Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 90

    Chapter 90: Playing A Little White Flower

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    Unfortunately for Jia Qingqing, she had a very bad reputation in the entertainment industry, and she often did this kind of thing. Furthermore, she had been targeting Ning Xi from the start, so no one believed her.

    "Director, I'm fine, I just have a small cut in my mouth, itll be alright after I put some ice on it for a bit. Sister Qingqing might have just wanted to create a better effect, theres no need to be angry" Ning Xis face showed that she had been treated unjustly, but that she was struggling to bear it. Her expression was one of tolerance and understanding.

    Seeing that expression made not just the director, but also everyone else sympathize with her.

    Jiang Muye was watching nearby, and the corners of his mouth twitched as he almost died from shock.

    This person could really pretend to be a little white flower

    Seeing her frail and delicate appearance, Jia Qingqing immediately blew her top. "Ning Xi, you faker! You clearly did it on purpose! You're the one who bit yourself! Do you have a blood capsule hidden in your mouth?!"

    "Jia Qingqing, enough!" Guo Qisheng rebuked her sternly.

    Next to her, Jia Qingqings assistant was afraid that the situation would get out of hand, so she hurriedly pulled her back and persuaded her, "Sister Qingqing, forget it! Don't make the director angry! After all, we're also to blame"

    Obviously, she also thought that Jia Qingqing had deliberately hit Ning Xi; she who was always around Jia Qingqing had seen this type of thing many times.

    Jia Qingqing backhanded the assistant across the face. "Get lost! How is it your place to tell me what to do!"

    Like Ning Xi, the assistant also fell to the ground after being hit, and blood dribbled out of the corner of her mouth.

    The staff around them, especially those who, like the assistant, didnt have very high status,all rushed to help her up, and they looked at Jia Qingqing in disgust.

    Although Ning Xis private life was chaotic, she had never let it affect other people, and she was committed to acting. But this Jia Qingqing, simply put, was a shrew!

    This was the first time that Jia Qingqing had been unfairly accused. When she saw that everyone didnt believe her, her face turned blue, as if she was going to pass out from fury in the next second.

    Just as she lost control and was about to recklessly tear Ning Xi apart, suddenly a person came up to her and grabbed her wrist

    "Qingqing, really, I know you want to perform well so that the director would see you in a new light, but you don't have to be so serious. People who know you will say youre committed to your work, but what about the people who dont understand you?"

    The person speaking was Ning Xueluo, who had just arrived.

    Ning Xueluo didn't have any scenes today, so she didnt actually need to come. But she still came, for the purpose of seeing Ning Xis hapless state. Who would have thought that she would arrive to such a scene

    What the hell was this Jia Qingqing doing?

    She had such good cards, how could she play them like this?

    Seeing how everyone was starting to feel sorry for Ning Xi because of the extremely loathsome Jia Qingqing, Ning Xueluo hurriedly stepped in to salvage the situation.

    When Jia Qingqing saw Ning Xueluo, it was as if she was seeing her family member. She immediately took her hands and started to cry. "Sister Xueluo, this bitch is slandering me!"

    Afraid that Jia Qingqings big mouth would annoy people again, Ning Xueluo dragged her into a corner. "Why did you lose your cool? Ning Xi will be kicked out sooner or later, why are you provoking her now?"

    Jia Qingqing was incoherent with rage. "At the beginning I wanted to teach her a small lesson, but I didn't even touch her at all. She was the one who dodged it herself, and even deliberately made it look like I had hit her hard enough for her to spit out blood!"

    Looking at how the director continually comforted Ning Xi, who had a magnanimous expression on her face, Ning Xueluo could immediately see what she was scheming, and hastily thought of a way to save the situation. "Qingqing, its no use if I believe you, the problem is that no one else believes you. Because you didnt explain the situation clearly, the best thing now is for you to apologize to Ning Xi immediately"

    Hearing this, Jia Qingqing blew up. "What? Me apologize?! I won't! Sister Xueluo, how can you stand on her side and defend her?!"