Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 98

    Chapter 98: Only You Can Cure Me

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    Two hours later, Lu Jingli had sacrificed himself gloriously, but before he passed out, he still hadnt been able to get even half a word out of Jiang Muye that kid.

    In fact, Jiang Muye was also on his last legs, but it was clear that Lu Jingli had been trying to get words out of his mouth, so he had endured until now.

    It was really hard having such a gossipy uncle

    He had the vague feeling that there seemed to be some other reason for Lu Jingli being so determined to figure this thing out, but his mind was mush by now, and there was no way he could think properly.

    Lu Tingxiao was the only sober one at the table.

    Lu Tingxiao called his butler over to pick up Lu Jingli. Then he stood up and headed for the living room.

    The huge game screen had one big word "Pass" on it. Ning Xi and Little Treasure were sprawled on the sofa fast asleep.

    Lu Tingxiao walked over lightly.

    The girl held a white, soft little bun in her arms. Her sweet sleeping face made him want to impulsively give up all his fame and power, and just like this, accompany her in peaceful sleep for the rest of their lives.

    In the dining room, Jiang Muye in his thick haze saw Lu Tingxiao slowly lean closer and closer towards Ning X his eyes suddenly narrowed, and he immediately regained his sense.

    Lu Tingxiao almost couldn't help kissing the girl's sleeping face, but he stopped at the last minute, and turned to Little Treasure to wake him up gently.

    Little Bun rubbed his sleepy eyes, his hair sticking up in bunches on his head. He looked cuter than usual when he had just woken up.

    Lu Tingxiao rubbed his little head. "Can you walk by yourself?"

    Little Bun nodded.

    Lu Tingxiao showed a satisfied expression. Then he bent to gently pick up Ning Xi, who was still sleeping, and lowered his eyes to look at Little Bun. "Let's go."

    Little Bun obediently followed his papa, without the slightest awareness that anything was wrong.

    Jiang Muye: "?!"

    Jiang Muye rubbed his eyes vigorously. He must be so drunk that he was hallucinating, right? That must be it!

    Why was Lu Tingxiao behaving so unusually?

    He had the butler come to pick up his younger brother, shook awake his son who had been sleeping soundly, was careful not to wake Ning Xi up, and carried her back himself?

    Seeing Lu Tingxiao carry Ning Xi in his arms, with Little Bun following behind him as they left, Jiang Muye still felt confused. In the end, he toppled forward onto the table, and finally passed out drunk

    Lu residence.

    Little Bun wanted to sleep together with Ning Xi.

    Lu Tingxiao: "Men and women shouldnt touch."

    Little Bun raised five fingers, which meant "I'm only five years old".

    Lu Tingxiao nodded. "Very good, you know you're not a three-year-old child but a five-year-old adult. Now go back to your room and sleep by yourself."

    Little Bun: "!!!"

    Lu Tingxiaos face became serious. "Do you want to be Auntie Xiao Xis darling forever? I can only get her to stay for three months at the most. If I can't marry her by then, she'll leave you for good."

    Hearing this, Little Buns face finally changed, and he flattened his lips as if he had been wronged. He looked wistfully at Ning Xi, turning back to look at her with every step he took as he finally left.

    Lu Tingxiao sighed softly.

    Although Little Treasure was his biggest help, he was also his biggest obstacle. It was fortunate that he could finally be persuaded for the time being.

    Lu Tingxiao gently laid Ning Xi on the bed and took off her shoes. He then called the maid to come up and help change her clothes.

    In a daze, Ning Xi felt she was back in her soft bed,and there was a blurry figure in front of the bed

    Drowsily, she reached out her hand to touch that familiar presence. "Hmm, Lu Tingxiao are you sleepwalking again?"

    Lu Tingxiao had been taken aback when she had touched him of her own accord, and he immediately covered her small, warmhand with his own big palm. "Yes."

    Ning Xi frowned and muttered, "Its a disease should be treated"

    He chuckled in a low and husky tone, and kissed her palm. "Only you can cure me."