Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 914

    Chapter 914: Which Girl Did You Hook Up With Now!?

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    Zhuang Rongguang looked unhappy as he gritted his teeth in frustration. His attack score was actually not that low. Earlier, he had only been massacred by Piercing Wind because he was completely caught off guard. Now, Piercing Wind had not only let him make three moves first, he had even offered to remove their godly armor, so there was no way he would lose again.

    Thus, Zhuang Rongguang decisively picked up his sword and swung it at Piercing Wind.

    True to his word, Piercing Wind stood still and did not return the favor.

    Three sword attacks later, Piercing Wind had only ten percent of blood life left.

    "You punk, you're arrogant indeed! Delete your account!" Zhuang Rongguang continued to slash.

    To Zhuang Rongguang's surprise, in the next second, Piercing Wind had suddenly disappeared from where he was. At the same time, Zhuang Rongguang's life had depleted by a quarter.

    "Hey! Teleportation?!"

    "Don't worry, Rongguang, continue! He's slowed down from your attack, so this move can only be done once. In fact, he's already removed his godly armor, so the harm he can inflict is halved! Quickly slash him to death! Just one slash is enough!"

    Despite Piercing Wind having only that little life left, he continued to fly and use showy attack tricks that bedazzled everyone. At last, he almost killed the fully-armored Glory of Light without much mercy.

    The world started buzzing at the same time on the forum again.

    The world: [Praise the Master!]

    The world: [Praise the Master!]

    The world: [Praise the Master!]


    The world: [Piercing Wind] [Delete your account, or else I will kill you every time I see you!]

    The world: [Master, what grudges are there between you two?]

    The world: [Exactly! How has the Glory of Light faction leader offended you to the point that not only do you want to steal his wife, you even want to kill him to delete his account?]

    Piercing Wind: [I just don't like him]

    The world: [...]

    In the Internet caf, Zhuang Rongguang looked at Piercing Wind's message on the screen and kicked the chair behind him, toppling it over.

    "Hey, Rongguang, where are you going? Not playing anymore?"

    "You've spent so much money on this account. Are you really going to delete it?"

    "Go away, don't disturb me! Don't look for me to play anymore!"

    He had already been killed so horribly, robbed of his wife and even battled away his dignity. How would he have the face to play again?

    At the same time, Ning Xi's phone rang. It was Zhuang Keer.

    Ning Xi stopped Jiang Muye, who was complaining profusely into her headphones about In Water's Direction's provocation, to accept the call. "Hello, Keer?"

    When he heard Ning Xi's gentle voice, Jiang Muye instantly shut up on the other end and listened in.

    "Hello, Xiao Xi, Rongguang has already logged off and gone home!"

    "That's good then, you should get home quickly too. Next time, don't come out alone so late at night, it's not safe."

    "Mmm, I know! But...what did you do? I think I heard Rongguang say earlier that he won't play games anymore...because he has been so addicted to it, I never expected that he would actually say something like this..."

    "Oh, it's nothing, I have an account in this game too. Coincidentally, I know your brother. I just used that account to chat privately with him, using my identity as a friend to advise him, telling him to study hard and not abandon his studies for these games. Maybe he understood better because I spoke to him as a player and a friend."

    "Oh, is that so!? Xiao Xi, thank you so much..."

    Ning Xi's microphone had not been switched off, so Jiang Muye was speechlessly listening to Ning Xi's blatant lies.

    When Ning Xi was done with the phone call, Jiang Muye immediately scoffed, "Which girl did you hook up with now?"

    "What do you mean by 'hook up'? It's my new friend. Her brother plays games all day and wouldn't go home, so I'm just helping her out!"

    She had caused such a ruckus, snatching wives and forcing someone to delete their account all to please a girl. Pity him, having to fight and be jealous of a stupid woman like In Water's Direction! In the end, it was because she was helping another girl?

    Jiang Muye was speechless at the absurdity of it all.