Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 864

    Chapter 864: Youre My Only One

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    She liked Little Treasure because he was Little Treasure. It had nothing to do with whose child he was. She was not sure why, but she just felt a strong affinity with him. Ever since the first time she met him, she would feel immensely happy every time she saw him.

    Ning Xis reply made Lu Tingxiao smile.

    Fine, it was better than not asking.

    "Right, Lu Tingxiao...what did your parents talk to you about just now?" Ning Xi was almost sure that they had talked about her, so she was curious.

    Lu Tingxiao looked at her and replied, "We talked about our daughter."

    "Huh? Since when did we have a daughter? Did you lie to them that Im pregnant? How can I find a child for them by then?" Ning Xi was nervous all of a sudden.

    "I didnt," Lu Tingxiao replied.

    Ning Xi then quietly waited for him to continue.

    "I just said that I can only get a hard-on for you, so if they want Little Treasure to have a sister, they have to rely on you, and therefore, they have to treat you better."

    Ning Xi was stunned. "What...this is even worse than lying!"

    Lying about her being pregnant was much better!

    Lu Tingxiao looked her in the eye. "I didnt lie."

    Ning Xi squinted her eyes. "Really? Have you tried it with other women before?"

    "I dont have to," Lu Tingxiao replied.

    "Then howd you can only...for me...Moreover, if you cant get a hard-on with another woman, how did Little Treasure come about?" Ning Xi thought of this key question.

    Lu Tingxiaos expression darkened as if his secret was exposed.

    Ning Xi knew he was quite sensitive about this issue so she had never asked him about it before, yet today she had accidentally

    "Well...Im just asking, you dont have to answer me if you dont want to," Ning Xi quickly added.

    Everyone had something they did not want to talk about. Furthermore, she did not really mind about Lu Tingxiaos past.

    Lu Tingxiao pinched the space between his eyebrows and stayed silent for a little while. After a while, he looked at her and sighed, "I have never touched any woman before. My parents were worried and even thought that Im gay, but after I proved to them that I dont even like men, they were even more worried...Five years ago, they cooperated with Jingli and drugged me, then put me together with a woman. I dont have any memory of what happened, but Ive only done that that one time, so Little Treasure should be a result of what happened that time."

    Ning Xis eyes almost fell out of their sockets. She did not expect Lu Tingxiaos first time to be that miserable

    "That's way too much!"

    No wonder Lu Tingxiao did not want to talk about it. It was surely a hard topic for a man

    And from Lu Tingxiaos tone, he seemed to have been drugged heavily

    So, he might have been...raped

    No...the devil being dominated? No more thinking about it

    "After that, drugs dont even work on me anymore," Lu Tingxiao said.

    Ning Xi did not know what to say.

    The psychological trauma he had suffered was too harsh

    How miserable

    "Actually, Ive always thought that I was asexual before I met you," Lu Tingxiao said.

    Ning Xi raised her brows. "Asexual?"

    Lu Tingxiao nodded then hugged her. "So, theres no doubt, youre my only one."