Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 887

    Chapter 887: Pick Up Skills Switched On

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    "But I don't know how to..." Zhuang Keer hesitated.

    "It's okay, just try!" Ning Xi casually put in a few coins into the machine and taught Zhuang Keer how to play the game.

    "Mmm, okay, Xiao Xi, which one do you like? I'll help you claw it!" Zhuang Keer was eager to try. Sadly, Zhuang Keer's luck was not that great. She had put in ten coins and still did not catch anything at all. She looked as if she was on the verge of tears.

    "Hahaha, pretty girl, it's not like this. There is a skill to clawing. You're purely here to waste your money right now," the man on the side, who had put in coins thrice and managed to claw one stuffed toy, pointed out proudly.

    When he saw that Ning Xi and Zhuang Keer were both rare beauties, his eyes bulged out of their sockets and he even dared to hit them up with his girlfriend beside him. "So, ladies? Do you need my help?"

    "You bastard! Are you stuck on your feet because you see pretty girls?! I'm not dead yet!"

    "Aiyo, I'm just helping them!"


    The group of single boys in the arcade began to notice them and a few had walked up to them. After all, most of them who were there were couples and it was rare to see beauties like Ning Xi and Zhuang Keer accompanying each other.

    "Beautiful, which one do you want? I'll help you!"

    "Go away! Get your stinky hands of me!"

    "Gorgeous sister, allow me! I'm really good, I guarantee that within three attempts, no! Within two attempts, I will help you get something!"


    Upon failing the 18th time, Zhuang Keer was utterly defeated. She had always been praised as smart and excellent since she was young, but who would have known that she would be stopped by a little game like this, especially since she had said she would catch something for Ning Xi? This was so embarrassing!

    Plus, there were a few guys who continued to disturb them, putting her in a worse mood.

    Ning Xi shot a look at the young boys. They were probably students and were there to hook up with girls. She slowly put in twelve coins and said, "Allow me."

    "Mmm." Zhuang Keer nodded in disappointment and moved away from her spot.

    "You point, I'll claw," Ning Xi said to Zhuang Keer.

    "I...wanted to claw that bunny for you, but I just couldn't!" Zhuang Keer said frustratedly.

    "Okay." Ning Xi looked into the glass and then pressed the button.

    "Hey, beautiful, you can't do that, there's a skill to clawing them. That bunny is in a position that is obviously hard to claw, you should get the one closer to the hole..."

    "You pressed the button too quickly earlier! You must wait for the right moment! Don't simply press down!"


    With all the commotion beside her, Ning Xi turned around to glare unhappily at the boys. "Shut up! You're so noisy! Is there not enough homework? Why aren't you home when it's so late?!"

    "Oh...this pretty sister is so fierce!"

    "But that's so hot!"

    "Aaah! Pretty sister, you've got it, you've got it!"

    At that moment, a few people suddenly started to yell excitedly and Zhuang Keer was pleasantly surprised as well. "Xiao Xi, you've really got it!"

    She had simply pressed the button earlier and she did not expect to have really clawed it. That was such good luck!

    Ning Xi nonchalantly took the bunny prize and stuffed it into Zhuang Keer's arms, then continued to claw...

    Up next, there was a little pig, a chicken, a little goat, little tiger...

    Ning Xi had actually used those 12 coins to retrieve all 12 zodiacs!

    Behind her, the guys, who had been boisterous earlier, were so shocked that their eyes almost rolled out of their heads as they looked at the furry animals in Zhuang Keer's arms...