Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 953

    Chapter 953: After His Beauty

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    One should not judge a book by its cover. This crybaby who loved all things fluffy was actually from a family of renowned doctors and she had inherited incredible healing skills from her ancestors. In the end, that guy had agreed to keep her after realizing her potential.

    That man would never keep anyone without value, even more so people who could dragthe team down.

    Ones ability determined their position within the organization and the amount of benefits they received. As thehealer of the team, she enjoyed pretty decent benefits, which was why Ning Xi was able to leave her there without too much worry.

    "Im sorry, Annie, Im not sure if First Senior Brother has informed you about my condition but I cant go back now." Although cruel, Ning Xi went straight to the point.

    Annie put the cup downand held Ning Xis hand gently. "Why? Is it because of that man? Is what Bro Ye said true? Are you in a relationship with that man?"

    "Yes." Ning Xi was not going to lie.

    Annie felt nervous and she quickly said, "Bro Xi, Ive investigated that man. He isnt as simple as he looks on the surface. Do you know how many under table deals he's made to get to where he is today? You might think that the Boss is scary but this man is worse than Satan! If you see his true colors"

    Ning Xi sighed and interrupted Annie, "Which person in power has never made any sacrifices before? Annie, Im not a saint. Im fine as long as hes good to me."

    It would be impossible for the enormous Lu Corporation with businesses all over the world to be pure.

    Moreover, Lu Tingxiao had even accepted the few years she had been in America, sohow could she reject him because of this?

    Annie was devastated by Ning Xis reply and she held her hand even tighter. "Bro Xi, youve been totally charmed by him! That man has other bad intentions!"

    Ning Xi laughed. "Annie, I dont have anything for him to get from me!"

    "How could you say so!? have your beauty!" Annie insisted.

    "It should be I whos after his beauty!" Ning Xi chuckled.

    "I see...hey! Stop changing the topic! I was almost thrown off course!" Annie complained.

    From the information she had gathered, the only thing she recognized...was that the man was actually pretty good-looking. No wonder Bro Xi had fallen for him.

    Annie was thinking really hard before she continued, "If you like his looks, I can find people whore better-looking than him! To be honest, if our Boss weren't so weird, he looks really cool when hes normal! No, I mean super cool!"

    Ning Xi raised her eyebrows. "Is he ever normal though?"

    "!" Annie cried even harder.

    Poor child

    Ning Xi patted her back and gave her a few pieces of tissue. "Alright, stop worrying about me anymore. I know what to do."

    After a long while of sobbing, Annie suddenly remembered something. "Yes! Yes! I remember! Bro Xi! That man has a child! Hes five years old! A five-year-old child!"

    "I know."

    "Then, you still...:"

    "That child is pretty cute."