Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 838

Chapter 838: Fully-Automatic Treasure-Seeking Ability

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"Dont worry, Little Treasure is alright. Its just that he's gone missing. Ive looked through the security camera footage of the exits. He didnt leave, hes still around the perimeter," Lu Tingxiao replied.

"What? Missing? Why is he suddenly missing? Ill come over now! Fill me in on the details later!" Ning Xi acted instantly the moment she realized it was Little Treasure.

"Take your time, grab a taxi, dont drive on your own,." Lu Tingxiao reminded her, apparently worried that she would drive recklessly.

"Alright, I know"

At the Lu residence, Lu Jingli and Yan Ruyi were relieved when they knew Ning Xi was coming.

Guan Ziyan forced a smile, and she tried to ask casually, "So, it seems that Ning Xi is on good terms with Little Treasure."

"Yeah, our Little Treasure...likes her, and usually listens to her," Yan Ruyi phrased her words carefully. She could never hide this, so she tried to mentally prepare Guan Ziyao.

Guan Ziyao did not expect that the woman would be smarter than she looked. She had actually established a good relationship with Little Treasure this early.

Guan Ziyao sighed, "Thats great, hopefully well find Little Treasure once Ms. Ning is here!"

Although she sounded hopeful, she knew that Ning Xi was not here frequently and probably had not even gone through the whole of the Lu residence before. The house was so big, it was impossible for her to find Little Treasure on her own!

The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.

Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi realized that as well, but they had no other better ideas.

"We cannot just rely on an outsider. Ive asked some servants to look for him discreetly. If all else fails, Ill wrap up the banquet earlier!" Lu Chongshan spoke up.

Guan Ziyao was surprised. Although she had prepared herself for it, she did not realize how important Little Treasure was to Lu Chongshan.

At the Lu Residence, most of the guests had already arrived when Ning Xi reached. The residence was well-lit and she could hear music and the sound of chatter from outside. The security was tight, so taxis could only reach the bottom of the hill.

The moment Ning Xi alighted from the taxi, she saw Lu Jingli already waiting there.

"What happened tonight?"

Lu Jingli revved up the car engine and explained the whole ordeal to her.

"...this is what happened! Little Treasure is still hiding somewhere now, the poor kid!"

Ning Xi squinted her eyes. "Is that Guan Zhichen really that amazing?"

"Hes been a rumored to be a genius since he was little. He's already attending the third year of high school at just 13 years old, and hes applying to the Imperial University next year! Of course...hes incomparable with our Little Treasure...even Im no better, alright?"

As they were talking, they arrived at the entrance of Lu Residence.

Lu Jingli opened the door for Ning Xi as he worriedly scratched his head. "Xiao Xi Xi, its going to be tricky this time, what happened in the past was mostly him locking himself up in the attic, but he's disappeared this time, and youre not that familiar with the surroundings here, but dont force yourself. If we really cant find him, Father will end the banquet earlier. Theres nothing more important than Little Treasure"

As Lu Jingli was mumbling, Ning Xi suddenly yelled, then she bent over in surprise and held up the little guy that had rushed up to her from the dark. "Little Treasure? My baby! You almost scared Aunty Xiao Xi to death! Where have you been?"

Lu Jingli was speechless, gaping at them. "Bro Xi, your fully-automatic 'treasure'-seeking awesome!"