Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 982

    Chapter 982: Busy Arguing With My Wife

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    Guan Ziyao had finally called him yesterday but she was still going on about Lu Tingxiao. He already tried all of Lu Tingxiao's ideas of picking up girls but nothing worked!

    One of the main reason was that he simply could not stay calm and cool in front of Guan Ziyao. He was exhausted by the emotional roller coaster ride he had to go through

    "I'm not available," Lu Tingxiao rejected straightforwardly.

    "What are you busy with?" Mo Lingtian asked.

    "I'm busy arguing with my wife," said Lu Tingxiao, abruptly ending the call right after that.

    Mo Lingtian was left speechless.

    Although he said they were arguing, why did he make it sound like he enjoyed it? As though they were flirting with each other? How I wish one day I could argue with Guan Ziyao in the middle of the night?!

    In the living room of the Guan family's villa.

    "How did it go, Ziyao? Have you told Lu Tingxiao?" Guan Rui asked.

    Guan Ziyao nodded. "I'm afraid that he'll feel awkward if I tell him through a phone call, so I sent him a text message followed by an email. It seems like he's seen them but he hasn't replied me yet."

    Guan Rui expected such an outcome. "He's a man, after all. He needs some time to digest something like this. It's a good chance for you. Try to be more aggressive, spend some time with him. Don't let this opportunity slip away! Do you understand what I mean?"

    Guan Ziyao nodded. "I know what I need to do."

    Guan Rui looked at his daughter proudly. He knew that she would not let him down.

    After returning to her room, Guan Ziyao went to the balcony and called Mo Lingtian.

    As Mo Lingtian had just been rejected by Lu Tingxiao, he did not expect his phone to ring. To his excitement, it was a call from Guan Ziyao! She was actually calling him this late at night!

    Mo Lingtian was revived but he learned his lesson, so he suppressed his emotions and asked carefully, "Hey, Ziyao. What's up?"

    "Not much, just thinking that weather's been pretty good recently, so I feel like asking a few friends to go hiking and camping. Are you interested?" Guan Ziyao asked.

    Mo Lingtian was surprised. Just as he was about to agree to it, he remembered Lu Tingxiao's tactic, so he said calmly, "When? Let me check if I'm available."

    "There's a double holiday tomorrow, how about it?"

    "Tomorrow...I should be alright, sure!" Mo Lingtian tried to keep his cool.

    "That's great! Can you also ask if Lu Tingxiao wants to go?"

    Mo Lingtian's happy expression froze on his face. "Lu Tingxiao...he probably won't go"

    "Why not?" Guan Ziyao asked.

    "He fought with Ning Xi, so he's probably not available." It was obvious that Mo Lingtian did not want to even ask him.

    "They fought?" Guan Ziyao suspected that it was about the pictures. She continued, "The more reason for him to come out and take some time to relax! Didn't he like to go hiking when he was feeling down? Lingtian, help me ask him alright? Please?"

    Guan Ziyao thought carefully. She knew that she had to be proactive but not excessively so. From her experience, Lu Tingxiao had never liked women who were too aggressive. One had to be close to him slowly and naturally, so she decided to have Mo Lingtian to ask him out; it was the best solution at that moment.