Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 85

    Chapter 85: Sleeping In The Same Bed

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    On the other end of the line, Lu Jingli was suddenly silent for a few seconds, which agitated Ning Xi even more, and she hurriedly chased an answer: "Second Young Master, does he or does he not sleepwalk?"

    If it was just sleepwalking, then it shouldnt be anything serious, but if he had some other illness, then she had to get him to the hospital as soon as possible!

    Suddenly turning into a werewolf in the middle of the night, and then suddenly passing out asleep was really scary, alright?

    "Oh, I was just finding it strange that you suddenly asked this, he really does have this problem. How do you know that my brother sleepwalks?" On the other end of the call, Lu Jingli answered with a voice that didn't sound any different.

    Ning Xi was relieved to hear it, and relaxed as she laughed. "Its not a big deal, I went downstairs in the middle of the night to get some water, and saw him standing all stiff and still in the living room. It scared me, thats all!"

    "Really?" Lu Jingli spoke in a funny tone, then switched to a serious one. "Well, its nothing new, just leave him alone. Whatever hes doing now, just let him continue doing it, and dont wake him up, he'll go back to his room on his own later!"

    "Ah? Let him continue and dont wake him up? Ookay, got it!" Ning Xi hung up the phone quickly, worried that Lu Jingli would hear something strange in her voice.

    She looked at Lu Tingxiao lying next to her, and didn't know what to do.

    Dont wake him up, does that mean just let him sleep here?

    What if he started sleepwalking again?

    She was really worried to death!

    Because of this sudden change, the fears that Ning Xi had almost drowned in had already disappeared completely.

    She looked at the man sleeping unaware next to her, getting angrier and angrier, until she finally pinched his face hard to vent her anger. "Asshole, you scared me to death, and yet youre sleeping so comfortably"

    The Lu Tingxiao who was no longer acting crazy was obedient and looked harmless, and she pinched him several more times before she was satisfied enough to stop.

    Looks like the only thing she could do now was to wait for him to leave on his own. She had heard that sleepwalkers might get a huge shock from being woken up, and even die.

    But clearly she was the one who had had the bigger shock

    At first Ning Xi was going to sleep after Lu Tingxiao had left, but hearing the steady heartbeat next to her ear, she fell asleep without her knowing

    After a long while, the man next to her slowly opened his ink-black eyes, looking relieved.

    Then he stared blankly at the girl beside him, gently touching the wrinkles on her forehead with a complicated look on his face

    The next morning, Ning Xi was woken up by a phone call.

    Her first reaction wasnt to pick up the phone, but to turn her head and look beside her.

    It looked like Lu Tingxiao had already left.

    Then she searched for her phone in a daze before picking it up. In the next second, Chang Lis furious voice came through the phone

    "Ning Xi, youve done it now! I warned you at the beginning to watch your behavior and don't embarrass the company, but look what youve done! The whole companys reputation is at stake because of you!"

    Ning Xis mind cleared instantly. "What happened?"

    Angrily, Chang Li said, "Check Weibo for yourself!"

    Ning Xi climbed out of bed, turned on her laptop, and logged into her Weibo account.

    Then she saw that her Weibo account had exploded!

    Normally, the Weibo accounts of most artistes were managed by their agencies, but Ning Xi of course didnt have that kind of special treatment. She hadnt bought any followers, and hadnt run anything special on her account. She only had 30,000-plus followers on Weibo, even less than for an online celebrity. She usually liked to share small things about her daily life, and each post wouldn't have more than 100 likes.

    But now, thousands of mentions and comments had suddenly popped up overnight.

    She quickly browsed all the information, and finally understood what had happened.