Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 97

    Chapter 97: She Was The One Who Chased Me

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    After the three people came, things basically had nothing to do with Jiang Muye.

    Lu Tingxiao invited Michelin star chefs to come and cook for them, Lu Jingli had brought two bottles of fine wine from home, and Little Treasure monopolized Ning Xi.

    Five people sat around the table in a strange atmosphere.

    It was fortunate that Lu Jingli was here, which helped prevent an awkward silence. They ate and chatted idly.

    "Come, lets welcome home our big star! Second Uncle raises a glass to you!"

    "Thank you!"

    "By the way, I havent been able to ask you yet, how do you know Xiao Xi Xi?" Lu Jingli fished for information casually for his brother.

    Hearing this question, Jiang Muyes expression turned a little bad. It seemed he was reluctant to talk about it, and he replied vaguely, "We knew each other at school overseas. We graduated in the same year."

    Lu Jingli squinted at him, and spoke meaningfully. "I dont think it was that simple, right? Dont tell me she was one of the ex-girlfriends you chased and then dumped? After all, the women around you, if theyre not your mother or your fans, theyre your ex-girlfriends!"

    Jiang Muye: ""

    Ning Xi laughed and gave Lu Jingli a thumbs-up. "Second Young Master, you're brilliant!"

    "Oh, it seems I guessed right!" Lu Jingli was pleased with himself. As expected, there was nothing in this world that he couldnt guess correctly, haha.

    "Only half right!" Jiang Muye contradicted with a blue face.

    "Hmm? What do you mean?" Lu Jingli didnt understand.

    "Shes my ex-girlfriend, thats true, but she was the one who chased me, and she was also the one who dumped me!" Jiang Muye said, glaring at Ning Xi in front of him like a bitter housewife.

    After he said that, there was a faint gleam in Lu Tingxiaos cold eyes, as he helped to cut up steak for Ning Xi and Little Treasure.

    Even Lu Jingli was stunned. After all, it was the first time his guess was wrong. He slapped his hands on the table with a bang, and asked excitedly, "Really? True or not? This doesnt make sense!"

    Whatever Ning Xi did when she was abroad, she couldnt have been as absurd as Jiang Muye this kid, so he always thought that of the two, he could at least be sure that it had been Jiang Muye who made the first move. Who would have thought that in the end

    Jiang Muye poked angrily at a steak rib. "If you don't believe me, you can ask her!"

    Why did this issue have to be dragged up again when everything was going so well? Ning Xi said helplessly, "It was a complete accident!"

    Lu Jingli, who at first had simply intended to fish for information for his brother, was now thoroughly fired up by the gossip, and was insanely curious to hear more. "What on earth is going on? Quick, tell me! Quick, quick, quick!"

    Jiang Muye was speechless.

    Youre an elder, should you be gossiping about your juniors private life?

    Ning Xi saw how ugly Jiang Muyes face had become, and she also didn't intend to embarrass him in front of his elders, so she replied, "Nothing special. At that time, so many girls in the school liked him, and I was just one of them. As for breaking up, it was probably because after we got together, I realized he was different from what I had imagined, so I was a bit disillusioned!"

    Ning Xis words didnt seem odd, but Lu Jingli knew that things werent that simple, otherwise Jiang Muye's expression wouldnt be like that.

    Tsk, later Ill force Jiang Muye that kid to drink a little more wine, then see if I can get anything more out of him.

    Because Little Treasure was there, Ning Xi didnt drink tonight. After she finished eating, she sat at the table feeling a little bored, so she asked, "Mister Lu, can I take Little Treasure to go play games for a while?"

    Lu Tingxiao nodded. "Go ahead."

    The way he spoke to Ning Xi didnt seem very different, but it gave off the feeling that he was gentler with her than with other people.

    Jiang Muye looked gloomy. It was clearly his game console, and the latest equipment that he had specially brought back home, yet she asked another man for permission, and took yet another man to go play!

    Even if that man was only five years old!