Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 95

    Chapter 95: The Consequences Of Going All The Way

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    Lu Jingli looked like he was expecting praise and a reward. Lu Tingxiao responded generously. "Vacation extended to a month."

    Lu Jingli was so excited he almost jumped up to do a whole set of exercises right there, but instantly he felt immeasurable regret. "Brother, youll start to lose momentum if you let this drag on, why didn't you seize the chance to go all the way with her? Such a pity!"

    Lu Tingxiao looked at him coldly. "What do you think the consequences would be if I had done that?"

    "Hmm" Lu Jingli stroked his jaw, and spoke in a low voice. "Youve been using Little Treasure as an excuse all this time to make her lower her guard, so that she would slowly become less wary of you.If you give the game away now Xiao Xi Xi would immediately run for the hills!"

    Lu Tingxiao:""

    Even though it was the truth, hearing Lu Jingli lay it all out so bluntly really spoiled his mood.

    Actually, he had intended to go all the way with her last night regardless of anything, but Ning Xis extreme rejection and fearful reaction had cleared his head in a flash.

    What happened after that proved that his method for dealing with it had been right, otherwise he might have really scared Ning Xi away in that situation.

    Why had she reacted that way, what had she experienced before

    "Brother, can I ask you something? Why has your mood been so erratic lately? Did something happen?" Lu Jingli asked cautiously.

    Actually, Lu Jingli was putting it mildly; in reality, his brother had been acting just like a woman on her period, with an irritable and unstable temper.

    Lu Tingxiao tapped out a rhythm on the arm of his chair with one long finger, and said quietly, "Jiang Muye was the one who sent the flowers that day."

    "What did you say?" Lu Jingli blanked out for quite a while before reacting to what Lu Tingxiao had said, and he immediately jumped to his feet in anger

    "Shit! Jiang Muye is the Evil Fairy King! Didn't he just get back the day before yesterday? I even got word that he was going to play the second male lead in !"

    He didn't expect Jiang Muye and Xiao Xi Xi to have this type of connection. There had to be a hidden reason for why that kid had suddenly returned to the country, and why the first movie he was starring in after coming back happened to be this one! If it was because he knew that he and Xiao Xi Xi would have many intimate scenes together, tsk tsk

    "Mm, let me think, did he and Xiao Xi Xi meet up? And you saw them? And furthermore, what you saw was an incriminating scene?"

    Lu Tingxiao:""

    Lu Jinglis guesses, all correct.

    "My god, no wonder youve been acting so strange lately!" Lu Jingli paced back and forth. "I cant believe we have a traitor in our midst! What about YS? Did you discover anything?"

    There was a dark light in Lu Tingxiaos eyes. "The man who delivered the diamond disappeared after leaving the set, and the diamonds origin cant be traced; most likely, it was smuggled in."

    Lu Jinglis lips curled, and he was a little speechless. "Yet another headache, dont tell me its someone who is also connected to the Lu family? Y S is there anyone with these initials around us? I dont recall there being any!"

    Sigh, his brothers love life was so complicated. Other people had the romantic comedy, his brother had the detective mystery!

    At this moment, Lu Tingxiaos cellphone beeped; it was a text from Ning Xi.

    After reading it, a dangerous creature slumbering in Lu Tingxiaos eyes started to move.

    Curious, Lu Jingli approached him. "Xiao Xi Xis text what did she say?"

    Why did his brother look like his wife had cheated on him?

    Lu Tingxiao stared at the text for a few seconds, then made a direct call.

    In villa no.6, Ning Xi quickly picked up the call. "Hello, Lu Tingxiao, whats up? Did you see my text? Don't forget to show it to Little Treasure!"

    "I saw it, where are you?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

    Ning Xi looked at Jiang Muye, who was busy in the kitchen trying to show off his cooking skills. "Im at Jiang Muyes place, I have something I need to discuss with him, plus he just returned from overseas, so were eating together as a welcome for him."