Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 939

    Chapter 939: Would It Kill You To Get More Cute Girls?

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    Even though she really missed First Senior Brother, Third Senior Sister, and all her other brothers, she was still just a passing traveler to them. She still had to return to her own path in the end...

    "I'm sorry, First Senior Brother, I think you know my current situation too. There's no way I could return to that kind of lifestyle with all that fighting and killing. Most importantly, there're barely any cute girls in the Organization anymore! I've wanted to bring this up this many times, Would it kill you to get more cute girls as part of the employee benefits?" When she finished the last sentence, Ning Xi was fuming angry.

    Tang Lang and Tang Ye had no words to reply her with. The few guys in the Organization had yet to complain, yet she had the nerve to feel indignantly unjustified, so what was this sudden outrage about?

    Don't tell them that the reason she had left was because of this?

    Now that they recalled, she had indeed fought with Satan many times over this and every time, she had been mercilessly rejected. At last, the only gentle girl left that they knew, Annie, was also rescued by Ning Xi back to the Organization on her own accord without any permission. After Annie was brought back, she was almost thrown into the sea by Satan and the two of them had fought to the end of the world...

    Tang Ye pinched the area between his brows and looked towards Tang Lang. "What about you?"

    A frivolous expression remained on Tang Lang's face, yet this time, there was also a never-seen-before determination. "Most definitely impossible."

    Tang Ye put on his glasses. "I understand."

    Then, he looked up towards Tang Lang again. "The person who visits the next time won't be me."

    He meant that apart from him, there would still be others coming to look for Tang Lang.

    Ning Xi had joined the Organization halfway and then left, so she had not formally become an apprentice. After all, she was mainly skilled at guns and machines and had only dabbled in martial arts but Tang Lang was different.He had become an apprentice since he was young, so betraying them would really get him killed.

    When Tang Lang heard this, his brows raised. "Apart from you, who else have I been afraid of?"

    Tang Ye closed his eyes, his gaze serious. "What if the Master sets out personally? Your life is important, don't mess around anymore!"

    Based on Tang Lang's talents, if he intended to, exceeding the Master's level was just a matter of time.

    In the end, he did not further interrogate Tang Lang's reason for such a betrayal. He was worried that even he himself would not be able to handle the actual reason...

    Tang Lang saluted, showing that he would obey his orders. "Of course, I still have to protect my measly life to mess with you! Apart from me, who else can satisfy you!?"

    Ning Xi was speechless by this. She had initially been worried about so many possibilities but at last, she was caught off guard and received this weird display of affection instead. She leaned against the wall looking like she was in utter pain. "Enough, the two of you!"

    Tang Lang instantly put his hand on his hips and laughed at the sky. "This is karma, karma! I always have to watch you and Lu Tingxiao until my eyes are about to go blind!"

    "You're just jealous! Jealous that I escaped the single life! You'll be single forever!"

    "Hey! Who's single now!? I still have Xiao Ye Ye!"


    Tang Ye watched the two of them banter back and forth with a dull gaze. "I'm leaving now."

    Ning Xi responded, "Ah! So soon?! Who knows when we'll be meeting the next time?"

    "We'll meet again very soon," said Tang Ye as he looked at her meaningfully, then he turned around to leave.

    As she watched the First Senior Brother's departing figure, Ning Xi felt a little sad, then she scratched her head curiously. "Meeting again very soon...? What did the First Senior Brother mean?"

    Tang Lang shot her a look. "Tang Lang did not randomly return this time. I'm afraid they've started to move back to China."

    Ning Xi's expression immediately changed. " you mean that this includes Satan? Has he returned too? That can't be right."

    Tang Lang spread his hands apart. "The truth is right before you."

    "Is there still time if I start properly practicing my martial arts now?"