Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 84

    Chapter 84: Was He Sleepwalking?

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    "Mmm" Ning Xi instinctively wanted to escape, but her hands were caught and her legs were pinned down by the mans knees, as if she was asking for it.

    What kind of strange situation was this?

    Was she still dreaming and actually hadnt woken up at all?

    It was only until Ning Xi almost couldnt breathe from the growing lack of air in her chest that Lu Tingxiao finally released her lips and moved back to her neck where he had just bitten on. His hot tongue laved the wound, as if trying to soothe it, but it made her flesh creep

    "Hey, Lu Tingxiao Lu Tingxiao" Ning Xi called his name several times, but he didn't react other than to get busy with her body.

    The man at that moment was not the usual gentleman, and also did not have that gentleness which she was familiar with.Those sharp teeth slid with desire down her neck to her collarbone, and went even lower

    "No no!"

    The dormant memories in her mind rose up to engulf her, like a thick swamp pulling her in inexorably, making her body quiver and convulse.

    Just as it hurt so much that Ning Xi wanted to die, the movement on top of her suddenly stopped, leaving a body as heavy and solid as a mountain pressing down on her, unmoving.

    That deep, suffocating feeling disappeared instantly, leaving her with extreme confusion

    "Lu Lu Tingxiao?" Ning Xi tried patting the mans shoulder, but there wasnt the slightest response.

    After ten seconds, the other party still hadnt moved. Carefully, Ning Xi tried to gently turn him over to the side.

    With the moonlight streaming in through the window, she saw that he was lying peacefully with his eyes closed, like a king in deep slumber, as if that terrifying beast from before hadnt been him at all.

    What the hell, what was going on?

    "Dont tell me was he sleepwalking?!" Ning Xi murmured to herself.

    It seemed this was the only explanation that made sense.

    But wasn't Lu Tingxiaos sleepwalking a bit too unique? Coming into her room late at night, biting her like a vampire, and even able to have a decent conversation with her?

    Lu Tingxiaos breaths were long and steady; it seemed that he really was asleep now.

    Ning Xi didn't dare wake him, in case he started acting crazy again, but it worried her to leave him like this. But this late at night, who could she go to for help?

    After some consideration, there was one person she could think of.

    She picked up her cellphone and called Lu Jingli.

    "Hello, Xiao Xi Xi! Wow! Youre actually calling me at this hour! Whats happened, whats happened?" Lu Jinglis voice was very loud, almost as if he was shouting.

    At first Ning Xi had been worried that calling so late would be disturbing him, but things on Lu Jinglis end sounded lively and very noisy in the background. It appeared he was partying the night away.

    "Lu Jingli, let me ask you something!"

    "Ask, ask!"

    "Your brother"

    "My brother what, what?"

    "" Was this person a recorder? He was repeating everything!

    Ning Xi was speechless for a bit, then asked anxiously: "Does your brother suffer from sleepwalking?"

    Since she was on the phone, Ning Xi didn't notice that the man lying stretched out next to her had stiffened subtly at her question.

    He had only come up with this idea to get himself out of the situation, he never thought that Ning Xi would actually call Lu Jingli. If by any chance Lu Jingli that idiot ran his mouth

    He would break his legs!