Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 913

    Chapter 913: Would My Man Need To Steal Your Woman?

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    The world: [Aaaaah! Fallen Bloom! My goddess Fallen Bloom is here! Goddess, please, a selfie!]

    The world: [Hahahaha, Piercing Wind's wife is here! This is going to be good!]

    The world: [Now, Glory of Light won't even need to do anything. Fallen Bloom would probably kill the wretched man herself!]


    Fallen Bloom was second on the game leaderboard and was the only female player among the top ten, having won 88 battles in a row. She rode a golden phoenix and carried the nickname of the "Battle Devil". Even though her battle score was not on par with Piercing Wind's, she still held the highest number of battles in the game.

    At the same time, Fallen Bloom was also the game's first RMB player. Even though her faction ranking was not that high up, the entire faction was filled with rick mafias and even the number one faction would dare not offend her.

    Otherwise, as unruly as they were, when they started hating you, they could easily use their money to snatch everyone in your faction.

    Zhuang Rongguang had limited allowance and recently, even that had been limited, so he naturally could not compare to these merciless rich mafia RMB players.

    Glory of Light: [Leader Fallen Bloom, your man is not satisfied with what he has and came here to snatch my woman from me. How do you feel about this?]

    Zhuang Rongguang was worried that Fallen Bloom would protect Piercing Wind, so he just decided to drive a wedge between them.

    Fallen Bloom: [Would my man need to steal your woman?]

    A single sentence kill.

    In Water's Direction: [Fallen Bloom, don't be a bully! Who's your man? Bro Piercing Wind has never admitted being in any relationship with you, so stop showering your affection onto someone who's uninterested here!]

    "Hey!" Through the gaming headphones, Jiang Muye cursed out loudly.

    In the next second, the screen displayed a line of words.

    System: [Player "Fallen Bloom" has started massacre mode on "In Water's Direction".]

    The entire world was dumbfounded once again.

    This storyline was a god-like escalation! Simply merciless!

    From a case of two men fighting for a woman, it had become two women fighting for a man, and there was none of Glory of Light's business here. His own woman who he had just wedded had run off to be jealous of another woman. As a faction leader, he had really been cheated on horribly here...

    Did the goddess In Water's Direction actually like Piercing Wind too?

    This was not surprising to all the players. The game was, after all, where the strongest earned the highest honor and which female player would not like Piercing Wind?! Besides, if such a man had come to snatch you as a wife, that would cause one's heart to be restless...

    While the game was abuzz, Ning Xi was fighting with Jiang Muye.

    "Damn it, Jiang Muye, what are you doing?"

    "What must you cheat on me and not allow me to defend myself?"

    "Your stubborn head, can't you just tell them you're a man? That way, there wouldn't be any misunderstanding!"

    "How can I continue playing in this game if they knew I am a man?"

    "Well you're a man, so you can't kill women!"

    "I am now a woman too!"

    "If you cause any more trouble for me, don't look for me if you need someone to battle with!"


    She had finally stopped Jiang Muye, so Ning Xi quickly sent out a message into the world.

    Piercing Wind: [Personal gratitude and grudges abound! Those on the sidelines, please don't intervene, or else, you will pay the price yourself]

    Up next, Piercing Wind unexpectedly challenged someone to a war...

    Piercing Wind: [Glory of Light, come to the battlefield. I will take off my godly armor and let you make three moves. The loser has to delete their account.]

    Instantly, the entire world was buzzing again!

    Immediately delete their account? That was such a huge stake!

    Just as everyone was going crazy on the forum, they were also excitedly anticipating Glory of Light's response.

    If Glory of Light still would not accept the challenge, he would lose all face and would not be considered a man!

    "Rongguang, what to do now? To fight or not?"

    "That guy is even taking off his godly armor, how arrogant! Of course, we must get him! Rongguang, get him! What are you waiting for?"