Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 992

    Chapter 992: Ning Xi Fell Down!

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    As she looked at the stubborn and naive girl, Ning Xi did not actually want to say more, but since she was Lu Tingxiao's cousin, she still said something in the end. "Young lady, you flaunt yourself as an envoy of righteousness to fight for someone else's justice, but have you ever thought about asking your cousin's thoughts as his own flesh and blood?

    "Did he really like Guan Ziyao before? Is the relationship between him and Guan Ziyao as innocent and as undying a love as you thought?

    "You continue to question your cousin's choice over and over again just based on one outsider's hearsay to ruin him and his girlfriend's relationship. Don't you think that there's a problem?"


    Ning Xi had said so much but Lu Xinyan found herself tongue-tied.

    It was true that she had treated Guan Ziyao as an idol because she admired her; she was capable, outstanding, and intelligent. She would always be on her side. As for her cousin, she had never tried to understand him, only treating him as a traitor...

    When she thought about it, during her chats with Guan Ziyao, she subconsciously felt that they should ideally be a couple as she always heard Guan Ziyao reminisce about entertaining anecdotes from when they were younger, so she thought they liked each other. Nevertheless, Guan Ziyao had never given her a definite answer about they were really like.

    In fact, Ning Xi was right. When she had started dating Lu Tingxiao, they were both single, so who was the third party?

    Suddenly, Lu Xinyan actually found herself at a loss.

    However, even so, she remained her annoyed towards this woman before her. "Even...even if you're not the third party, you can't use my cousin's sincerity to strut around, showing off or intimidate people. Do you know how sad Sis Ziyao is? You've obviously done something to hurt her and until now we don't know Sis Ziyao's whereabouts. Aren't you at least a little regretful! How can there be someone as evil as..."

    As Lu Xinyan was angrily accusing her, Ning Xi's expression suddenly changed as she ran at lightning speed towards her.

    Lu Xinyan, who Ning Xi had touched, acted as if she had been touched by something gross and instantly pushed her off of her. "What are you doing!? Don't touch me!"

    Ning Xi did not expect Lu Xinyan to actually push her off suddenly. Even though she had pulled Lu Xinyan to safety behind her, she was pushed towards a collapsing cliff. Before she could react, her body had faltered and she rolled off the cliff...

    Lu Xinyan watched, stunned, at the cliff where the hung precociously and watched Ning Xi's silhoutte decrease in size until it very quickly disappeared. A few seconds later, an alarmed screech was heard, "Ahh!!!"

    "Xinyan! What happened?!"

    "What's happening?!"

    A few of those nearby had been attracted over by Lu Xinyan's screams.

    "Ning Xi! Ning Xi fell down! Save her! Quickly save her!" Lu Xinyan cried.

    The moment she said that, everyone's expression changed.

    "What did you say?"

    "Why would Ning Xi suddenly fall off?"

    "What happened exactly? Xinyan, speak clearly!" Mo Lingtian asked with a serious expression.

    "Bro Tian! What do we do!? Ning Xi fell off! I saw her fall off myself! The spot I was standing in suddenly collapsed. She fell because she saved me! Please save her! Quickly save her! Bro Tian! Get someone to save her!"