Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 928

    Chapter 928: Shouldn't She Be Your Love Rival?

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    "Hey! No way!" Qi Fang instantly widened his eyes and exclaimed, "How do you know? Do you guys know each other?"

    When he saw Qi Fang's admiration for their acquaintance, Chen Hanchen's vanity surged. "We've met once at a banquet."

    "She wouldn't be here to see you, would she?" Qi Fang suddenly asked.

    Chen Hanchen shook his head. "We're not that close, so she shouldn't be." Actually, he really wanted to know for himself the reason she was here.

    Could she be here to see Jiang Muye?

    After all, in the socialite circle, Jiang Muye had the most fans...

    "Is she here to see Jiang Muye?" Ji Yumeng asked, reading Chen Hanchen's mind.

    Qi Fang scratched his head. "She shouldn't be...Jiang Muye is not a member of our team. He's just here to visit Ning Xi. How can Miss Zhuang chase celebrities all the way here?"

    "Then, that's weird...since you say that she's Zhuang Keer and we're all a group of newbies, there's no one else who'd be in the position to invite a lady of such a noble standing, would there?" Ji Yumeng was confused.


    "Miss Zhuang, this way please. Bro Xi has already told us beforehand that you'd be here!" said the assistant as the cast and crew evaluated the beauty beside her without batting an eyelid.

    "Thank you!" Zhuang Keer nodded slightly, thinking that the way the assistant addressed Ning Xi was a little weird. Bro Xi? Was it because Ning Xi was disguised as a male for the movie?

    "Is Ning Xi in her male disguise today?" Zhuang Keer asked hesitantly.

    The assistant nodded excitedly. "Yes, yes! These two days, she'll be in full male disguise! Bro Xi is sooo handsome! Too bad you didn't come yesterday. The shoot yesterday was truly brilliant..."

    "Really?" Zhuang Keer felt like she missed out but when she thought about how she could very soon see the "Prince Charming" she had long missed, her heart could not help but start to race.

    "Bro Xi, your friend's here to visit!" the assistant yelled over to Ning Xi who had just changed and was going through a scene with the director.

    "Hmm?" Ning Xi subconsciously looked towards the assistant's direction.

    For the next shoot, Ning Xi had changed into a different outfit. She was in a studded blackleather aviation jacket, washed-out jeans and boots with over-the-top prints, while her hair was styled to look disheveled, her fringe falling a little over her eyes. It was a very similar look that she had the day she had appeared at Lu Jingli's bungalow...

    The moment she saw Ning Xi, Zhuang Keer's heart skipped a beat as if she had traveled back in time to when she had met her Prince Charming for the first time.

    After Ning Xi exchanged a few words with the director, she went up to greet her, "Keer, you're here! Why didn't you give me a call beforehand? I could go and receive you..."

    Zhuang Keer looked at her, stunned. Her eyes reddened and tears had welled up.

    Ning Xi panicked and she quickly held her by the shoulders. "What's wrong? Is your brother being mischievous again?"

    Zhuang Keer shook her head. "No...No..."


    "I'm just...happy!" Zhuang Keer bashfully looked down. "I thought I'd never see you again..."

    Ning Xi knew that she was actually referring to her alter ego, Tang Xi.

    Ning Xi did still feel some guilt towards Zhuang Keer as she had accidentally stolen her heart but could not be responsible for it...

    However, when they had met for the first time, she never would have thought that they would become such good friends in the future!

    Ning Xi lightly hugged Zhuang Keer and softly consoled her, "Silly, how could that even be possible? You'll get to see me every day from now on. Whenever you want to!"

    Zhuang Keer nodded happily. "Mmm!"

    Not too far away, Jiang Muye looked as if he had seen a ghost. Jesus! Before this, Zhuang Keer had been on a blind date with his uncle, so was she not considered Ning Xi's love rival?

    What was going on now?

    As he was still in shock, he felt a chill run up his spine and a familiar cold presence around him...