Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 866

    Chapter 866: A Beauty Out Of This World

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    This was not a youth drama, it was a soap drama and she could not stand it.

    The spectators were not stupid as well. Some even left the cinema halfway. Most of them who left were complaining.

    "What is this? Must a youth drama involve all these cliches and have nothing else substantial? I cant believe that this was directed by Chen Mian!"

    "And then theres Jiang Muye. Was he possessed by Ma Jingtao? How could he act this badly!? I felt that he actually improved a lot after watching 'The World', so I was actually really looking forward to this"

    "I have no idea what the movie was trying to say. The guy was being a jerk just because he couldnt forget about his first love, then he made the girl go through an abortion and he wasn't even regretful that she almost died from the surgery!"

    "Im really disappointed! Why would Jiang Muye take this up? Even if Im just here for Jiang Muye, I really cant stand it anymore!"

    Jiang Muye stayed silent amongst all the complaints, looking really terrible now. Ning Xi did not say anything, she just patted him on the shoulder.

    As the movie was about to end, the spectators rage reached their peak as well.

    "Trash! Give me back my money! I thought Su Yimos 'Star Ocean' was bad enough with her cold, expressionless face, but this one has broken a new record!"

    "I think the script has a problem. Nothing made sense! The male protagonist was just being a jerk the whole time. The movie will probably have a sad ending"

    "One-star rating, thats it!"

    In the movie, the female protagonist had just given up and left. The male lead was drunk and he stumbled on a grave.

    As clich as it went, everyone knew that the rain was coming

    As expected, rain started to fall from the grey sky as the male lead knelt before the grave and the scene changed into a flashback.

    Ning Xi sat up straight. After waiting for so long, she could finally see the few pathetic minutes that she was on screen

    In the hospital room, the male leads first love was beyond help. The girl had a white dress on and she was leaning into the male leads chest, her long black hair draping her pale, little face, yet she had a bright smile. Her eyes were so clear as if an angel had graced Earth. An extreme beauty within an extremely weak body, forming a strong contrast between goodness and cruelty.

    When the screen shifted to the girls face, everyone's breath was taken away by the sudden beauty

    The male leads first love had been mentioned in conversations and not seen throughout the movie, so his character's melancholy was not exactly relatable. It was only until this scene played that people started to understand why the male lead was unable to move forward after so many years.

    No matter who it was, no man would probably be able to fall in love again after meeting a woman like this.

    In the end, as the girl closed her eyes for the last time, all that was left on her face was a smile and her immeasurable love for the guy; she was indeed a beauty that was out of this world.