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    663 The Usage Of Merits

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    The name, Lone Wolf, had been made known throughout the Sky Thunder City in just a single night. Even the various chiefs had started to notice him. After all, Ba Dao and Chief Long's Heaven Monarchs weren't weak; and if Jiang Yi was able to kill them, it was an indication of strength.

    Jiang Yi's battle outside the eastern city gates had been spread out, and the rumors came from the mouths of the Lu Clan's soldiers. As no one was able to find out the actual situation of the battle, it had been made to be more mystical. Especially when Jiang Yi's appearance strength was only at the second stage of the Vajra Realm, making it even more mystical.

    Of course

    The rest of the chiefs were merely paying a little attention. Which of those that could occupy a chief's position in the Sky Thunder City didn't kill their way through a sea of corpses and blood? Which of them wasn't a true expert and valiant in battle?

    On the same night, Ba Dao and Chief Long had let everyone know that they were definitely going to kill Jiang Yi. Thus, the rest of the chief didn't send anyone to go recruit Jiang Yi. They simply stood by the side and enjoyed the show. One of the chiefs even hosted a bet to see how many months Jiang Yi could survive.

    After Jiang Yi returned, he activated the barrier of his courtyard and stayed inside while ignoring the commotion outside.

    He had let everyone out. The information of him possessing a spatial artifact should already be known, and it didn't matter even if someone could pass through the barrier to check on him.

    Jiang Yi took out all the thunder stones he obtained which made everyone feel secure and in a pleasant mood. A single trip was enough for Jiang Yi to obtain more than 1400 thunder stones. They only required to hand over nine thunder stones a day, which would be 270 pieces a month. They would need over 3200 thunder stones for the entire year.

    In other words in a single day, Jiang Yi had obtained enough thunder stones for them to use for almost half a year. It meant that they could stay in the Sky Thunder City for half a year in peace. The next time they ventured out, they would gather sufficient thunder stones which would allow them to complete their service smoothly, giving them the qualifications to continue residing on Sin Island.

    One day ago, everyone was feeling rather uneasy and concerned that they might be killed at any moment. However, a single trip by Jiang Yi was able to settle all those problems. Feng Luan took out a few bottles of good wine from her ancient divine essence ring to celebrate. Everyone drank so much that they got drunk. Seeing that it was a rare occasion for Jiang Yi to relax, he had consecutive toasts with Zhan Wushuang and Qian Wanguan before they all fell into a deep slumber.

    Jiang Yi got up early the next morning and put everyone back into the Thearch Palace for them to peacefully cultivate. He wasn't going to venture out and intended to cultivate in the Sky Thunder City, but he had to first hand over the thunder stones.

    He exited from the courtyard and headed straight to the city lord's mansion and up the stone stairs.

    "Hold it right there!"

    There were two Lu Clan's soldiers at the entrance of the second floor who obstructed Jiang Yi and spoke in a deep voice, "Token."

    Jiang Yi got stunned but quickly realized it. He took out his courtyard's token which the soldier took a glance and waved his hand. "Enter then. The first hall is for handing over thunder stones. The second hall is for exchanging your credits. If you dare to enter the hall at the back, you shall be killed without mercy."

    Jiang Yi walked through the doors obediently and saw a long alley. On one side of the alley, he could see a few arch top doors, and he headed to the first door.

    The door wasn't closed, and there was a hall inside. There wasn't anything inside the hall apart from a long table, where a Lu Clan's elder with battle armor was seated behind it. His head was lowered as he was reading a book and didn't lift his head when Jiang Yi entered.

    "Lone Wolf gives his greetings to Your Honor!"

    Jiang Yi bowed with cupped hands and greeted. That person still didn't raise his head. He simply extended out his hand and said, "Token; the number of days; thunder stones!"

    Jiang Yi handed over his token and 900 thunder stones. "Can I hand over 100 days worth of thunder stones in one go?"

    The elder finally lifted his head. He didn't bother about Jiang Yi and simply circulated his essence around the token while his other hand kept the thunder stones into his ancient divine essence ring. The token flashed with radiance again, he then casually tossed the token to Jiang Yi and said, "Alright. Come back to hand over thunder stones 100 days later."

    Jiang Yi received his token and blinked his puzzled eyes. It was already done? Wasn't there a need to record it? What if there was a mistake? He hesitated for a moment, and that elder glared at Jiang Yi and asked in a frustrated tone, "Is there anything else?"

    Jiang Yi gritted his teeth and asked, "Your Honor, we do not have to hand over any more thunder stones in 100 days, right?"

    The elder's expression darkened as he spoke in a cold voice, "Is there something wrong with your ears? Didn't I say to come back in 100 days? Get out!"


    Jiang Yi rubbed his nose embarrassedly and walked out. He paused at the entrance and looked at the second hall. Finally, he could contain his curiosity and walked in there.

    Lu Tong and Hu San both said that merits were very useful in the Gods Bestow Tribe, but they didn't explain it clearly. When a topic was being cut off prematurely, it would garner more interest in it.

    The decorations of the second hall weren't any different from the first hall, but there was an amiable-looking old woman who lifted her head and smiled immediately when Jiang Yi walked in. She took the initiative and asked, "Young man, do you want to exchange for merits?"

    Jiang Yi suddenly felt as though he was favored. So far, all the Lu clansmen had all been cold, emotionless, and overbearing, but yet he couldn't afford to offend them. Seeing how this old woman was behaving put him in a great mood as he quickly spoke respectfully with cupped hands, "Your Honor, I want to understand more about the usage of merits before deciding to redeem it or not."


    The amiable-looking old woman smiled slightly and said, "In Gods Bestow Tribe, the most circulated currency isn't celestial stones but merits! Young man, you don't seem to be familiar with the tribe, right?"

    "Yes, Your Honor!" Jiang Yi nodded and said, "This is my first time entering the tribe, and I am serving because I didn't have enough celestial stones."

    "So it is like this"

    The old woman smiled lightly and explained: "The terrain of the Gods Bestow Tribe is in the shape of nine dragons snatching a pearl. The center is the Gods Bestow Island, and there is a giant Nine Dragons' God-Extinguishing Array in the Gods Bestow Tribe. This great array doesn't only defend and kills enemies; it has a mystical ability that is to gather heaven and earth essence energy!"

    "Spirit concentration array?"

    Jiang Yi's eyes lit up. All cultivation treasures had a spirit concentration array in it. If the entire Sin Island was covered by spirit concentration array, it would truly be a huge scale. The people who set up the Nine Dragons' God-Extinguishing Array back the days must truly be an exceptional genius.

    The old woman nodded and said, "The Gods Bestow Tribe has more condensed heaven and earth essence energy than the outside world. The closer you get to the Gods Bestow Island, the concentration of the heaven and earth essence energy would be ten folds. If you possess a cultivation treasure, your cultivation speed would be several dozen folds, a hundred folds, or even a thousand folds."


    Jiang Yi's body shuddered. This Nine Dragons' God-Extinguishing Array was truly heaven-defying, and the closer to the Gods Bestow Island, the more concentrated the heaven and earth essence energy? If he was to cultivate on the island and to use it with the Thearch Palace and his flawless constitution, would he be able to cultivate 1000 folds faster than an ordinary person in the outside world? What kind of heaven-defying cultivation speed was this? The Gods Bestow Island was truly a sanctuary for martial artists.


    The old woman saw Jiang Yi's fascinated expression and let out a faint smile. "Young man, I have something else to tell you. It is easier to comprehend dao patterns on the Gods Bestow Island than in the outside world. This isn't a bluff and is of true existence. We have made a calculation throughout the years and found out that the Gods Bestow Island could produce 20% more Vajra Realm and Heaven Monarch martial artists!"

    Ss, ss

    Jiang Yi's heart was surging with giant waves. This Gods Bestow Island was truly a cultivation sanctuary, and even the nine dragons wanted to strive for this pearl. He had also secretly made his decision to find a way to get into the Gods Bestow Island. He simply needed to stay in that place, and he was confident he could reach the peak stage of Vajra Realm in one or two years.

    A pity that the old woman's next statement caused Jiang Yi's burning heart to instantly extinguish. "Young man, if you want to enter the Gods Bestow Island, celestial stones and strength are useless! The only way to get in is with merits. You need one million merits to enter the island, and if you want to reside in the city, you will need 100 million merits. That's right I forgot to tell you something. A single thunder stone is only able to exchange for one point of merit."


    Jiang Yi's body shuddered as his butt sat on the ground.