Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 919

    Chapter 919: What Did You...Just Say?

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    Even though Ning Xi was a woman, when she wore a male outfit, everyone would overlook the feminine side of her.

    Thus, could Ke Mingyu act well with such the thought that Ning Xi passed off so well as a man?

    Chen Mian was probably a little worried that Ke Mingyu would not express well later either, so he called him over to talk him through the scene.

    Sigh, the fact Ning Xi was so good at this male disguise had actually become an issue too...

    Others had also heard that the next scene would be quite interesting, hence they instantly became excited and anticipated the shoot to begin. In fact, a few Fujoshis were so excited that they were bouncing.

    On the other hand, Ji Yumeng was flipping through her script and clearly sulking.

    Damn it, Ke Mingyu actually has a kissing scene with Senior today!

    Let go off Senior and allow me to do it!

    In the movie, apart from the female lead's best friend, Ning Xiaomeng, who knew right from the start the the female lead was a woman, the first person to notice this was the second male lead character, Ling Yu.

    Upon noticing this, he gradually felt an odd sentiment towards her. However, he knew that the female lead liked his good friend, Si Xia, so Ling Yu's personality in the script was a very conflicted person. There were a lot of gaze-intensive scenes and to perform them was probably even more difficult than the male lead's scenes.

    The crew was preparing for the shoot when someone in the crowd suddenly shrieked, "Ah, ah, ah! Jiang...Jiang Muye!"

    "Who? Jiang Muye? Where? Where?!"

    "Over there! The person that the director's assistant just led in!"

    "Oh! It really is my Jiang Muye! My Jiang Muye is so, so, so handsome today..."

    "But why would Muye come today?"

    "Probably to visit the shoot, I heard that he has a close relationship with Bro Xi!"


    Nearby, she saw a group of girls surrounding him as he walked over. Ning Xi was speechless. This dude had really come!

    Not only that, he had worn Neil's Spring and Summer series embedded satin aviation jacket with a pair of black trousers, paired with a CH gold chain and pink ring, and the obsidian stud earring shone dimly on his earlobe. The way he was dressed, he should get a red carpet rolled out for him.

    He was just visiting a shoot. Did he have to dress this flirtatiously?

    Because of Jiang Muye's arrival, the crew was abuzz for quite a while; some had even asked for his signature and others for a picture.

    Chen Mian was quite generous. He gave the girls ten minutes to chase after their favorite celebrity. Even though they had seen many celebrities while working in this industry, they still could not resist the temptation of charm, more so with someone of Jiang Muye's allure.

    "Yumeng, aren't you going over?" Ning Xi noticed with surprise that even though the crew members and some actresses had ran over, Ji Yumeng was not bothered.

    Ji Yumeng looked over at Ning Xi when she heard her and immediately expressed her loyalty, "Senior, I am your die-hard fan. Even if that Jiang Muye were super handsome, I wouldn't look at him twice! Besides, he's not all that handsome, he's far from you!"

    The moment Ji Yumeng finished, a shadow stood over her. A man's loud and unhappy voice was heard just above her head, "Oh?"

    "Ah...Jiang...Senior Jiang!" Ji Yumeng instantly took a few steps back.

    "Little girl, what did you...just say?" Jiang Muye took off his sunglasses and asked, his eyes looking very much like electricity generators.

    Jiang Muye was really a natural star. His entire body was shining and his aura was highly invasive, such that no one could really ignore him.

    Ji Yumeng was young after all, and Jiang Muye had suddenly come this close with his full charisma, making the little girl turn scarlet instantly.