Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 890

    Chapter 890: Say That Again

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    At the apartment.

    "I'll go up then, goodnight!"

    Ning Xi was about to get down from the car when Lu Tingxiao suddenly reached out and held her arm gently, stopping her. "Say that again."

    "Huh? Say what?" Ning Xi looked over in confusion.

    "The words you said to Zhuang Keer earlier." Lu Tingxiao stared at her, his cold lake-like eyes seemed to waver with signs of stars and flames.

    "What did I say to Zhuang Keer earlier?" Ning Xi blinked, pretending not to understand.

    "Zhuang Keer said that I will bully you. What was your answer?" Lu Tingxiao said as the starlight in his eyes slowly turned into a sea...

    "Oh...that..." Ning Xi rubbed her chin and pretended to recall, then she said, "Thank you, but don't worry, he won't bully me..."


    "Neither wronged nor forced?"



    Lu Tingxiao lips pursed, obviously unhappy that he still had not heard what he wanted to.

    Ning Xi finally could not help but laugh. It was rare to see Lu Tingxiao look this cute...

    In the next second, she closed in and said in a low, hoarse voice that could stir hearts. With her warm breath by his ear, she said, "I really love him..."

    Then, before Lu Tingxiao could act on anything, she ran out far and away as she waved cunningly, "Oyasumi!"

    As he watched that little thing run off after teasingly, Lu Tingxiao cursed softly. His eyes caught the furry white bunny beside him. He picked it up and punished it by pinching its bunny ears with his slender fingers...


    In the next few days, Ning Xi continued to follow up with the situation on SF's company's side. At last, she was told that the person-in-charge had yet to return from his work trip, thus she could only set the issue aside temporarily.

    The good news was that even though Ning Xi had only appeared for a few minutes in "Our 18-Year-Old Youth" as the male lead's first love, her popularity was boosted.

    After the movie ended, many people were asking about the identity of the actress who played the role of the first love. At last, the Internet raved that it was Liang Biqin.

    However, that face did not look like Liang Biqin's!

    Because so many people were asking about the girl's identity, the movie's official Weibo answered right away that it was Ning Xi. On there was also a picture of the first love in "Our 18-Year-Old Youth" and Meng Changge's still from "The World" with Ning Xi and Jiang Muye tagged in the pictures.

    Once the fans found out who the actress was, everyone was shocked!

    The actress who had acted as the first love was unexpectedly acted by the same person as the villain in "The World", Meng Changge!

    In "The World", Ning Xi was enticing, alluring, unruly, and passionate. Furthermore, she had an ancient wardrobe and heavier make up. That was why when she had acted in a modern role as such a pure and beautiful character, no one could recognize her. Even though many of the audience had suspected that it might have been her, they did not dare think about it, yet it had really been her.

    From the devastatingly beautiful wicked female general to the 18-year-old at the prime of her youth, it was such a huge difference in personas, yet she had taken on the role perfectly.

    What made fans even more emotional was the fact that their favorite pairing, Meng Changge and Sun Huanqing had unexpectedly been reunited in modern times again. Even more coincidentally, the ending in both of the shows was a separation in life and death again, making all their fans sob even more on the Internet. At the same time, the fans of this pairing had significantly strengthened in numbers!