfeng’s voice was heard.

    After that, a finger sword stabbed down from the sky.

    “Bam!” Zhu Yan’s body swayed and retreated because of Mu Qingfeng’s sword, giving a shocked look in his red eyes.

    He could feel that all of them had yet to enter the Godly State.

    They were all ordinary people!

    However, he did not expect such penetrating power on Mu Qingfeng’s finger sword such that it was able to cause him to retreat.

    “Roar!” Zhu Yan bent down and roared.

    Meanwhile, Yan Qianli got the Heavenly Oasis Saint up and dashed to a distance far away as fast as possible to keep a distance away from Zhu Yan.

    “Prince Yan, protect Heavenly Oasis Saint and Sect Leader Wu while I fight against this son of a bitch.” Mu Qingfeng frowned. Although he managed to make Zhu Yan retreat earlier on with his strike, there was a sharp pain on his fingertip.

    It felt as if he had hit a metal board and he could not even feel anything.

    Indeed, there was a huge difference between the Sagely State and Godly State.

    Mu Qingfeng was extremely close to a breakthrough and was about to reach the Godly State. However, he still felt extremely tired while fighting against the legendary ancient Godly Beast.

    “Master, are you alright?” Wu Yuer was extremely anxious.

    “Cough cough… Old Man Yan, Yuer, don’t bother about me, run!” Heavenly Oasis Saint coughed out blood and was extremely pale.

    A simple punch caused all his chest bones to break and made it impossible for him to continue the fight.

    That was how powerful Godly Beast Zhu Yan was.

    “Hehe… How dare you weak humans eye on the Source of God? Dream on!” said Zhu Yan in disdain.

    Mu Qingfeng stood in front of Yan Qianli and the rest but instead of attacking, he took a few steps back.

    Zhu Yan smiled coldly when he saw this.

    “Roar!” He roared again and slapped the ground continuously with his gigantic arms until the ground shook and made loud sounds.

    As he stopped roaring, the other Godly Beasts who were fighting over flowers and fruits turned around and saw Mu Qingfeng and the rest.


    “Yo yo…”


    The three Godly beasts charged towards them while roaring and surrounded Mu Qingfeng, Yan Qianli and the rest in the center.

    “Oh no, we can’t leave.” Yan Qianli frowned when he saw the other three Godly beasts who were surrounding them.

    Zhu Yan alone was hard enough to deal with.

    Now that there were four beasts, it was definitely impossible to win.

    In the earlier battles, they could still fight against the Godly beasts because of their advantage in numbers. Yet now, the Godly beasts were the ones who had an advantage in terms of numbers.

    With Zhu Yan as the leader, the four Godly beasts surrounded Mu Qingfeng and the rest from the north, south, east and west, giving an extremely cold look.

    “Pavilion Master Mu, please leave first and be humankind’s last hope,” said Yan Qianli.

    At this moment, they had no way to continue the fight with the four Godly beasts. Only Mu Qingfeng had the chance to escape alone.

    Mu Qingfeng clenched his fists.

    He could tell from the current situation. He could not match up to the four Godly Beasts and the only way out was to make a run for it

    However, did he have to leave Yan Qianli and the Heavenly Oasis Saint behind?

    “Prince Yan, leave with Heavenly Oasis Saint and Sect Leader Wu first, I will stay back and earn some time for you!” Common sense told Mu Qingfeng that he should start making a run for it but ultimately, he asked Yan Qianli to leave first.

    There was no reason for that.

    The only reason was that he did not want to feel guilty.

    As compared to anyone else, Yan Qianli and the rest trusted him so much that after finding the flowers, they passed the flowers to him immediately.

    Now, he could not be so selfish.

    He could only take a gamble!

    The gamble was that he would be able to make a breakthrough during the battle and enter the Godly State to save everyone’s lives.

    “Run? Haha… None of you can run!” Zhu Yan snorted coldly and advanced quickly without any fear of Mu Qingfeng.

    Meanwhile, the other three Godly Beasts also began to move.

    The three of the Godly Beasts charged together towards Yan Qianli and Wu Yuer at an extremely fast speed and reached them in a blink of an eye.

    “Yuer, move!” Yan Qianli wanted to push Wu Yuer away.

    However, it was too late as a Godly beast had already reached her. He opened his mouth and was about to swallow Wu Yuer.

    “Fang Zhengzhi, Yuer is coming to join you!” Wu Yuer clenched her teeth and whipped out her waistband as it turned into a beam of tri-colored light stream.

    The light stream struck the mouth of the Godly beast.

    It turned into three long swords — red, blue and gold.

    The three long swords stabbed into the mouth of the Godly beast and caused him to take a step back as he made a loud thunderous sound.

    Then, Wu Yuer collapsed to the ground.

    In order to be able to demonstrate the power of her waistband, she could only go all out. However, she only had one chance to do that. If she was not able to kill the Godly Beast, she would no longer have any means to fight back.

    The Godly beast took a step back.

    A cold look flashed across his eyes. As an ancient Godly beast, it was an insult for him to be attacked by a weak human.

    The Godly beast attacked again and struck Wu Yuer’s head with his gigantic front claw.

    “Yuer!” Heavenly Oasis Saint shouted in agony.

    Yan Qianli turned around instinctively and wanted to save Wu Yuer. However, his body was sent flying when the Godly Beast kicked his body.

    Meanwhile, Wu Yuer closed her eyes slowly.

    She listened to the wind and felt the cold wind blowing her hair. She knew that she would not be able to dodge and nobody would be able to save her.

    Was she going to die?

    She did not know if she was able to meet him again on the road to death.

    She only hoped that he would marry her.

    Even if they went to hell, she had no regrets and would stay with him forever.

    Boom! A loud sound was heard.

    “Is this how death feels like? It doesn’t… seem to be painful.” Wu Yuer’s tear streamed down her face and dropped on the ground.

    She died.

    She really died…

    But why could she still feel the tears on her face?

    Wind blew.

    Her face was cold.

    Wu Yuer gradually opened her eyes again and wanted to see what the world after death looked like. Then, she saw a familiar figure standing quietly in front of her and smiling brightly at her.