Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 940

    Chapter 940: Is One Kiss Enough?

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    "Is there still time if I start properly practicing my martial arts now?" Ning Xi looked at Tang Lang with sparkling eyes.

    Tang Lang pat her on her little head, "My Junior Sister, do you think you're like me? With your talents, even if you start training from inside your mother's womb, you wouldn't make it in time!"

    Ning Xi was upset. "I can't make myself talented! You're so talented, yet you can't defeat First Senior Brother! You're always losing to him!"

    "That's because I can't bear to win over him!" Tang Lang justified.

    "No, it's obviously because you have the cancer of laziness, wasting your talent..." Ning Xi looked at him condescendingly, then scoffed, "What's so amazing about it? Whatever it is, I have someone influential to back me up!"

    Oh...I cannot bear this! The provocation from tonight is too much,my heart is all over. I must go and look for baby Little Treasure to heal me...

    Ning Xi stuffed the bouquet of black flowers into Tang Lang's hands, then rode away on her motorbike,

    "What the hell?" Tang Lang looked at the black roses Ning Xi had stuffed into his hands, then picked out a pink note from the bouquet.

    Tang Lang read the words on the note, muttering to himself, "Without you, I am an aimless soul; without you, my love has lost its foundation; without you, I am an expressionless face; without you, I am a heart that's stopped beating; without you, I am a ball of flames without heat...I am a small stream that runs towards you, the vast blue sea. Oh, are you willing to receive me? Elegant sea, oh, the small stream is awaiting your reply..."

    When he read this, Tang Lang held his chest and pretended like he had been poisoned and wanted to vomit blood. "My God! What the hell!?"

    He did not even need to ask to know who had given her this bouquet of flowers. He knew whose penmanship this cringy poem was from...

    No wonder Ning Xi had been easily seduced by Lu Tingxiao!

    Good one!

    At Platinum Palace, it was late at night when he heard the sound of the door lock opening and light footsteps. Lu Tingxiao, who was a light sleeper, had woken up and gone downstairs. He was surprised to see Ning Xi in the living room. "Ning Xi? It's late, why are you...?"

    Before he could finish, Ning Xi had run over and tiptoed to kiss him.

    Lu Tingxiao was already asleep earlier. He wore pajamas and with the sudden display of physical affection by the wife late at night, he was obviously still in a daze, but his instincts reacted right away.

    His arm reflexively held the girl's waist and searched for the small of her back, going deeper into the kiss. Amidst the cool night air came the gradual increase in heat...

    His familiar breath calmed Ning Xi down. She looked up at him and said, "Big Boss, please let me stay for the night! Can I sleep with Little Treasure tonight? I've just paid the rent!"

    Lu Tingxiao looked contemplatively at the girl and then said in a low voice, "Is one kiss enough?"

    "True, Little Treasure is so cute! There should at least be two!" Ning Xi then delivered another kiss.

    Lu Tingxiao chuckled and accepted the girl's payment. "Why did you suddenly come over?"

    "I suddenly miss you and Little Treasure! Now, I want to hug Little Treasure! I'll go upstairs to shower and change first!" Ning Xi said impatiently.

    "Go then."

    Ning Xi flew past him, leaving several black petals falling from her gently.

    Lu Tingxiao's fingers captured those black rose petals and his eyes darkened.