Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 949

    Chapter 949: Little Treasure-Brand Father-Seeking Device

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    Ke Mingyu stayed silent.

    Lu Tingxiao did not expect that Ning Xi would do this!

    How could he answer "no" to this question!?

    The man bit his lip and stood in silence.Ning Xi shrugged and turned away as she waved her hands. "Okay, it seems that Im mistaken. You couldnt possibly be my dear"

    Ning Xis wrist was suddenly grabbed andshe was pulled into a warm hug with two strong arms wrapped around her. The man said in his deep voice, "I am."

    He then wildly kissed the girls lips

    In the dark alley, the girl was pushed against the wall and kissed fiercely. The breezy environment turned really warm.

    "It hurts" Ning Xi felt her tongue was going numb and there was a slight soreness on her lips as well, so she complained.

    The man kissed her even deeper. He practically wanted to merge into one with her. "You naughty one"

    Ning Xi bit the man's lip gently. "Youre the naughty one! If it wasnt for the Little Treasure-branded father-seeking device, how long did you plan to hide from me?"

    Little Treasure-brand father-seeking device

    That was an accurate name indeed

    "Forever," Lu Tingxiao replied.

    If he had not been found out, he was prepared to continue hiding it from her!

    Ning Xi was really angry. "Then, why did you admit just now? You couldve denied it! I dont have any evidence anyway!"

    Lu Tingxiao sighed, "You know that no matter what happens, I can never say no to that."

    "Hmph!" Ning Xi acted all high and mighty towards him.

    Lu Tingxiao loved to see her like this and he was about to kiss her again

    Ning Xi pushed him away. "Im being serious with you! Let me ask you. is it because there are some dangerous scenes in this movie and youre worried?"

    She remembered that Lu Tingxiao had asked Xiong Zhi to protect her, then that incident happened whereby she was almost killed in Philadelphia. With Lu Tingxiaos personality, he probably could not trust Xiong Zhi or anyone else to protect her anymore!

    Was that why he came personally?

    From what she knew, it was not easy to obtain such a well-made mask and these masks could cause damage to the skin. Wearing it for around 10 minutes was enough to make a person uncomfortable, yet he wore it for such a long time

    Ning Xis heart softened.

    "This is one of the reasons," Lu Tingxiao did not deny it as he looked at her, "Another reason was for me. Were both really busy, plus we cant publicize our relationship, so the time we get to spend together is very little. I missed you."

    "Im sorry" Ning Xi felt all her anger dissolve.

    "Besides, experiencing acting might help me to understand you better so that I can have some common topics to talk about with you, then youd probably find me less boring."

    "No way! Youre not boring at all! I like my Boss the most! The most!" Ning Xis dissatisfaction turned into a touching and heartfelt moment as she clung to the mans neck and kissed him.