Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 905

    Chapter 905: Treat Men As Coldly As The Autumn Wind

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    When he thought of this, Chen Mian gritted his teeth and finally shouted, "Action!"

    Everyone held their breath and watched.

    The quartet in the middle started to play as the dreamy crystal chandelier hung above them while skirts flew and twirled on the dance floor...

    At the end of the swirling staircase, two men, one dressed in white and the other in black, one in front and one behind, one noble and one leisurely, both slowly made their way down...

    This time, Chen Hanchen's entire demeanor from his footsteps to his aura and to his gaze, including the moment he returned Ning Xi's teasing smile, was all perfectly flawless. The couple were akin to two equally bright stars, shining and enhancing each other!

    "Cut! Not bad! Very good!"

    Almost everyone breathed a heavy sigh of relief following Chen Mian's emotional call to cut.

    The worry in Chen Mian's heart could finally be dissolved.

    Thank goodness...Chen Hanchen had managed to make it!

    If he had not, it would have casted a huge shadow over him. However, once he got over it, his acting skills definitely achieved huge realization and improvement!

    "Whoa, amazing!" Ji Yumeng's heart was racing. "The moment the two of them shared a look, my Fujoshi soul was about to come out! Way too handsome!"

    Si Xia did not know about Ji Feixue's feelings at all and he had only treated him as his capable subordinate and good friend, but the intimacy and great chemistry between the two was enough to touch everyone, making the audience's hearts cry out for the female lead's feelings...

    Qi Fang also looked jealous as if he felt heavily damaged by the couple. "Okay...they are quite handsome..."

    While everyone were clapping and praising them, Chen Hanchen did not relax at all. He staggered down the steps and took the bottled water from his assistant's hand and downed half the bottle, his chest heaving vigorously...

    It was just a scene of acting cool, yet it was as if they had watched a battle. The witnesses felt like they were still in shock...

    Qi Fang stole a panicked look at Ning Xi who looked unaffected, then he walked close to Ji Yumeng and said, "Yumeng, are you sure that the person you were referring to earlier is the same person as the one we're seeing now? Isn't this scary!? Where has the gentleness, the considerate soul gone to?"

    She said that she would be very good at helping newbies to get into the zone and that she would teach them patiently. She had also claimed that with her, acting would be very easy...

    Was she lying?

    It was only the first scene and Chen Hanchen was about to keel over as a result of her! He was feeling thankful that he did not have that many scenes with Ning Xi...

    Ji Yumeng bit her lip and replied, "But when she was acting with me, she was really super considerate and super relaxed...I think you can't blame our Senior for this. Is it wrong for her to have such amazing acting skills? Because of the story line, the two of them need to be extra dramatic for this's inevitable..."

    Qi Fang was speechless. Why did he feel like this difference in opinion was biased with gender?

    To girls, she was warm and tender like the spring wind whereas to men, she was as cold as the autumn wind...

    Something was not right...

    Chen Mian looked at the time. "It's too late today, we won't have time, let's push the remaining scenes to be continued tomorrow! Everyone's worked hard, let's wrap up for today!"

    Even though he had not finished the scenes for that day, it was worth the perfect performance in this important scene.

    When Chen Mian finally got Ning Xi alone, he could not help but ask, "If Chen Hanchen still could not keep up with your pace this time, would you have held back?"