Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 990

    Chapter 990: Can't They Be Any Purer?

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    Ning Xi forced a laugh. "This doesn't make sense. Did I miss out any parts...?"

    As she was mumbling in confusion, she suddenly realized that everyone had come out of their own tents and looked meaningfully at her and Lu Tingxiao. Even the newlyweds neighboring them looked like they conceded in defeat...

    When she realized what these people were thinking about, Ning Xi was immediately dumbfounded.

    Could all of them be a little purer in their thoughts?

    This time, Lu Tingxiao pitched the tent by himself.

    Not too far away, Guan Ziyao watched the two of them, feeling asurge of hatred that she had never experienced before well up inside of her...


    At about dawn, before the sky turned bright, Ning Xi was suddenly awoken by the clamorous noise outside.

    "Mmm...Lu Tingxiao, what's going on outside?" Ning Xi rubbed her eyes and sat up, pulling the tent entrance open.

    Then, she saw that Lu Xinyan was anxiously checking the tents one by one for someone or something. With Lu Xinyan causing a ruckus, everyone woke up.

    "What's happening?"

    When she saw Lu Tingxiao, Lu Xinyan looked as if she saw the pillar of this issue and ran over with tears in her eyes. "Brother, Sis Ziyao has gone missing!"

    "What do you mean 'missing'?" Mo Lingtian rushed over and held Lu Xinyan by the arm, clearly agitated.

    Lu Xinyan anxiously explained, "When I woke up, I realized that Sis Ziyao was not inside the tent, so I thought she went to the toilet and did not pay much attention. But she never returned and she won't pick up my calls! I've been looking around for her but I can't find her! I'm very worried now! Would something have happened to Sis Ziyao?"

    Mo Lingtian picked up his phone and made a call. He frowned when the telephone operator's automated message notified him that the other end had switched off their phone. When he thought about what happened last night, he could not help but look troubled. "It shouldn't be anything...this is a scenic site where lots of people visit. I've never heard any cases of wild beasts..."

    "What if Sis Ziyao took things too hard on herself and did something?" Lu Xinyan said as she stared angrily at Ning Xi.

    "Are Ziyao's luggage and belongings still here?" asked someone.

    Lu Xinyan nodded. "It's all here! So, there's no way she would have left first. Even if she did, she would've definitely told me! In fact, Sis Ziyao has been acting weird since last night. I'm really worried that something has happened to her..."

    Mo Lingtian suddenly roared, "Then, what are we still doing here? Everyone, quickly split up to look for her!"

    Damn it! If he knew this would happen, he would have shamelessly appeared to console her when she was sobbing yesterday. She had let her thoughts run wild...if something really happened...

    Lu Tingxiao's words had indeed been quite hurtful yesterday. Even if Ziyao was strong, she was still a girl with her own emotions...

    Ning Xi entered the tent to get dressed. "Guan Ziyao wouldn't really have done something out of depression, would she? Say...what did you say to her yesterday?"

    Lu Tingxiao looked at her, then repeated what he had said to Guan Ziyao word for word.

    When Ning Xi finished listening, she cleared her throat. "Cruel indeed."

    Lu Tingxiao replied, "Do you think I was too cruel?"

    Ning Xi chuckled, "I'm not at Mother Teresa's level yet to pity my own romantic rival. Let's go and look for her."

    Guan Ziyao had tried to step between them despite knowing that she was in a relationship with Lu Tingxiao, so she did not think that there was a problem with what he had said to her. On the contrary, if Lu Tingxiao had left any space for doubt, that would be truly irresponsible to the three of them.