Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 874

Chapter 874: Shes My Type

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But Ning Xi felt that every girl had a cute side of her own. It was just whether one could discover it or if she was willing to show you that side of her.

As she saw Ning Xi smile when she praised her, Zhuang Keers heart raced a little.


"Of course! Miss Zhuang, you're my"

"Your what?" Zhuang Keer tilted her head in curiosity.

"Nothing" Ning Xi quickly shook her head. She had almost said "Youre my type"! She looked cold and strong on the outside, but was gentle and caring on the inside, the typical proud and shy type!

One of her favourite types of girls

"Oh, are you acting in anything recently? Im keen to watch!" Zhuang Keer piped up.

"Recently...I've only played a small role in 'Our 18-Year-Old' for a few minutes, nothing else for now, but my new movie has been decided and if nothing goes wrong, it should start filming soon!"

Afterwards, they talked for a long time until someone knocked on the door.

Zhuang Keer opened the door and greeted, "Father!"

"Done with the changing?"

"Mmm, all done."

"Pardon my intrusion, Mr. Zhuang," Ning Xi stood up to thank him.

As Ning Xi was preparing to leave, Zhuang Liaoyuan suddenly spoke to her, "If you arent busy tonight, why don't you join us for dinner?"

"Uh...itd be too troublesome!" Ning Xi tried to decline.

"Not troublesome! Theres no trouble at all! Youve helped us a great deal, we have to treat you nicely, please join us! And I have so much to talk to you about" Zhuang Keer was clinging onto her arm closely as she looked at Ning Xi nervously.

It was difficult for her to make a friend and she did not want her to leave so soon


"If you dont stay, wed be really embarrassed!"

Ning Xi could not bring herself to decline a girls request, so in the end, she agreed, "Okay, then"

Suddenly, Ning Xis phone rang. It was Lu Tingxiao.

"Sorry, I've got to get this."

Ning Xi went to the balcony to answer, "Hello?"

"Are you done with work already? Want to have dinner together?"

"Hmm, probably not tonight"

As they were talking on phone, there was a loud yell from downstairs. "Open the door! Let me out! Im not a criminal! Why are you putting me under house arrest!?"

"Where are you?" Of course, Lu Tingxiao heard the hollering as well.

Ning Xi sighed as Zhuang Rongguang continued yelling downstairs. She explained to Lu Tingxiao, "Its a long story...didnt I tell you that Im meeting a client this morning? In the end, the client went outstation, so I left...when I passed by the seaside, I saw an old man having a heart attack...then"

Ning Xi did not tell Lu Tingxiao that she had jumped into the water to get the medicine, so she lied, "I helped him to get his medicine then made sure he had it. Afterward, I sent him back to his, they want to thank me and treat me to dinner!"

"Whats so great about being a general? Being a general means you can simply fire shots at people and put people under house arrest? This is a democratic society! I want my rights to freedom! Even as my father, you dont have the right..." Zhuang Rongguang's yelling continued.