Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 993

    Chapter 993: What The Hell!?

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    Lu Xinyan could not hold it in anymore and started sobbing as she sat on the ground.

    At that moment, no one could think about Guan Ziyao anymore. They were engulfed in the shock of Ning Xi's fall from the cliff.

    They could still see the clear signs of the collapsed area on the cliff where Lu Xinyan had stood. Obviously, Ning Xi had fallen off from there.

    How could they save her? It was a bottomless abyss beneath them!

    Everyone knew that this was not the first time such a thing had happened on Mount Yu Ming. Many people took a wrong step and fell off the cliff every year and not a single body was found. Even if they were lucky enough to be found, there would be no possibility of surviving...

    Mo Lingtian's voice shook as he said, "Beneath this cliff is the source of a waterfall and there are many rocks among the rushing waters. If someone were to fall in, if they were lucky enough not to have their heads bashed against those rocks, they still won't be able to handle the strong impact from hitting the water. If we wait till she gets washed up onshore, I'm afraid we should expect the worst. But if we just go down the water to save her, it'll be too dangerous. There have been similar incidents before this too and none of them were successful in their rescue attempts..."

    The dreadful repression in the air expanded upon Mo Lingtian's words...

    "What to do, what to do?! We were just out here for a hike, how did we end up like this?"

    Ling Fei who was patient for a long time could not hold it in anymore at that moment. With a sneer, she started to say, "All because of someone's stubbornness and pretending to go missing! You all say that Guan Ziyao is so talented, so nice, but I don't see that at all! If she was really nice, would she keep harping on someone else's boyfriend? Even if she liked him, she can't do such an immoral thing! Whose sympathy is she trying to buy by pretending to be ditched and betrayed? Lu Tingxiao has zero relationship with her!"

    Many people started to echo Ling Fei. "That annoying Lu Xinyan keeps saying that someone bullied and angered her, but I don't understand. Who bullied her? Who angered her? She went after someone else's boyfriend with her own wishful thinking and even made herself the victim, so how's she pitiful? She really deserves to be angered to death!"

    "And that Lu Xinyan is a brainless follower too. Now, they've both killed a nice, young lady. They should be satisfied now!"

    When she heard those horrible words, Lu Xinyan slumped onto the ground in shock as if her soul had left her.

    She knew that she was dead...she was definitely dead this time...

    If something happened to Ning Xi, Bro Xiao would never let me go!

    Yet what made her even more afraid and panic-stricken was that she had watched someone plunged to her death right before her and she had even pushed her off!

    "Stop talking crap. Even if we don't have a plan, we have to think of something! If Lu Tingxiao finds out, we'll all be in trouble..." urged someone.

    "Someone must inform Lu Tingxiao about this immediately!"

    "Inform...? Which one of you will go?"


    The air was dead silent again.

    Who would dare to tell Lu Tingxiao!? Did they have a death wish?

    "I'll tell him!" Mo Lingtian ground his teeth and his hand trembled when he took out his phone.

    If he had not forced Lu Tingxiao to come last night, nothing would have happened to Ning Xi...

    Just as Mo Lingtian was about to make the call, a girl's shriek was suddenly heard from the crowd, "Ah! Ahhhhhh!!!"

    "Dear! What's wrong?" Zhao Haisheng quickly looked at Ling Fei.

    Ling Fei nervously looked at the edge of the cliff a few metres away from her and shouted, "A hand! There's a hand! Someone's hand!"

    "Hand? Where?"

    Just as everyone followed Ling Fei's finger to look over, indeed, they saw a hand. A fair hand that belonged to a woman.

    "What...what is that...?"

    "What the hell? Aaaaah!!!!"

    "My God! Could Ning Xi have turned into a ghost to demand for someone's life?!"