Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 918

    Chapter 918: A Kissing Scene!

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    Quality goods needed no advertising. Instead of waiting, they had taken the initiative to find those who were suitable for them.

    With a combination of Spirit's talents, Qin Shengyue's prestige, and the final touch in the form of Qiao Weilan's connections, the probability of winning this gamble was pretty positive.

    Ning Xi patted Gong Shangze on the shoulder. "Shangze, your babies have been taken away. Does your heart ache?"

    After all, these clothes had all been put together stitch by stitch by him and more than ten professional craftsmen. She remembered that on one of the outfits, just sewing the metallic ornament had taken them seven days.

    On the outside, Gong Shangze did not look heavy-hearted. "I trust you, Boss."

    Besides, without her, they would not even have existed; she was the real owner of the outfits.


    With Qiao Weilan's help, Ning Xi was much more relieved, so she rushed straight to the set after lunch. For ease of movement, she remained in a male disguise.

    The crew had just finished lunch too, so they were resting for a while.

    Even though it was only the second day, there was already a small clique formed. Chen Hanchen, Qi Fang, and Ji Yumeng were one close group on their own. Because Ke Yumeng was not a product of the film academy and was not signed to any company, he remained alone in a corner highlighting his more reclusive personality. Some of the smaller characters would walk up to him for small talk sometimes, but when they did not get a response, they stopped trying.

    "Senior, you're here!" Ji Yumeng saw Ning Xi from afar. She was in the middle of a conversation with Qi Fang, but she ditched him and flew over to her like a little bird.

    Hey, hey, hey, they had only not seen each other for one night, so what was up with the yearning!? Ah, wake up, Ji Yumeng, that's a woman!

    Howeve, Ning Xi really did have a unique aura, especially from the way she treated the girls yesterday, it was very comfortable to be around her, making any girl feel oddly like they were being preciously treated!

    When she saw the panting little girl coming to greet her, Ning Xi revealed a smile. "Mmm, have you eaten?"

    "I've eaten. Director Chen is so mean, the crew's takeaway is so good that I've eaten too much again!" Ji Yumeng covered her tummy and grumbled.

    "Huh, don't worry, you're not even fat."

    "Really, really?"

    "Mmm, it's okay even if you're a little fat, you'd look even cuter that way."

    " way..." Ji Yumeng covered her face shyly. She looked she really wanted to marry Ning Xi.


    Not too far away, Qi Fang was about to twist his mineral water bottle out of shape. "Hey! What's so good about that guy? She's just a sweet talker! She just knows how to coax girls! What a hypocrite!"

    At that moment, a random girl intervened to say, "So what if she coaxes girls!? Isn't coaxing girls one of the most basic skills a man ought to have?"

    "You're right...but...something's not right! She's clearly a girl herself! Why would she fight for our rice bowls like that? The competition is already tight enough! Right, Hanchen?" Qi Fang turned to look at Chen Hanchen beside him.

    Chen Hanchen did not say anything as he was focused on the script and did not hear what he said at all.

    Qi Fang was speechless. He pitied the guy; it looked like yesterday's torture was quite brutal.

    Chen Hanchen was suddenly so serious, making him feel really pressured too...

    Apart from Chen Hanchen, another person with unknown potential was the second male lead, Ke Mingyu. This guy had not said maand and they wondered how his acting skills were.

    Yesterday, Chen Hanchen had been tortured brutally, so this punk would not have it easy today either, would he?

    "Hey, what scene is Ke Mingyu shooting with Ning Xi today?" Qi Fang mumbled as he flipped the script. "Got it! Scene 28...woah! It's actually...a kissing scene! Even though they do not actually kiss in the end...hahahahaha Hanchen, someone's going to cover the bottom for you! The scene that Ke Mingyu is doing with Ning Xi today is a kissing scene! How could he be able to kiss a man!? Ke Mingyu is dead!"