Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 902

    Chapter 902: Limelight Snatched By A Woman

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    Suddenly, everyone lost control. It was an expected mistake.

    Until Chen Mian yelled a redo, some of them were still unsure of what happened.

    Especially Chen Hanchen, the impact on him was the strongest as he was the closest person to Ning Xi just now.

    Truthfully speaking, he admitted that Ning Xi acted as a man really well but he did not expect her to steal the limelight away because when they had appeared together, everyone still looked at him.

    Yet, at the moment when Ning Xi smiled and look at him, the aura around her changed and suddenly everyone just could not take their eyes off her

    How could this be?

    " legs are giving way" Ji Yumeng extended her hands to the nearby Qi Fang. She breathlessly exclaimed, "Oh, did you see that!? Senior was so charming! Looks-wise Hanchen was more outstanding but Seniors smile just now was just sooo gorgeous"

    Qi Fangs expression darkened. He would never admit it but in that instance earlier, even his heart raced. He then observed the other staff and actors; a lot of males were stunned as well

    It was not just her gender that affected everyone.

    Chen Mian was calm as he had already expected this to happen. He went up to Chen Hanchen and half-jokingly told him, "Hanchen, keep it up, dont let a girl snatch away the limelight!"

    Chen Hanchen nodded. He would not be careless again. Now, he understood why Director Chen had spoken to him earlier.

    "Everyone get into your zone. Again!" Chen Mian then told the other actors, "You guys performed well just now. That impressed expressions of yours were great. Keep up the pace, but dont just stare at only one of them. Its the both of them that impresses you guys. One prideful and one wild, they are evenly matched"

    Chen Mian actually knew that the key to this scene would be Chen Hanchen; he had to be on par with Ning Xi to elicit the best response from the other actors. One should never really have high expectations from crowd actors. Sometimes, it was best to have the natural reaction from them.

    It would be best for this scene to pass the first time since the crowd actors would have known what was coming for the second time and the impact would be lesser

    After a short break, the second take started.

    "Okay, get ready everyone, were starting!" Chen Mian informed all the teams.

    "Bro Xi, Bro Xi, the director is calling, go quickly!"

    "All the best, Bro Xi!"

    Suddenly, the staff started calling Ning Xi "Bro Xi" as well.

    Ning Xi gave everyone a smile. She passed her mug to Xiao Tao and the hand warmer to Ji Yumeng, then she walked towards the shooting scene.

    Chen Hanchen took a deep breath and calmed himself down. He had been caught off guard earlier as he was surprised but he was ready this time. It would not happen again.

    He looked calmly at Ning Xi and closed his eyes. When he opened them again, the aura around him became even more like a young man's from a noble family.