Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 944

    Chapter 944: Little Treasure Is Here To Visit!

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    To calm everyone's panic, Ning Xi let everyone play with the snake for a while before letting it go among some bushes.

    When she returned to her seat, something flashed across Ning Xi's mind. It was winter now, so the snake would not have suddenly slithered out, unless...

    Pfft, boys nowadays are really more and more immature!

    However, Ke Mingyu's reaction earlier had really surprised her. His speed of catching that snake was a little too quick, was it not? She could not even see it clearly...

    When he saw Ning Xi staring at him, Ke Mingyu called out, "Senior?"

    Ning Xi stroked her chin and suddenly went closer to him, her face inches away from his. "You...wouldn't have fallen in love with me, would you?"

    The man was probably stunned for a whole second before he replied with an unchanged expression, "You think too much."

    Xiao Tao was pale at this sight. "Bro Xi, what are you doing!? People might see!"

    Ning Xi straightened up and said with an indifferent expression, "What's there to be nervous about? I'm rehearsing lines with Ke Mingyu!"

    "Ah? Re-rehearsing lines?" Xiao Tao looked at the script. Indeed, there was a dialogue in the movie with a similar sort of scene. "Turns out you're rehearsing. You frightened me...Bro Xi, you're really good at acting! Even your rehearsals are so real!"

    "Thank you,Senior, I'll go get ready now," said Ke Mingyu before he turned around to leave, a subtle hurriedness in his footsteps.

    Very soon, evening came. Ning Xi was focused on preparing for the next scene when the director's assistant's voice was heard.

    "Bro Xi, it looks like...someone's here to visit you on set..."

    Another person visiting her?

    Was it Zhuang Keer or Jiang Muye?

    Ning Xi looked up and when she had a clearer glimpse of the soft little one beside the assistant, she put the script downand shot to her feet before exclaiming, "Little Treasure???"

    When he saw his Mommy, the poker-faced little bun beside the assistant instantly flew to Ning Xi.

    "Bro Xi, is this kid your relative? Earlier a girl brought him here, saying that this child is here to look for you!" said the assistant as she looked at the little guy with starry eyes. It really wasthe first time she had seen such a beautiful child...

    A girl? It must have been the Lu family's maid, Wan Wan...

    It was impossible that Wan Wan would send Little Treasure over herself, so it must have been an order by Lu Tingxiao. It was probably because Lu Tingxiao noticed that she was in a bad mood yesterday, so he had made special arrangements for someone to send Little Treasure over.

    As Ning Xi thought about this, she happily carried the little bun, then explained after some careful thought, "It's my best friend's child, my godson!"

    She decided that for Little Treasure to assume the identity of her godson was most convenient and would not spark any misunderstanding.

    It was a good thing the crew members of this team were simple-minded and no one would know Little Treasure, so even if Little Treasure visited her on set, it would not be a problem.

    A confident and unruly man holding a fair and soft little bun in his arms, his expression as gentle as water while the little bun hugged the man's neck with fondness and clinginess; this scene was as heartwarming and beautiful as a painting...

    The assistant gaped. "This child seems to be very close to you!"

    "Mmm, his parents are busy, so he usually likes sticking with me. He won't cause too much trouble for everyone, I hope. He's very obedient and he won't simply run around!" Ning Xi apologized in advance.

    "No worries, no worries. Besides, there's only one scene left before we're done, so there's not much trouble," the assistant quickly responded.

    "Hey, Ning Xi, where did you kidnap this doll from?" Chen Mian walked over and was shocked to see the little bun in Ning Xi's arms.