Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 925

    Chapter 925: Wish She Could Peel Him Layer By Layer

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    "What's there to talk about? Is she crazy...?" Behind her, Jiang Muye mumbled.

    Ning Xi walked straight to Ke Mingyu and stopped before him.

    Ke Mingyu noticed that someone had come close, so he looked up from his script. When he saw who it was, he greeted, "Senior."

    Ning Xi scratched her head.

    Damn it, no way.

    How could it be the devil?

    Before they finished work yesterday this guy had even ran over to get her signature, saying that he was her fan..

    "Senior?" When he saw Ning Xi standing there without a word, Ke Mingyu called out again.

    "Mmm, nothing, I just wanted to look for you and casually chat. Your acting skills are quite good, but I want to know a little bit about why you chose to interpret Ling Yu's character this way," Ning Xi said as her eyes skimmed the man's face like an X-ray.

    It was just an ordinary face without any special features and no traces of a disguise. His expressions were very natural too...

    If it was really a disguise, probably no one in this world could do it to such a detailed level.

    Ning Xi had looked for half a day without any clues, feeling like she could only give up.

    If she could, she really wanted to just peel his layer of skin off to look.

    "After analyzing the script, I thought this was the most suitable way to represent Ling Yu," Ke Mingyu answered naturally.

    Ning Xi looked at him open and close his mouth to speak, and then at his eyes that had made her lose focus. She felt like there was a strong attraction pulling at her and she really wanted to know whether he was really Lu Tingxiao...

    Thus, unknowingly, she had not restrained herself and extended her hand to reach for the man's face...

    The moment Ning Xi's fingers touched Ling Yu, a strong force pulled her from behind and all the way to a corner. Jiang Muye shouted, "Damn it! Ning Xi, are you crazy?! You're on the set!"

    "So what?! Can't I rehearse with him? What are you being so nervous for?!" Ning Xi said matter-of-factly.

    "Would someone rehearse like that? The way your eyes looked at him was as if you wished you could peel him layer by layer! Do you want to start a scandalous rumor before the movie is even released?"

    Ning Xi coughed. "Was it...that extreme?"

    "You think?" Jiang Muye rolled his eyes at her. "Wake up, okay? What are you thinking about? I think you've just gone crazy missing my uncle! Anyone would look like him in your eyes if that were the case!"

    Ning Xi rubbed her forehead. "I am probably a little crazy! Wake up, wake up, wake up!"

    "Senior...are you okay?" At that moment, Ji Yumeng had walked over, looking concerned, then she lowered her voice to ask, "Senior, are you on your period? Shall I go and get you some brown sugar water?"

    When she saw the worried girl, Ning Xi laughed. "No, don't worry, thank you!"

    "You're welcome, all the best, Senior, I believe in you!" Ji Yumeng pumped her fist.

    Ning Xi looked at Ji Yumeng and a thought suddenly crossed her mind. She remembered that on the first day, the first scene they had shot was when Ji Yumeng had sat on her lap. At that point of time, Ke Mingyu did not have any special reactions.

    Then again, Ke Mingyu was almost non-existent then, so she had not paid much attention, but she was not quite sure now...

    Very quickly, ten minutes had passed.

    The fourth take began.

    "Ning Xi, you okay?" Chen Mian asked worriedly.

    Ning Xi flashed an OK sign. "No problem."

    Nothing more than three times. Even if this dude was Lu Tingxiao, there was no way she would do a bad take for the fourth time!