Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 885

    Chapter 885: Pampered

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    The instant that low and husky voice uttered "love for a person extends even to the crows on their roof", Zhuang Keer's entire heart felt like it had been engulfed by the warm sea. All her initial nervousness and insecurities dissipated as if she had been consoled by a gentle hand, softly patting her head...

    Since she was a child, her father had educated her and her brother military style. Even her mother's expectations of her were extremely high as well. She had never experienced this feeling of being pampered by someone's hand...

    Zhuang Keer looked at her hand in Ning Xi's and felt the entirety of the girl's tender and warm hand. Suddenly, she tossed all the bags of clothes onto the sofa, then pulled away the bags in Ning Xi's hands too. She held Ning Xi's arm and uttered happily, "Since you don't like them, then we won't have it. Let's go shop wherever you like!" Zhuang Keer chirped as she happily pulled Ning Xi away from the shop.

    They could not bear to look on as the clothes that had been highly praised by Ning Xueluo, Ying Fanglin, Jin Xuanxuan, and the other shop assistants were casually tossed aside in the store...

    "Boss...uhh..." At that moment, one of the shop assistants reacted in horror and looked awkwardly at the pile of clothes.

    Ning Xueluo suppressed the emotions within her and calmed herself down. "Refund all of Miss Zhuang's money from the transaction earlier."

    The shop assistant nodded. "Okay."

    Ying Fangli looked in bewilderment towards the direction that Ning Xi and Zhuang Keer had left. "Xueluo, what's going on? Why is Zhuang Keer so nice to that bumpkin Ning Xi?"

    Jin Xuanxuan pouted. "Who knows what black magic that witch has used...?"

    Ying Fanglin scoffed, "Huh, think about what kind of family the Zhuangs are! She can't just get acquainted easily. If the two generals find out that Zhuang Keer is being badly influenced, she would really get it!"

    When she heard this comment, Ning Xueluo's eye suddenly lit up. If she planned well, perhaps this could be a good opportunity for her to thoroughly resolve all of her problems.

    Or else, if she really let Ning Xi foster good relationships with the Zhuang family, things would be difficult for her...


    Zhuang Keer was having a good time shopping with Ning Xi when her phone beeped. It was a message from the bank, informing her that the money she had paid to History earlier had been refunded.

    "What is it?"

    "Nothing, that shop earlier returned the money to me."

    She knew very well what Ning Xueluo's intentions were. There were too many people like her and she did not pay any mind to her. However, there was one thing that bothered her...

    Zhuang Keer suddenly thought of something and looked at Ning Xi to ask hesitantly, "Xiao Xi, do you have some past grudges with those people earlier? Do you need help?"

    When she saw Zhuang Keer's caring demeanor, Ning Xi felt her heart warm. "No worries, they're just unimportant people."

    "If you need anything, you must let me know!"


    "Oh, Xiao Xi, the outfit on you is really, really nice. What brand is it? I heard them say it's called 'Spirit' or something? Do you like their outfits?" Zhuang Keer's eyes were sparkling, revealing her intentions of wanting to buy everything for her.

    Ning Xi laughed slightly, "It's 'Spirit' and their style is close to History's. That's why they're considered competitors, but this brand has only just started. It has not reached History's level of influence."