Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 89

    Chapter 89: The Real Drama Is Just Beginning

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    It was also a coincidence that today, most of Ning Xis scenes would be with Jia Qingqing.

    As Ning Xi was sitting in the shade of a tree and studying the script, an odd voice suddenly sounded in her ear

    "Yo, isn't this our big star? Ning Xi, youre really famous now, everyone knows you! Hehe, I knew you did all those disgraceful things! You're really so shameless, to dare come here after whats happened!" Jia Qingqing said with a gloating expression on her face.

    As long as Ning Xi was kicked out of the production, she could seize this chance to replace her, then she could play opposite Brother Muye.

    Ning Xi bit her lip and her body trembled; she silently looked embarrassed.

    Jia Qingqing was even more satisfied seeing this. She approached Jiang Muye and said girlishly, "Brother Muye, you should stay away from this sort of person, otherwise she will ruin your reputation! She's already making you start to lose fans!"

    As Jia Qingqing drew near, a strong smell of perfume immediately drifted over. The veins on Jiang Muyes forehead popped. He was about to blow up on the spot, but at the thought of Ning Xis warning, he took a deep breath and managed to bear it.

    Seeing how Jiang Muye wasnt responding to her, Jia Qingqing thought that encountering this situation had put him in a bad mood,so she thoughtfully consoled him. "Brother Muye, dont worry! Sooner or later, the production team will be pressured to switch Ning Xi out!"

    "You're very noisy." Jiang Muye had to exert all his self-control to replace all the curses he wanted to say with three words.

    "Sorry, Brother Muye, I won't disturb your rest." Feeling a little aggrieved, Jia Qingqing walked away.

    She was unhappy that Jiang Muyes cold attitude was still unchanged, but after thinking for a bit, she quickly felt reassured. Anyway, once she landed the role of the second female lead, she would have the opportunity to get along with Brother Muye.

    At the thought of the intimate scenes, she couldnt contain her excitement.

    Having said that, why did the director still want her to come today and continue acting with Ning Xi? What a waste of time!

    But she really liked the scene they would be filming today, since there was a part where she would slap Ning Xis face.

    Hmph,Ill definitely show you then!

    "Director, I think for this scene, the effect would be better if I really slapped her. What do you think?" Jia Qingqing, who had never shown much interest in shooting, actually sought out the director of her own accord to talk about the scene.

    How could Guo Qisheng not know what she was thinking? He said heavily. "For the majority of it well do a cheat 1 , at most its enough for you to just touch her face!"

    "Got it!" While Jia Qingqings mouth replied agreeably, she completely had no intention of following his words. She had made up her mind to deliver a real slap, and to do it several times, and make this bitch suffer.

    Anyway, this wouldnt be the first time she had taken personal revenge through her acting, and she had always been successful.

    When all the departments were ready, filming began.

    In this scene, Meng Changge had just entered the palace under the alias Nan Wumeng. She was only a little palace maid, but because the emperor had been eyeing her, Princess Xian had become envious, and had called her to her chambers to embarrass her.

    "Shameless bitch, you dare seduce the emperor right under my nose!" After Princess Xian had finished speaking, she slapped her hard.

    The moment Jia Qingqing brought her hand down, Ning Xis eyes narrowed slightly, and she turned a little to the side, cleverly avoiding the camera and Jia Qingqings hand. But her body looked as if it had been struck with huge strength, sending her whole person falling to the ground. Then her face twisted, and with a "ptui" sound, she spat out a mouthful of blood.

    "Ning Xi " Guo Qisheng was shocked, and the other staff who were watching were also stunned as they gathered around her.

    "Jia Qingqing, is this your first day acting? You cant even control your own strength?" Guo Qisheng, who was usually good-natured, was really angry this time.

    He could not meddle in things outside of the movie, but if someone took such a cheap shot in his movie, there was no way he would tolerate it!

    "I" Jia Qingqing herself was also shocked; while it was true that she had deliberately used some strength, it was definitely not to the point that could make Ning Xi fall down and spit blood. Also, just now, she clearly felt that Ning Xi had avoided her, and she had not hit her at all. Hence, she straightened her neck and cried out in protest, "I just slapped her gently, I didnt use any strength at all! Shes pretending!"

    1. In filmatography, to cheat is to change the relative positions of actors or props in order to shoot the same scene from different angles.