Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 96

    Chapter 96: You Said Nothing Was Going On Between You And Him

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    "Okay, got it, Ill be there soon," Lu Tingxiao said calmly.

    Ning Xi on the other end was shocked. " Ah? Youre coming?!"

    "Why, problem?" Lu Tingxiao answered with his own question, his tone cold.

    "No I guess" Lu Tingxiao sounded so matter-of-fact, that she couldnt object in that moment.

    Seeing Ning Xis complicated expression after the call, Jiang Muye asked, "Whats up? Who was it?"

    "Your uncle, he said hes coming"

    "What?" The soup spoon dropped from Jiang Muyes hand to the floor. Heartbroken, he pointed at her accusingly. "Ning Xi, you said nothing was going on between you and him. This is our dinner together, did you ask him to come?"

    "Calm down, can you not get angry so easily?" Ning Xi gave him a haughty look. "I didn't invite him, he asked where I was, and I replied truthfully that I was going to give you a welcome dinner, then he said he was coming. Maybe hes coming here to have dinner together because as your elder, he feels he should show you some concern? This is normal logic!"

    Jiang Muye threw a bowl on the floor. "Normal your butt! Do you think Lu Tingxiao is that amiable and approachable a person? Even eating with me? When my mom invites him over for dinner, she has to be scheduled in, sometimes up to six months later! Unapproachable is his middle name!"

    Ning Xi threw a pillow at him impatiently. "You hopeless kid, can't someone show you some concern? And why do you always put me and Lu Tingxiao together? In what way are we actually compatible?"

    Jiang Muye murmured to himself, "This is a mans instinct what do you know!"

    As they were fighting, the door bell rang.

    Ning Xi glared at Jiang Muye to warn him not to speak nonsense, then stood up to answer the door.

    As soon as the door opened, Ning Xis eyes lit up, because a little bun was standing next to Lu Tingxiao.

    As soon as Little Treasure saw her, he threw himself at her with open arms, like a little sparrow seeing its mama.Ning Xis heart melted as she quickly pickedhim up and hugged him. "Darling, you came too! Just now Auntie was still feeling sad that I couldnt have dinner with you tonight!"

    In the house, Jiang Muye looked at Ning Xi holding Little Treasure, then at Lu Tingxiao, who was looking at the two of them indulgently. They gave the impression of being a family of three.

    He didn't expect Ning Xi to be this close to Little Treasure.

    Little Treasure was an even more difficult existence than his dad!

    As for Lu Tingxiao, his attitude towards Ning Xi was very strange.

    Even if it was for Little Treasures sake, given Lu Tingxiaos personality, how could he tolerate living under the same roof with an unfamiliar woman

    "Hey hey hey, dont forget me, Im also here!" Close on their heels, Lu Jingli elbowed his way in, two bottles of wine in his arms.

    Looking at the three Lu family members, Ning Xi instantly gave Jiang Muye a "See, they organized a group visit to show care for a junior family member, you think too much" look.

    "Eldest Uncle, Second Uncle, even Little Treasure is here, come in" Jiang Muye had to obediently invite them in even if he wasnt happy to.

    Who asked him to have a low rank in the family