Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 867

    Chapter 867: Can You Not Be Lovey-Dovey For Once?

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    In the scene, Jiang Muye was crying while holding the girl in his arms. There were no lines, no other sound, but it was impactful. The poignancy of the scene felt as if the whole world has fallen into despair and there was not a dry eye in the cinema.

    The ending of the movie was a scene many years later when the male and female lead met each other on the street. The credits rolled, leaving an open ending.

    However, most people did not notice the ending scene because they were still trapped in the scene where Jiang Muye had cried as the emotional pull was so strong.

    "Okay! I take it back, I dont need the money back...the scene where Jiang Muye cried is worth it"

    "That was so sad! As expected, its not Muyes problem! His acting skills are still on point!"

    "The thing is that the first love is really gorgeous! Shes like my dream lover! The type who's every mans true love!"

    "Now, I can finally understand what this movie is about. Every man will surely meet one or two women like that and that unforgettable experience will stay with them forever"

    After they left the cinema, Jiang Muye was still silent.

    "What do you think about the movie?" Jiang Muye suddenly asked after a while.

    Ning Xi touched her chin. "Do you want to hear the truth?"

    "On second thought, never mind," Jiang Muye replied, frustrated.

    Ning Xi was speechless by his ever-changing attitude. "This movie was made to earn money, you know that yourself, so its not your fault that its made this way! Youre just unlucky as Chen Mian was not in his best state when creating this. Youre not exactly too shabby yourself"

    "I know, I dont have to care so much as long as I get paid. No matter how crappy I did, my fans would still watch it" As Jiang Muye continued, his expression darkened. "Ive always thought it that way, but recently I felt that its just very lame!"

    "I feel like punching you. You dont have to do much, yet you've achieved what people could never have done in their lifetime, earning tens of millions for one movie and fans that support you no matter how badly you do, so be grateful! Youre different from I am. My career is actually acting, so be happy!" Ning Xi did not bother to try to convince him to treat acting more seriously.

    Everyone had their own lifestyle preference and there was no point forcing him.

    Jiang Muye looked dreadful. "Theres no point to earn that much what if many people like me? Theres no point at all"

    The person I like does not like me back.

    Who should I spend all that money on?

    "Please! Im not on your level of treating money as useless trash, I have to go back and work on my proposals to earn more money!"

    "Get lost, can you not be lovey-dovey for once?!"

    "What did I say to make you think that?"

    "Every word you say!"

    "Youre crazy, Jiang Muye! Oh, my dearest boss went outstation and hasn't returned yet, I miss him! This is being lovey-dovey, alright?

    Finally, she got away from Jiang Muye, who seemed to be suffering from menopause, and returned home. She realized that the lights were on, then she saw Lu Tingxiao working on his laptop on the sofa.