Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 933

    Chapter 933: Stop Seducing Her Again!

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    After work, Ning Xi wanted to drop by the studio to have a look but after thinking again, she decided to go to Platinum Palace first.

    The shooting schedule would only get increasingly busy after this and she would have less time to be with the devil and baby Little Treasure later on.

    When she walked past the florist, she felt the sudden urge to buy a huge bouquet of fiery red roses.

    In the living room, Lu Tingxiao was dressed in casual house clothes, reading the papers. That flawlessly sharp jaw, long legs and lean body of his...was like an oil painting that pleased her eyes...

    Ning Xi had unknowingly stood there to admire him for quite a while until Lu Tingxiao noticed her gaze on him. He looked up, then saw the huge bouquet of roses in the girl's hands as she stared at him.

    When she met his eyes, Ning Xi abruptly returned to her senses and happily hopped over, stuffing the flowers into his embrace. "Big Boss, these are for you!"

    Lu Tingxiao was stumped for words, his cold jaw significantly softening. "Thank you."

    He accepted the bouquet and sniffed the dewy petals. Not only was his cool face even more radiant with the roses, it had become even more bedazzling and as beautiful as the image in a high definition television.

    Ning Xi held her cheeks in her palms and was entranced as she mumbled, "Sigh,'re not some kind of evil spirit, are you? I feel like I'm about to be charmed by you..."

    "What?" He raised his brows.

    Those lightly raised brows had once again caused Ning Xi's heart to race and she muttered, "How dare you ask? You're the one who made me unable to focus during the shoot. I keep thinking that this actor in our group is so similar to you. I was really possessed by the devil and your poison attacked my heart..."

    Back then when she used to shoot movies, she would never be distracted by anything!

    The man lightly caressed the rose petals and smiled, his low hoarse voice ringing in her ears, "You want to try attacking the poison with poison?"

    Stop seducing her again!

    All Ning Xi said was "Oh", then she jumped onto him, the petals crushed in their embrace all falling to the ground.

    Lu Tingxiao laughed as he hugged her and sighed, "I'm only afraid that one day you'll immune to this poison..."

    Ning Xi had noticed his uneasy emotions, so she instantly retorted, "No way! This poison has no antidote! In fact, it's one of a kind! Once poisoned, other poisons won't work!"

    "You..." Lu Tingxiao rubbed her head and then said seriously, "I looked through your script. There're still quite a number of dangerous scenes, so you must watch your own safety. You're not allowed to work too hard, you understand?"

    "Mmm, I know!" Ning Xi nodded.

    Even though the movie's more dangerous and exciting scenes were no more than the ones in the role for the movie Liang Biqin had stolen from her, there were still quite a number of them.

    There were more fighting scenes in this one and even a scene involving a fall from a cliff...but as long as there were safety precautions, there definitely would be no problems.

    At night, in the study room, Lu Tingxiao received a call from Cheng Feng.


    "Um, Boss...there's something I need you to advise me on..."


    "Based on what the subordinates heard, Miss Ning Xi's movie seems to have already started shooting. Before this, you wanted to arrange for Xiong Zhi to enter the crew to protect Miss Ning Xi. So, how about now?" Cheng Feng asked.

    These two days, Xiong Zhi and Shi Xiao had not dared to speak to the Boss, so they kept bugging him instead. It was then up to himto ask what the Boss thought...