Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 917

    Chapter 917: Taking It To Give A Girl

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    "Now, the question is, how do we tap into the market of socialites?" Han Momo asked.

    "Prepare ten sets of clothes for me. I'll be in charge of sending them out," said Qiao Weilan.

    "What?" Han Momo's eyes instantly widened. "Send...send them out?"


    "Our studio is for profit, not for charity. Wouldn't we get no returns at all from sending them out?" Han Momo looked shocked, her eyes filled with suspicion towards Qiao Weilan.

    She had thought that Qiao Weilan would have some good ideas! This was nonsense, was it not...?

    An awkward moment of silence later, Ning Xi looked at Gong Shangze and asked, "How many sets of high-grade customized pieces do we have now?"

    "Exactly ten pieces, but they were prepared to be released as a new product..." Gong Shangze answered.

    Ning Xi immediately said, "Then, let's not release it first. Pass them to Director Qiao!"

    Qiao Weilan nodded slightly, then she looked at Gong Shangze. "I need the detailed information of the material and design concept of every set of apparel..."

    As Qiao Weilan spoke to Gong Shangze, Han Momo quickly pulled Ning Xi aside and lowered her voice to say, "Sis Xi, this is too risky! I've counted. The total of those clothes come up to a few million dollars and we've used up all the best materials and quality. If we don't accept any payment and just give them away, all of the profit from this period would have to be used to cover and that would most likely cause a fracture in the capital chain..."

    "If you use someone, don't suspect them," Ning Xi squinted, then she said through gritted teeth, "Besides, one must pay the price to achieve one's goals!"

    She had waited for so long for the day that Qiao Weilan would take the initiative in the studio work, so how could she let go of this great opportunity?

    Even if it failed, she would accept her chances. Besides, she did not think that she would fail.

    Qiao Weilan had mentioned that she would be in charge of giving them out, which meant that she would use her own connections for the studio!

    Her connections were Qiao Weilan's best weapon.

    When Han Momo saw Ning Xi's determined attitude and confident outlook, she naturally stopped trying to advise her.

    Gong Shangze was packing the required clothes with Han Momo when Ning Xi suddenly flew over.

    "Oh...wait...aah, babies! Let me bid them one last farewell..."

    Han Momo was confused. She had been so blunt earlier that she almost thought that she did not care at all and that her heart did not ache even a little!

    When Qiao Weilan's saw Ning Xi's heartbroken expression, she smiled and at the same time, she felt moved.

    Ning Xi was not at the wealthiest point in her life and these clothes were pretty much the entire studio's capital, yet she had chosen to trust her without second thoughts.

    After Ning Xi was done bidding goodbye to the beautiful clothes, she suddenly thought of something again. "Ah, wait, Director Qiao, I have a good friend who is super pretty and super cute. Her identity would definitely fit our studio's positioning too. Could you give me a set to pass to her?"

    Qiao Weilan nodded. "Of course, you're the boss."

    "I am indeed the boss, but you're the lighthouse!" After Ning Xi received her agreement, she happily picked out a lively, youthful outfit from the available sets.

    She thought to herself, "This outfit would definitely look good on my Keer! In fact, it's so expensive, argh! I definitely cannot let all of it be taken advantaged of by outsiders!"