Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 865

    Chapter 865: Problem With Being Too Good-Looking

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    Throughout the period when Ning Xi was working on the new film with Chen Mian, Ling Zhizhi assigned her to a magazine shoot and a few opening ceremonies of famous brands. Other than that, she spent most of her time in the studio.

    She had invested all her money in her studio and now that the business was getting better, she finally got some money back. Besides, the studio had stopped losing money and started making profits. Ning Xi was glad that the money in her bank was growing little by little every day; she felt satisfied and motivated.

    After an event in the morning, she quickly swung by her studio to work. As she was focused on her work, a particular troublemaker came by.

    "Jiang Muye, Im really busy today! Dont you see Im preparing proposals? I have to meet an important client tomorrow morning"

    Jiang Muye had actually gone to her studio for her. She was speechless

    "Hey, can you be more professional and responsible? Youre not even going to your own movie premiere! Always working on your part-time job!" Jiang Muye huffed angrily.

    Ning Xi was annoyed. "Nonsense, I only acted in that one scene and it was for just a few minutes, okay?"

    Jiang Muye was talking about the movie that she had acted in as his first lover. The movie had just aired recently. His enthusiasm surprised her as he was never this motivated before. Ning Xi had to remind him to go to the premiere of "The World" but this time, he had to drag Ning Xi along!

    In the end, Ning Xi was forced to attend the premiere.

    The movie was titled "Our 18-Year-Old Youth" which revolved around the recently popular theme of teenage years in school. With such a renowned director and a troupe of cute actors, plus sufficient funds, they held extravagant promotions. It was certain that they would surely attract many spectators even though the production period was less than a month.

    As expected, with Jiang Muyes extraordinary influence, every single cinema was almost a full house.

    Jiang Muye was satisfied. "Can you feel my popularity now?"

    Ning Xi lowered her voice and glanced at him. "Blondie, as a friend I have to remind you that you should actually you change your style already. Or are you trying to remain an idol your whole life?"

    Jiang Muye looked back at her. "What else could I do? Look at my face that screams 'idol!', if I were to change my style to a full-fledged actor, do you think people would believe in my abilities? No matter how much I try, people will just say that I get by because of my looks!"

    Ning Xi was about to comfort him but then he continued, "This is the problem with looking too handsome!"

    Ning Xi kept quiet.

    The film started soon enough

    Chen Mians first film "Star, Moon, Sun" was one of the classics and his "Love in the Future" was exceptional as well, so Ning Xi was sort of looking forward to this film

    However, towards the end of the film, she had almost fallen asleep.

    Although she realized Chen Mians films were getting more and more commercialized, they still had their own specialty. However, this film was created just for the sake of it. To make the plot more impactful, weird twists like love triangles, abortion, and cheating were added, so there was nothing new. There was also no sign of positive messages sent to the younger generation.