Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 896

    Chapter 896: They're For You To Ruin Other People

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    After Ke Mingyu arrived, they introduced themselves again. Ke Mingyu was more introverted. He sat aside by himself and read the script after chatting a little with everyone.

    A while later, the set up for the scene was done.

    "Alright, everyone! Were going to start! Ning Xi, Ji Yumeng, be prepared!" Chen Mian informed.

    The first scene was about the female leads best friend being betrayed by a jerk and the female lead comforting her.

    The female lead was named Ji Feixue and she was currently assuming the identity of her brother Ji Feibai. This secret of hers was now was only known by her best friend Ning Xiaomeng.

    "Three, two, one...action!"

    The shoot started.

    On the sofa in the living room, Ji Feixue had just finished showering and wore a pair of men's loose pajamas. Her hair was a little messy and there was still a little steam emitting from her body as a result of the hot shower she had just taken.

    She took out a bottle of water from the fridge and sat on the sofa, turning on the TV.

    She was comfortably used to acting as a man and there was no difference in Ji Feixues behaviour compared to a man; even the way she drank was really manly and cool.

    As she was watching TV, the door opened.

    Ning Xiaomeng had just returned.

    Ji Feixue greeted her as usual, "Welcome home."

    The camera's focus was shifted to Ji Yumeng.

    Ning Xiaomeng did not look up and just quietly grunted. She was not really in a good mood. Although she did not say anything, Ji Feixue instantly realized that something was wrong, so she frowned. "Whats wrong?"

    Ning Xiaomeng walked slowly towards Ji Feixue without saying anything.

    After a few seconds, Ning Xiaomengs shoulder was shivering lightly, then her whole body was trembling. In the next moment, her tears started to fall to the ground.

    "Third camera, close up!" Chen Mian commanded while staring at the screen.

    Chen Hanchen, Qi Fang, and Ke Mingyu were focused on the two of them.

    Ji Yumeng stood in front of Ning Xi with her head down. She did not even show her face, but her body language already displayed how sad she was at that moment.

    Qi Fang was impressed. "As expected of the top scorer! Impressive!"

    Ning Xi moved.

    Ning Xiaomeng still did not say anything, but Ji Feixue understood what had happened. She was expecting this. She took Ning Xiaomengs hand and gently helped her onto her lap, using her finger to wipe off Ning Xiaomengs tears before she said in a heartbroken tone, "My dear, dont be sad over a guy! Your mother gave you such beautiful genes that arent meant to be ruined by others. They're meant for you to ruin other people!"

    Ji Yumeng was suddenly touched when she heard that line as it reminded her of her deepest scar, which Ning Xis gentleness had healed

    She remembered her ex who had cheated on her. She recalled painfully how he chose to be with a more popular artiste in order to boost his career. She remembered walking home all by herself in a downpour that night, and she even attended a training the next day with a high fever. No one held her and comforted her, and no one told her "Your mother gave you such beautiful genes isnt meant to be ruined by others, its meant for you to ruin other people"...