Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 842

    Chapter 842: He Was Still Charming!

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    There were sounds of knocking on the door, so Ning Xi opened the door.

    A maid was carefully holding a bowl of soup outside. "Ms. Ning, this is some ginger soup as per Madam Lu's instructions. It can help to prevent a cold."

    "Alright, thank you, Ill feed Little Master with this once hes done showering."

    "Youre welcome, its my job." The little maid bowed before leaving.

    Ning Xi left the ginger soup on the table and knocked on the bathroom door. "Lu Tingxiao, are you guys done?"

    "Were done," Lu Tingxiao replied from the bathroom.

    Lu Tingxiao brought Little Treasure out.

    The little bun had a big towel wrapped around him, his hair still damp, looking all fluffy in his fathers arms.

    Ning Xi was charmed instantly and stretched out her arms. "Lu Tingxiao, I want to hold him!"

    The little bun extended his arms as well and Lu Tingxiao gently passed him over to Ning Xi.

    Ning Xi kissed the little guy on his cheek, then she spooned the ginger soup into his mouth. "Little Treasure, this soup might not taste very nice, but its good for preventing colds, its good for your health!"

    The little bun drank it all without struggling.

    Ning Xi clapped her hands. "Youre awesome! You finished it!"

    The little bun looked at her brightly after he changed into his clean clothes and drank the ginger soup.

    Ning Xi checked the time and advised, "Lu Tingxiao, you should bring Little Treasure out to greet the guests first!"

    "Mmm." Lu Tingxiao nodded and did not ask Ning Xi if she decided to let Little Treasure stay.

    The little bun was a little anxious when he heard Ning Xi.

    Ning Xi patted his head as she smiled. "Don't you worry, you go down with your father first, Ill be there after I change!"

    The little bun quickly calmed down. He nodded and held his fathers hand.

    After comforting the little bun, she looked at Lu Tingxiao hesitantly. "Well...Boss, Im giving you a heads up. I might be doing something...offensive later"

    Lu Tingxiao replied, "Mmm, be as offensive as you like, Ill back you up."

    Ning Xi was speechless. Why did he sound like a dictator?

    But even so, he was so charming!

    She felt it was awesome that someone was backing her up even though she was about to do something really nasty.

    "We havent seen CEO Lu tonight!"

    "I didnt see him as well, probably he's not coming?"

    Some people were already talking about Lu Tingxiao as was nowhere to be seen. It was his fathers 60th birthday, and as the current head of the Lu family, it was inappropriate for him not to attend.

    Most people were already sure that something had happened to the Little Master

    As people were asking around, Lu Chongshan started to worry about Little Treasures condition now.


    As Lu Chongshan was about to cook up an excuse, suddenly two familiar shadows entered from the entrance.

    Someone noticed, then yelled, "Oh! CEO Lu is here...ugh, the kid beside CEO Lu is"

    Suddenly, everyone was looking towards the entrance